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Sinner’s Creed {Proof of Life} – A Review

I remember back in high school debating with friends whether a rock and roll band by the name of “Creed” was Christian or not. Their label wasn’t, but their lyrics came from a soul-searching place.

Recently, I was offered to review Scott Stapp’s, the lead singer of Creed’s, memoir which shares his internal salvation struggle and ultimate surrender to God. The review from Tyndale Publishing also included his new solo album, Proof of Life. I said yes, because I was feeling nostalgic and, well…I was intrigued.

Friends, I was curious to know: What does someone — who has seen a quick rise of fame and fortune and has ultimately realized God has more to offer — say in a memoir? After reading his message, and contemplating my own, please know it is with mixed emotions I write this review.

Sinner’s Creed is written with the audience of his former rock-and-roll days in mind, which makes perfect sense to me. The book shares how all Scott Stapp wanted was to be a famous rocker and later discovered the price it cost as he lost his family…himself…his relationship with God. Still, he managed to convince himself he could have both worlds as he tried to please his inner desires while still clinging to His Christian roots — roots that were grown from a twisted and gnarled view of God adopted by his step-father.

It didn’t take long before his world came crashing down (in fact, you find it in the first few pages of the book). And it’s in the journey of picking himself back up where he discovers the personal relationship of love that was lacking. The lyrics of the solo album, Proof of Life, portray this brilliantly.

The internal struggle Stapp went through is written very matter-of-fact and quite evident throughout the memoir. There is no ignoring that he struggled finding his way through this internal maze of right and wrong he built himself only to discover grace along the way. Yet I found myself torn as I questioned what I’ve believed to be true–what I know of right and wrong–regarding the God I’ve grown to love.

I admire Stapp’s boldness in sharing his rock and roll journey as well as his Christian life discovery and I pray this book reaches those who need to find the same hope and faith he has found.

As I set the book down, I also hope Stapp’s relationship with Christ will continue to develop and flourish as I felt his true redemption discovery of becoming lost and now found was lacking in the pages. I pray he knows this world is not our own, which is why our inner desires and struggles will always be present when we keep ourselves planted here. As Stapp reunites with his former life in the Creed band, I hope he realizes the cross was worth the sacrifice Jesus asks of us: that we deny ourselves, pick up all we have, and follow…

I know I wouldn’t be strong enough to keep myself in my old world while striving to claim my new self and I think that’s where my mixed emotions stem from. Although I know that even though the memoir was detailed, it does not paint the entire picture of what God is doing in and through Scott Stapp. He has high hopes, and I’m humbled to have seen a glimpse of the beginning.

Click play on the link below to hear Scott Stapp himself share the heart of his memoir:

If you would like to hear the single to his new solo album, Proof of Life, CLICK HERE.

How about you, friend? If you were to write a memoir of how God has rescued you, what would be the one thing you would want to make sure you portray? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


Note: I am a part of the Tyndale Blogging Network. I have received this book for free in exchange for my review. All opinions and thoughts listed above are my own.

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