HERE {All I Need} ~ Five Minute Friday

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For five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone:


The rumble jolts me out of REM and I forget to breathe. My eyes try to focus on my surroundings as I put the pieces back in place. It had to have been a bad dream, I reassure myself, as I fight to get back what I once had…sleep.

Sweet Peace.

And it’s barely 8am and already I’m wondering how I’ll make it through the day. For sleep never found me after the snowplow turned reality and I’ve been up for over half a work day. I hear my 4-year-old’s patters as he runs through the kitchen making meal requests and I have to make the split second decision right then…do I acknowledge what I thought I saw in his hands or wait to see what happens next? Who is it I call again? Calgon? I’d like to place my order. To go, please. For I know what I need.

Abounding Grace.

The phone rings and I nearly break down saying hello. My hubby knows me well and rises to the challenge of pulling me back together. Offering directions to what I’m desperately looking for. I thank him without words — just eye contact through the phone — and he knows. I grab my gifts journal right then so I remember… I don’t ever want to picture anything without him and HIM in it. Yes, that’s all I need:

Amazing Love.

Before I know it, the garage door is opening. I take one look around the house and realize my efforts of the day don’t show. Hubby shovels the walk before he comes in out of the April freeze. And as we sit down together, holding hands in thanks, I see what my eyes had been trying to focus on all day.

The world around our home might rumble. We might get dumped on when we least expect it. Chaos might ensue. But no one can take away what we have built here. For the threads of glory never ravel. And as I thank The One who made this all possible, I tell Him what today showed me.

He’s here. And there’s no place I’d rather be.

This is all I need.


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30 thoughts on “HERE {All I Need} ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. you took a simple day and turned it into beautiful words. made me feel like I was there. hope that your day got better as it wore on. I hope you have blessed weekend too and it was great connecting with you this evening on FMF.


  2. Love it! So glad we’re FMF neighbors today as well 🙂 I know I need to be better about seeing Him here with me every day – through all the frustrations and struggles and chaos. 🙂

  3. Well said. Especially the “do I acknowledge what I thought I saw in his hands?” issue. I think that’s a regular around here also. I’ve waited to find out often enough to realize now…..I should probably be proactive in most cases. 🙂

  4. Written in such truth – and I wonder, like me, how many moms will be able to relate. Thank you for writing and I rejoice with you He is HERE, right HERE with us!

  5. Love this—For the threads of glory never ravel. Oh, do I know days like that. You paint it perfectly. So glad you have the blessing of thanks and knowing the even when days like that come, there’s nowhere you’d rather be.

  6. For the threads of glory never ravel. So love this. Beautiful. You and your heart and our Abba shining through you. Next time you’re in the midst of one of these days…call me. We can pray together. Love you much sweet friend.

  7. Oh friend, you write so full and overflowing in just five minutes. Makes me jealous for those times with my husband. We been as two ships passing in the night of late. To find him again, in the hear and now of my day, that’s what I desire.

  8. you’re amazing how you write so full of life and God in five minutes…so glad God was there and your hubby to encourage you…that’s funny, I know about that Calgon commercial…praying God continues to sustain you…love & hugs to you, Nikki 🙂

  9. Love this my friend… and as sorry as I am that your day was hard (and that you got dumped on in April!?) – I was oh so happy to see you tonight for a bit! Love you bunches! Yep – I’d even steal 5,5 Tons of Nutella for you… you know, if you ‘needed’ it!

  10. Oh my goodness, beautiful Nikki … this is just breath-taking. Absolutely heart-stoppingly beautiful.
    I love the raw, the open, the vulnerable . . . I love the pictures you paint, and the emotions that you illicit.
    This, my friend, is a work of art.
    Thank you.

  11. Beautiful. Precious. Real. Grace and mercy abounding through your day, sweet friend! My hubby always rises to the task of pulling me back together, too. I’m so thankful God uses him as His hands here on earth.

    The threads of glory never ravel…. Yes, my friend! Yes!

  12. When you zero in on your thankfulness for your marriage (and your husband, in particular), it reminds me to stop for a moment, grab that thankfulness journal, and do the same. May the snowplow stay FAR away for another 8 months! Amen? 😉

  13. So sorry you had a rough day! And YES I have them too! Sometimes too regularly. Days when my man sweeps in like a super hero to save my day. Days when his arms hold me together. Don’t you love how The Father matches us to the men He knows we desperately need?
    Praying today is beautiful for you! Love you dear!

  14. What a beautiful prayer – for that is what I felt from your heart – to God… A spirit of love and truth and God is so with you and His plans for you are wondrous and may his Glory rain down upon you today and everyday. His grace is ever present. His mercies never end. Have a God-filled weekend 🙂

  15. “He’s here and there’s no place I’d rather be”… sweet peace. Have a happy weekend sweet sister! We’re excepting a little Spring snow tonight too actually. ~ Love out, Amy

  16. I really enjoyed this post. Your words are so beautifully woven together. And I smiled at the words, “I take one look around the house and realize my efforts of the day don’t show.” I can completely relate to this. Every day. Every single day I feel that way! LOL

  17. Nikki,
    “He’s here. And there’s no place I’d rather be.”

    THAT IS THE KEY and I love your words!

    That is all the truth we need in our days and our nights, isn’t it?
    I had a great first experience in this FMF journey and your post brings it all to the common point as I read through other great posts like yours…

    Thank you for blessing us with your words!
    God bless,

  18. My heart has been breaking for you a little more with each weather forecast I see. I want to bag up blossoms and warm sunshine and send it overnight express to you. I pray you don’t lose heart and fall prey to the grey slush around you and that joy will spring out of you like the flowers that will eventually greet you. le sigh!

  19. You are a most beautiful writer, mama, daughter of God, friend. I’m just now wondering why I don’t get your posts to my email any longer. Maybe I’m missing them. In missing them, I’m missing you. I love you. I hope to meet one day. You are a treasure.

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