Spring Cleaning {A Song of Praise}

It amazes me every year…how snow goes out in grandiose luster as it transforms into prisms, allowing sun’s rays a brilliant display of worship before its season is over.

Sometimes I wonder if this was one of Beethoven’s inspirations for he finished his 9th symphony as the snow was melting…and if I were to describe that beautiful piece of music to a deaf person, it’s this display of light I would use. It’s what I hear in my head, anyway, but I digress. Or maybe not. It all brings me back to worship.

Friends, I’m over at Must Love God today sharing more thoughts on Spring’s Sonnet and how I plan on joining in.

Please, stop on by and hear about the moment spring cleaning turned into worship for me and pray alongside me as I offer this next season to Him. The One who never changes…

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How about you, friend? What part of spring stirs up praise for you the most? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,