Hallowed Be Thy Name {Thoughts on Halloween}

He’s nose deep in his children’s dictionary.  The one his grandmother gave him. I can almost see his inner wheels spinning wildly as he stares long at the page in front of him.

I’ve learned not to interrupt; to speed the lesson along. And I savor the gifts my Savior often brings as a result. Today was no exception.

“Mom, what is so holy about Halloween?
And what does ‘holy’ mean, anyway?
Why don’t they show that word here?”

The towel goes limp mid-fold as I scramble to slow the room down. Clearly I missed something.

“What do you mean ‘holy about Halloween’?
Where does it say that?
Can I see your dictionary, please?”

His defenses rise as he tries to explain his train of thought. How he knows you can put two words together sometimes. And there they are, together in the dictionary…like they used hallowed to make Halloween…

“Don’t ‘hallowed’ and ‘Halloween’
look like they go together?

Hallowed…or holy…Halloween”

My eyes won’t leave the page. I can’t get over it and have no idea how to respond. Patience thins and he bends inward to search my hazels for a clue. His eyes twinkle when our gaze finally meets and I see Christ right then and there.

I can barely breathe. And feel like I’m nearing the word that follows…

Out of words, I tell him honestly: I have never thought about this before. These words have never been connected to me. Until now. And I will never look at Halloween the same.

So I remind my four year-old what I’ve told him all along:
Holidays are what you make them to be.
And I will do everything I can to
make Halloween hallowed for him.
Why, we might even integrate the word listed above…

His excitement grows as I show him where to find holy. A few pages following and in his heart. I could burst as he begins to mention every name of God he knows. And catch myself doing the same.

Knee deep in laundry…nose deep in books…my boy and I…we find holy.

A Hallowed Halloween.

It’s then I hear His whisper. The lesson He had for me.

You see, I used to think God showed up where and when you least expected Him to. As if His presence was a random event. Like today.

That’s not true.

He’s been here all along.

Intertwined in every moment.

He’ll prove His name Hallowed any day of the year.

Even on Halloween.

On earth as it is in Heaven…

I just need to invite Him in.

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Friends, this is the day the Lord has given.
Let’s not forget. Let’s live it out.

No matter the celebration plans, let’s invite Him in.

I can feel it already. It’s going to be a Hallowed Halloween.

How about you, friend? How will you honor His Hallowed Name today? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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