My Prayer

Father, thank You for meeting me in this space.
For letting me linger long in Your embrace.
Thank You for giving me words to shed here.
For using this outlet to draw me closer to You.

Jehovah, You astound me. Let it always be so.

You have given me the gift of writing.
And although I’ve fought it, I now humbly accept it.
Thank You, Yahweh, for allowing me to worship You this way.
And here, I give it back to You.

For Your glory. Let it be so.

So with trembling fingers I press publish,
Offering my heart to others in hopes they see You.
Although I know the words written are for You and me,
I pray You can use them for more.

Not for me, but for You. Let it stay so.

May my words speak Your name. Not mine.
May my writing be so that the author is forgotten,
But what is remembered is You.
Your glory. Your grace. Your love. Your works.

For it’s all about You. Let it remain so.

I am but a vessel.
Your handiwork.
Nothing more than a piece of clay.
Nothing less than a masterpiece.

Only You know the plan for my life. Let that be enough.

And when people stop by, may they see who made me.
May Your style resonate so that my face is forgotten.
For all they see is You.

I cannot think of a greater legacy
Than that which leaves Your fingerprints
On everything I’ve left behind.

Holy Spirit, let it be so.

Lord, make me unknown.
Known only to You.
And while You’re at it,
Can You make me okay with that, too?

To You, Abba, be all glory and honor forever. Jesus, let it be so.

This prayer of mine evolves as I continue to draw closer to Him. Feel free to stop by from time to time and see where my heart is currently at. I’d be honored to have you pray alongside me.

7 thoughts on “My Prayer

  1. Amen and Amen!
    I’ve been toying with my mission statement as a result of the same post. In a conversation about purpose and mission this weekend my pastor challenged me when he asked “what does your heart bleed and ache for”. The answer was not short so I’m still working out the wording but it’s certainly a great question to consider. You’re bringing it to a another level here, presenting it as a prayer. I LOVE THIS! Thank you for sharing wisdom packaged in humility. When I read your posts I see Christ…He is in the business of answering your prayers my friend. To Him alone be all the glory. You inspire me to dig deeper and aim higher.

    • You encourage me so, Diana. thank you! And I’m looking forward to reading your Mission Statement. I’m still praying mine over. Your pastor is very wise. I’ll have to keep asking myself that. Thank you! Hugs to you, friend.

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  3. I love this. I just printed it to read more and think over. It’s so easy to go from writing for God to writing for self without barely seeing it. He deserves all the glory. Over and over again.

    • Oh, thank you, Kim, for praying this with me! I change it often, but this is the longest I’ve had the same one up as I still mean every word…you let me know if you ever expand upon it. I’d love to hear!

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