The Journey of Discovery

NOTE: I probably should have titled this “What’s Not to Love Part II.” If you didn’t read the previous post, you can CLICK HERE to fully understand the basis for this post.

Morning light floods my room. Those blinds may hold the night out, but they cannot contain the day. Why didn’t I add a window treatment to aid in this effort? Note to self…

I stumble out of bed and begin my morning routine, my evening conversation with my Redeemer still heavy on my mind. He wants me to love myself. This is something I have avoided my entire life and am sure it was on purpose. For the line of loving and vanity is fine and something I never wanted to jump around.

My Savior and I talked long about this. I am one who needs to see the importance of it — more of the big picture as to why it is a necessity before I can plunge forward. And I just couldn’t understand why loving myself was the issue when my ultimate goal was to love Him and understand why He loved me. I liked myself okay. Wasn’t that enough?

I knew all the verses He kept reminding me of. I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:13-14). My body is a temple (I Cor 6:19-20). To Him, I am worth loving. I get that and appreciate it more than words can say. But why is it so important for me to love myself in return?


My daily race is now in full swing. I know this routine well. The race to tame my unruly cowlicks. My mind travels back to the salon. It happens every time, it should come as no surprise. The stylist insisting all her co-workers come look at my thick hair. At her scissors worn dull because of it. And the comments that follow while styling it dry. “Wow, you have a lot of cowlicks!”

Yes, yes, this is something I know well. I have years of experience and have learned how to control them when given the opportunity.

And I smile wide when I realize my head-of-hair matches my personality to a ‘T’.

Optimistically full of potential.
With flares of stubbornness hidden within.
That, at times, need a gentle yet firm hand to control.

And I laugh out loud while noticing God’s sense of humor.

Whether He did that intentionally while making me doesn’t matter. This funny quirk I have is mine, a gift from my Jehovah and I love Him for it.

And there it is. The light bulb moment. I get it. I may be stubborn and take longer than others at times, but now I see.

The more I love me, the more I can see Him and His love for me.

He’s the artist that designed me after all. He’s the Mastermind behind my cowlicks and substantial follicles.

And I love that.
I love how He loves me. Oh how He loves me.

Yes, Father. I get it. I’m Your original masterpiece. I will make no excuses for what set me apart. They are what define me. I can use all of them, all of me, for Your glory and will spend my life here learning how.

And that is something I can fall in love with.
This journey of discovering Him through me.

Yes. Exactly. What’s not to love.

How about you? What’s one thing you have learned to love about yourself? And because I’m curious, how does your hair match your personality? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,