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We’re all born with a void hidden deep within. A deep hole that subconsciously aches to be filled. Most of us in pure desperation take the solution upon ourselves. By any means presented to us. And sometimes we think we succeed only to realize the feeling of fullness was temporary.

Our desperation leaves us feeling empty. Lost. Incomplete.

Friends, may I tell you something I’m starting to realize?

Jesus is comfortable with incomplete.

Why, look at the way He left His disciples here on earth: Feeling like failures and more helpless than they had ever been before.

I’m now certain this was a part of God’s ultimate plan because through the pain of failure we learn a valuable lesson:

Grace is sufficient. *                   

After some discovery, most of us realize what yearns to be there. We begin to feel this four letter word that makes the hurt go away.


And we long for it. Search for it. Sometimes sell ourselves short to obtain it. Only to realize what we found wasn’t what we were looking for. It seems this simple little word is more than we’re capable of mastering. Do you know why?

God IS love. **   

Friends, I need to share it in case someone doesn’t know. When we let Him in to our heart of hearts, He fills this aching hole we have within us –the one addictions feed off of. The very one He intentionally planted with our future in mind. He showers us with a Heavenly love we can’t even begin to comprehend.

Human love will always be a faint shadow of God’s love. Not because it is too sugary or sentimental, but simply because it can never compare from whence it comes. Human love, with all its passion and emotion is a thin echo of the passion/emotion love of Yahweh.”
~ Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel 

I have to believe I’m not the only one. I’m trusting we all on our Christian walk at one point or another feel that emptiness once again. The ache we once knew visiting us like the tide. And we wonder where God went.

It wasn’t until recently I realized what the void truly was.

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11

The void is eternity. Our planned future. The one He wants to spend with us. You see, the seed of Heaven was planted in our hearts at conception.

We’ve been hard-wired for Heaven.

That’s the ache we feel in this world that’s not our home. It’s the ache of being one with Him, being one with Love. Of being Home.

So do we just live with it? That’s what I first thought but then I started remembering moments when I did feel whole. And I realized, He’s got a fix for this, too.

As we wait for complete communion, He offers to grace us with His love. With Him. He wants to take this time to water the seed He planted in us long before we drew our first breath. And watch the growth from that seed spread…

Friends, I’m starting to see the feeling of addiction as a gift. A gift to ensure we’ll keep coming back for more love. More of Him.

Oh how He loves us.

I now know when I start to feel that ache. When the pang of longing won’t go away, it’s because I haven’t taken enough time to soak Him in and pour Him right back out. (I John 4:7-21)

And I’m learning now nothing compares. I don’t want to fill myself up with anything else. For nothing else satisfies. Instead, I’m going to give Him more room. To grow in me. To nurture my soul. To watch me spread with His love.

Friends, I want Him to be my everything. And He’s accepted the challenge.

This post might feel all over the place for you. It does me. But I’m struggling with sharing everything on my heart lately and needed to start somewhere. I want to talk about this more. From various angles and share what He has placed on my heart lately. I hope you join me.

But for now, please enjoy this song that encapsulates this better than I ever could.

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Your Love is Everything ~ Jesus Culture

How about you, friend? How do you deal with the void? How do you let Him fill you up? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



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*  2 Corinthians 12:9
** I John 4:8, 9, 16