Chronological Study Bible {A Review}


It came in the mail just before Christmas and I was anxious to dig in during the New Year. Most of you know I like to read through the Bible in a different translation each year and the thought of reading it chronologically excited me. In fact, I decided to use it for the 90 day challenge I was going to participate in for Lent.

Ruth and Naomi At-A-Glance

Ruth and Naomi At-A-Glance

Confession: I couldn’t get through it in 90 days. Not with this Bible as the helps were so distracting! In a good way. I would read and find myself drawn to their points in the margins. Their at-a-glance sections. The colorful maps and the nuggets of wisdom worth dwelling on.

I’ve had it four months now and I’m still in the Old Testament.

(Although I did skip forward for Lent.)

While I assumed I would simply enjoy this Bible for the chronological aspect, I find myself enjoying the Study Helps the most. Even my Sunday School class has benefited from it as I’ve read some of the highlights to them. Such as their little tidbit on the Yoke. And we’ve used the chart listing all the disciples and their occupations, etc.


Reading through the path Jesus took to the cross in this format impacted me greatly this Lent. Maybe my heart was simply softened to receive it deeper this year, but one thing I do know: It was easier to picture the story unfold. And it amazed me to see how different the four perspectives of the disciples were and how they recanted the story for us uniquely.

I had planned on getting through this Bible before I wrote my review, but I can tell that’s going to take some time and I feel guilty for having it as long as I have with nothing to show for it. So maybe you simply knowing how much I’m enjoying it is enough?

This isn’t the type of Bible you buy and use one time, then set it on a shelf. This is one you can go back to over and over again. I’m partial to the NLT translation when sharing it with children, as well.

Overall, this Bible is one I would recommend. I’m so grateful for the chance to review it and share it with you.

For more information regarding the Bible, please visit THIS LINK.

How about you, friend? Have you ever read through any portion of the Bible chronologically? Ever read the NLT? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


Note: I am a part of the Tyndale Blogging Network. I have received this book for free in exchange for my review. All opinions and thoughts listed above are my own.

Always Be Ready…

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It was an ordinary workday. Like most, I had joined my colleagues in the lunchroom. The conversation was well under way when I arrived, yet they quickly pulled up a chair for me to join in. I pasted a smile on my face as I realized the topic was one of my least favorites. And decided to simply listen politely.

When I couldn’t take it any longer. The conversation was shifting to something I was passionate about defending: My Redeemer.

Bin Laden is proof there is no God. Unless God is cruel cuz there’s no way a good god could let a man like that do what he does. If that’s the case, I don’t want to know God, anyway.”

Friends, I was one in leadership and knew I wasn’t supposed to express my personal beliefs in the workplace. But I also knew I couldn’t sit silent. I’d never forgive myself.

It was out before I had even thought it through.

I don’t want to know his mother.” I uttered almost under my breath.

Instant silence. All eyes on me. My eyes on my plate.

What did you say, Nicole?”

I set my toasted sandwich down, met his gaze and reminded myself to breathe.

I said I don’t want to know Osama’s mother. How can she sit idly by and watch the chaos that comes from her son’s bloody hands? How can she live with herself?”

It’s now that I fully understand the word fervently. For that’s how I was praying.

Nicole, I can’t wait to see you become a mother. You know how little control parents have of their kids once they become adults. In fact, parents have less control over how their kids end up than they realize. Besides, the culture over there…” his voice trails in his own thoughts.

My eyes find my sandwich once again. I pick it up as I try to say coolly,

Sometimes I wonder if that’s how God feels. He may control earth’s orbit, but what makes you think He controls how we as people act with one another? We’re not puppets. He doesn’t take over Bin Laden any more than Osama’s own mother. And I’m certain the good God I believe in had better plans for Bin Laden than the path he’s freely chosen.

All stares peel off me and strike the man seeking for truth. Our eyes meet and I pray once again. May this man see Christ within me. May he come to me if he wants to know more….panic suddenly hits as I have no idea what I would say if he does!

Another saves him by changing the subject and soon the 30 second episode is forgotten. Except to me…and I was hoping him…


This years-old incident came to mind recently while reading this verse:

Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope,
always be ready to explain it.
I Peter 3:15

I couldn’t help but ask myself:

Am I always ready to explain the hope found in Christ?

Oh friends, somewhere along the line, I feel like we’ve complicated things. We’ve gotten wrapped up in more than the basic truth. So much so that the simplistic realization of Christian hope is often forgotten when needed most.

I don’t know about you, but I’m striving to change that. I want to be ready to explain the hope of Christ to anyone, anywhere, any way possible.

The other day, I sat down to write out how I would respond if someone asked me to explain away. And was so ashamed at how long it took me to write a single thing down.

You see, I have been through Billy Graham’s salvation training. I’ve been a Bible Camp Counselor. I hold a Bible degree. I’ve memorized the Romans road. I know the hope of Christ. I do. And yet, it doesn’t feel right.

Because God didn’t use Romans to save me. Simply memorizing scripture and spewing off impersonal facts is not the purest picture of Christ’s hope — the one I know deep down in my soul…and isn’t that what He’s asked me to share? The story He has given me personally? Isn’t that what I should always be ready to explain? How He’s saved me?

How about you, friend? Are you ready to explain your Christian hope? How would you? I’d love to hear.

And very soon, I will share mine…

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


A follow-up: The man mentioned has contacted me. He shared with me how he had been hurt severely by a church. There are also a few incidents in his childhood that have kept him from seeking God. It is still an ongoing conversation between us as he continues to reach out to me on occasion. I would appreciate your prayers as I keep striving to show him the healing truth.

All Fall Short

I’ve read the portion hundreds of times. My memory has retained it for more than 20 years. So when I read the Bible in 90 days recently, I expected to breeze through it. Smile even, at reading something I knew so well.

What I didn’t expect was for my lungs to fail me. For my heart to stop me from reading any further. But I’ve grown to appreciate when it happens. Those moments where He manages to get through to me even when I’m not looking.

You know it, too. It’s one of the first verses you memorize on the Christian journey, wouldn’t you say?

Friends, this is a verse I believe in wholeheartedly. We are all sinners in need of His grace. So I was shocked when He whispered to me:

See, my child, everyone falls short.
Stop trying to prove it wrong.

Read it again.

You might remember I had decided to read the Bible through in a new-to-me translation. So this time, I actually read the words in front of me instead of reciting the ones in my head.

For everyone has sinned;
we all fall short
of God’s glorious standard.
Romans 3:23 NLT (emphasis mine)

I read it over and over again until what He was saying sunk into my thick skull. And oh my goodness was He ever right. I had been trying to prove it wrong.

You see, for nearly 30 years I’ve tried to prove I make a great Christian. I would set standards for myself and work at meeting them. When I passed those, I would set more challenging expectations and try to reach them. And I was certain this was what the Christian journey should look like for one who was striving to be like Jesus. Always improving. Stretching. Climbing higher up the proverbial ladder. Why, just look at the title of my blog.

What I had missed was the tense of this verse. We’ve all sinned, yes. But it doesn’t say we’ve all fallen short. Like it is a one-time event. No. We all fall short. Time and time again.

My pride was ripped right then and there. Torn from my flesh in a million little pieces. One by one. The sting of ashamedness pulsed with each scale discovered.

Friends, I had missed the point entirely. All these years…years I had spent trying to prove I deserved the gift He was offering me: Grace. Striving to show Jesus didn’t die for me in vain.

When the truth is: We are all hopelessly flawed. There is not a one of us that deserves what He offers. Not one. And no matter how hard we try, none of us will succeed at deserving it: Grace.

We have nothing to offer Him. There is not one thing I have or am capable of that He needs enough to pay for. With His own Perfect Son.

That’s why the Word of God can say Jesus paid it all. (2 Cor. 5:21) Because He did. He paid for us in full. We didn’t contribute one penny. And we can never pay Him back.

We’re hopelessly flawed. That’s a guarantee.
But we’re also hopelessly forgiven. That’s a promise.
Given by the only One who deserves it.

If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.
If that doesn’t describe grace, I don’t know what does.

{Deep breath}

My cherished readers, God’s been doing an overhaul on me. It started long before this event. But this is the one that made me realize I need a do-over. I need to be born-anew all over again.

I need to see redemption for what it truly is.

And I need to share it with you.

Do you mind, friend, if we go back to the basics here for awhile? As I sort out what God has been trying to show me? Will you share with me lessons You have learned on your own journey that might help the rest of us here in this space? Because I still believe it. We’re all striving, stretching, sometimes struggling. Why not help each other along the way?

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


Since we’ve compiled this long and sorry record as sinners
and proved that we are utterly incapable
of living the glorious lives God wills for us,
God did it for us.
Out of sheer generosity He put us in right standing with Himself.
A pure gift. He got us out of the mess we’re in
and restored us to where He always wanted us to be.
And He did it by means of Jesus Christ.
Romans 3:22-24 MSG

Saved the Same

My accent is Fargo-like. My skin burns easily. I grew up in a town that, until recently, did not have a stoplight. There were 76 in my public school graduating class. I grew up on hotdishes, said pop instead of soda, and do not have a good taste palette for seafood.

If I had to guess, I would say we couldn’t be more different. And yet we’re the same.

For we are all uniquely His.
Saved by the same Savior.
Loved by the same Father.
On the same journey home.

I’ve never had so much as a speeding ticket. I don’t ever remember being late for work. A cigarette has never touched my lips.

Yet none of that matters. Because I’ve failed repeatedly. Ashamedness is no stranger to me. I’ve broken commandments. And I need to ask of forgiveness frequently.

You see, sin is not ranked. You and I, we’ve sinned the same. We’re both in need of this grace He gives so undeservingly.

Friend, His grace is indiscriminate. None of us deserve it. No, not one. He loves me as much as He loves you.

He died for both of us. And He would do it again.

Technology intimidates me. I don’t consider shopping fun. And I would rather stay home and read a great book than go to the movies.

My guess is, we couldn’t be more different. And yet we’re the same.

We’ve sinned the same.
We’re loved the same.
We’re saved the same.
And we’re both on the same journey home.

My guess is, we would get along splendidly.

We believe that we are all saved the same way,
by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus.
Acts 15:11 NLT

Thank you for sharing your time with me. Me, this sinner saved the same.

Simply striving,


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Empty Life Filled

“For you know that God paid a ransom
to save you from the empty life
you inherited from your ancestors.
And the ransom He paid was not mere gold or silver.
It was the precious blood of Christ, the sinless, spotless Lamb of God.”
I Peter 1:18-19 NLT

This verse made my world come to a halt last week. It was the second line that grabbed me. More specifically — empty life. My first instinct was to pull out my boxing gloves and defend this life I live. For it is far from empty. No, I am wonderfully blessed…

Then I heard myself. And read the verse again.

I’ve said it before. It’s made its way into the comments section here recently. Where would I be without my Redeemer?

I’d be empty.

And to think God paid my debt. The one that saved me from myself. I brought nothing to the ransom table but a dirty, worthless, empty vessel. Yet He loved me and saw my potential. With the precious blood of Christ, He wiped me till I shone spotless. He filled me up with grace and beauty. Now, He calls me His very own.

Friends, He made my life priceless.
And to Him, I owe my thanks.
He deserves my praise.

Mind if I share some of my thankful praise with you? These are taken from my thanks journal written this last week (#1125-1159)

  • I’m no longer empty. (I Peter 1:18)
  • God gave me identity (I Peter 2:10)
  • The smell of lilacs filling my home. (Don’t you love the white tips on my lilacs?)

  • Discovering the author Brennan Manning. (Where have I been?)
  • Finishing the Bible in 90 Days.
  • My hubby taking Monday off to celebrate our family.
  • Having a free zoo so close to home.
  • My son gifting me with a May Day flower bouquet:

  • Widows open wide without needing to take allergy meds. This is a new one for me!
  • Reading outside while my son plays happily in his sandbox.
  • All of the emails and comments received from my mini series on grieving. To have you all share with me blessed me so much. Thank you. To God be the glory.

How about you? How has He filled your life and made it meaningful? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


My Prayer for You ~ Praying with Purpose

My time of reading through the Bible in 90 days is coming to an end. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I have. For I never anticipated God would speak to me the way He did.

But I showed up. And so did He. I came empty and He filled me up. Every day.

I feel like I have so much to share with you. I’m still praying about it, but expect a few series to rise from some observations and convictions I have gleamed from my experience.

Before my Bible in 90 day journey began, I had started the series Praying with Purpose. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to pick that up again.

Each weekend, I will share a verse or two with you and apply it in prayer for someone on my prayer list. My hope is you can relate it to someone on your own prayer list and pray with me. Will you join me?

This weekend, I would like to pray for you. My cherished reader. I hope to one day be able to tell you how much I appreciate sharing this space with you. I pray daily God will be glorified as a result. And friend…I do pray for you.

My prayer for you today is based on a couple of verses I read last week:

“To this end we always pray for you,
that our God may make you worthy of His calling
and may fulfill every resolve for good
and every work of faith by His power,
so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you,
and you in Him,
according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.”
II Thessalonians 1:11-12 ESV

Father, You know how much I appreciate the one on the other side of the screen. For they are Your child. Full of potential and promise. Saturated in grace. With Your stamp of approval. And they’re willing to spend their precious time with my heart. Thank You, for placing them in my life.

Lord, I know You have specific plans for them. Their journey has been chosen by You. And Father I pray You will show them the way clearly. That they will hear the call specifically and follow with a faith only You can give. May You be glorified in their comings and goings this week, Lord. If there’s any conflict standing in their way, Jesus, may it resolve for Your good.

Help them see You working in and through them, Father. May Your grace shine on their face as they show Your love to those around them. And may You be glorified in all they do as they proclaim their Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ. . .

How about you? When you read these verses, does someone on your prayer list come to mind? How will you pray for them? And how can I pray more specifically for you? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me. You mean the world to me.

Simply striving,


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Opportunities to Shine

Jesus knew. From the moment He laid eyes on Judas, He knew he was the one (John 6:70-71). The one who would turn Him in to the enemy. And still He chose him to be among the elite. He allowed God’s plan to fall into place.

A couple of weeks ago, I read this passage in Matthew and it is still on my mind. It’s the way Jesus answered him that makes me stop and think.

Judas, the one who would betray Him, also asked,
“Rabbi, am I the one?”
And Jesus told him, “You have said it.”
Matthew 26:25 NLT

It occurred to me that Jesus never accused him point-blank. He didn’t say “Yes, Judas, you are the one that will betray me. I can’t believe you would do that to Me!” By saying what He did, it seems Jesus was still offering him grace. Judas was still allowed to recant, repent, and change his direction.

And a part of me feels that is a crucial point to linger on.

In Resolution for Women, Priscilla Shirer challenges mothers to be intentional encouragers of their children. To express confidence in their God-given abilities. She uses David as an example. When he is describing young Solomon to a large crowd, he doesn’t say Solomon is young and clueless. He says rather:

Then King David turned to the entire assembly and said,
‘My son Solomon,
whom God has clearly chosen as the next king of Israel,
is still young and inexperienced.’
I Chron. 29:1 NLT

He was ensuring confidence in his son by proudly proclaiming God has big plans for Him.

I have to ask myself: Do I do that? As a mother of a child of God, do I express confidence in my son? Do I proudly proclaim God has big plans for him?

Or do I make excuses for downfalls, focus on limitations, talk to other moms about all his mess ups…

Oh, I hope not. That’s not the kind of mother my son deserves. This world is hard enough without me confining him to a box.

A few weeks back, my then 3 year-old son was on a rhyming kick. Every sentence he said rhymed with the one previous. As we were getting him ready for bed, I simply said, “You’re great at rhyming, bud, maybe one day you’ll write for Dr Seuss!” He stood there long and hard at the bathroom sink. Completely focused on his reflection in the faucet. While sticking his thumb into his chest-bone, he finally said, “Mom, maybe someday Dr Seuss will write for me.”

Just like that the air was deflated out of my lungs. My heart fell to my knees. For I had done it. Friends, I had confined him to the point that even his preschooler mind grasped it.

Father, forgive me.

And now I have added this to my striving-to-be-intentional list for the year. I focus more on how I talk about him around others. Even his dad. Because God has big plans for that little boy. I believe it down to my core. And who am I to stand in the way. Who am I to back him or God into a corner.

I want to be like Jesus. I want to shower my child with grace. I want to encourage, not accuse. And I always, always want to give him a way out. I want to provide opportunities to let him shine. I’m striving. Are you?

How about you? How do you prevent from putting your child(ren) in a box? How do you speak about them to others? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



My Lightened Load

The day was challenging and my husband knew it. No matter how hard I try to conceal my frazzled nerves for his sake, he sees right through me. It’s a hidden blessing. And this day, he didn’t even hesitate. Simply offered to take our son out for a bit alone. Before I knew it, I was nestled in my chair catching up on my Bible in 90 days reading. With just the tick of the clock to keep me company.

Looking back, I see how God set the stage perfectly. How He ensured my undivided attention while I read it. The census sin of David summarized in I Chron 21.

I don’t expect you to remember the story. It’s mentioned a couple of times in the Old Testament, but is generally just that: mentioned. To recap in my own words, satan tempted David to take a census of the people of Israel. When David instructed his army commander Joab to do just that, he was warned it was a sin. David insisted. And the Lord was not happy.

God was very displeased with the census, and he punished Israel for it.
Then David said to God,
‘I have sinned greatly by taking this census.
Please forgive my guilt for doing this foolish thing.’
I Chronicles 21:7-8 NLT

No sooner did I get to the 8th verse and the churning started. My hands turned clammy and I knew. God wanted me to take a second look. There was a lesson for me here.

I read it over and over. My Lenten journey had just begun and I was certain this was something God wanted me to leave at the cross this year. But I didn’t know how it pertained to me.

My first thought was obvious. A census has a lot to do with stats. Am I focusing too much on my stats? Maybe blogging stats or Facebook/Twitter friend stats?

I was sure that was it and prayed for forgiveness. I offered to ignore those stat pages. They don’t mean anything to me, anyway, as I have no idea how many people God wants me to reach. And I went to bed thinking this would be my easiest sacrifice yet.

When I woke the next morning, I knew I was missing it. I only had part of it. There was still more lesson to be learned.

Friends, it took my entire journey to the cross this year to see it. After finally asking for help from a few friends (thank you, friends), I came to discover what God was trying to show me.

When my heart was really ready to hear, this is what I felt Him say to me:

“My child — you matter to me. You can bring Me glory by being the way I made you to be. I don’t need the multitude, I need you. You to show up and be my voice. Don’t worry about who you’re speaking to, just have your words come from me. Don’t worry about making mistakes, I see your heart. And intentions do matter.

“My beloved, it is you I want. I have big plans for you. And how many friends, readers, posts, even children you have doesn’t change the way I feel about you. You see, it’s you I want to have the relationship with. And if you will give me your whole heart, I can do wonders through you. Let me take care of the details. That’s not where joy comes from, anyway.

“My love, leave those worries at the cross. Give them to me and I’ll replace them with a peace that passes your understanding.  Keep your eyes on Me, child, and I’ll take care of the rest.

“Let Me delight in taking care of you. Let Me show you what I’m capable of. Let Me bring you closer to Me. For you matter. You are not just a number to Me.”

On Good Friday, I did just what He asked of me. I left those worries at the cross. I don’t intend to pick them up again. Thank You, Lord, for carrying my burdens. With this light load I can be what You’ve made me to be.

How about you? Do you have a load that needs to be lightened? Do you have any worries to leave at the cross? It’s never too late. He’s ready and waiting. For you matter to Him.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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My Whole Life Long

I wake just before the sun bursts forth for another day of splendor. My eyes open wide when I remember what I intended to do this morning. And I ease out of bed on my tiptoes. I just want to read it once more to ensure I haven’t forgotten.

I’m asking God for one thing,
only one thing:
To live with Him in His house
my whole life long.
I’ll contemplate His beauty;
I’ll study at His feet.
Psalm 27:4 (MSG)

My heart stirs once again with reading David’s example of true worship. Oh, do I ever want to praise my Father like that. To be so in tune to Him that I can scale down my intentions to one thing, only one thing.

I must have read it dozens of times, trying to fully grasp what David was after. This man who had it all, and all He wanted was to soak in more of Jehovah. To study every detail. To never be apart from Him. His whole life long.

David’s son asked for wisdom. Another fine thing to scale down to when offered one request. But my heart leans towards David’s. I’m not one that needs to know all the details. Just as long as I know the One leading the way. And if I’m spending my days studying at His feet, I’d be certain to pick up a thing or two, anyway.

Yes, I’m with David. This is what I want, too.

And I know he was wanting to live in the actual temple. The one that, at the time, still needed to be built. For this was the literal House of God then. The only place he knew.

But friends, the curtain has been torn.
The veil has been lifted.
And My Bridegroom has come.
This one request David asked for is now entirely possible!

Me, a homemaker from Midwest USA, can commune with the King of Kings every hour of every day. I don’t ever have to be apart from Him. I can meditate on His glory. I can memorize His words. I can relish in His splendor. I can bask in His awesome creation. I can reminisce on the gifts He’s given me my whole life long and would never reach an end.

“O LORD my God, you have performed many wonders for us.
      Your plans for us are too numerous to list.
      You have no equal.
   If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds,
      I would never come to the end of them.
Psalm 40:5 NLT

I cannot think of a better time than the present to grasp that which David could only then dream of. He was on to something. And I want in on it, too. So as the sun peeks up from the horizon, I pray:

Father, what a joy it is to be able to spend another day with You and all You’ve blessed me with. I don’t ever want to take Your gifts for granted. Lord, You have given me all I need. You have taken care of every detail of my life. A life I will only enjoy if I can spend it with You. Please, don’t ever leave my side. I want to get to know You better. I want to hear You. I want to sense Your presence. I want to enjoy You. And I want to praise Your name. My whole life long. How ’bout it, Father. You and me. We’ll show this day what we’re capable of…and tomorrow, we’ll begin again.

How about you? Will you seize the opportunity of spending the day with Him? How? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


And so I Write

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His baby blue eyes were first to give it away. As he drew back in anticipated regret, I knew. My boy had it, too. I breathed in deep as I witnessed a trait being passed down. And struggled to exhale while realizing he would possibly need to fight this through every season of life.

This fear of failure. This yearning for perfection. This tendency to doubt. It doesn’t matter what you call it, they’re all the same to me.

They all hold you back.

Instinctively I reached for imaginary gloves. What else is a mom to do when she sees something that could hold her child back from his greatest achievements? I began to swing. Throwing punches of encouragement in hopes of knocking this roadblock down.

With my last swing I found myself saying, “With God, all things are possible” and that’s when I felt the blow. Just below the ribs. The Holy Spirit seems to get me in that sweet spot every time.

It blew me back. I wasn’t sure where I was struggling with this at first. But He used the Book of Job as my mirror. For while reading it I discovered what God had been trying to show me:

That I was guilty of what Job was found guilty of. I had my eyes on the issue, not the answer. I was focused on my weakness, not His strength. I was quick to give answers, excuses, defend my position, give up, not ask for help. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, it all means the same.

I had put God in a box. I had confined Him.
Held Him back from working through me.

Once again, my eyes were on me and not where they should be.

I needed to take action and begin erasing proof of my doubts. My self-proclaimed limitations. That which held God back.

The part where I mention I’m not a writer on my welcome page? It’s gone.

You see, that wasn’t for me to proclaim. It seems God has other plans. For He’s asked me to write what I’m striving for. I’m not sure why. I’m not sure for whom. I’m not sure who’s reading, but I am sure it’s happening. I’m writing them down. One-by-one.

And who knows how He’ll use me through this outlet. Maybe I’m the only one that needs to hear these words I find within. To Him, I know that’s enough. I know He’d go to these great lengths just to get closer to me. He pursues me like that. Oh how He loves…

So I’m going to strive to get out-of-the-way. No more limiting what He can do through me. No more clinging to the comforts of doubt.  No more proclaiming that which He has not made me yet.

Instead, I will write. I will share what I’m striving for in hopes I bring Him glory. And if others find me along the way and want to join me on this journey, praise God! If we are striving for common goals and can encourage each other, praise God! If these words are intended for me alone, praise God! For it doesn’t matter how you look at it:

He’s worthy of praise.

He’s worth getting out of my comfort zone for.

It’s worth proclaiming that which I can only do through Him.

Friends, God made me a writer.

How about you? What has God done through you lately? How do you stop yourself from putting God in a box? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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