Afraid {Of Missing Out} ~ Five Minute Friday

I’d like to list it as a hobby:
Just writing.
Without worrying if it’s right or not.
And then linking arms with others who feel the same.
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

Art for Holey, Wholly, Holy
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Today, I’m joining others
As we write unabashedly
For five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone:


He beckons me to come and I am unable to move…frozen in fear. I feel the heat upon my face and every human instinct within tells me to run away from the fire ahead. Or is something else yelling in my ear…

It’s the whisper I’m straining to hear. The One assuring me He’s with me and sees beyond the flames. Encouraging me it will be worth it…Holiness awaits.

I catch my reflection along the way and wrench in pain at the sight of my unworthiness. It’s all too surreal that grace can make something out of…me.

Kris Camealy says — though He accepts us as we are, He has even better for us. He loves us too much to leave us in our mess (taken from Holey, Wholly, Holy).

She also says once you acquire the truth, you are responsible for the action.

So now I’m walking into the refiner’s fire. I won’t look back; I’ll keep my head held high so I catch a glimpse of Him on the other side: My Prize.

It seems the higher we look, the less fear can grab hold. For fear looms low, in the darken corners of the unknown.

But friends, He’s told us what’s on the other side of this journey. And it seems the only thing I need to fear is missing out.

If refinement is the cost, I’m certain it’s worth the price.

Resurrection awaits.


NOTE: The above post was inspired by the book my friend Kris has written.
And it is being released today!

She has poured her heart out for His glory and is offering it to you HERE. Please, take a look and see if it could impact you as much as it has me.

You may read the foreword I was blessed to write for the book by clicking “To look inside” (and no, I’m not an affiliate).

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Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,