Enter Into His Presence {Christmas Style}

When I think of anticipation,
I recall the all-familiar
scene in
Christmas Story”

You know the one — where they are anxiously waiting for their moment with Santa. Ralphie’s rehearsing what he will say until it’s perfect. You can almost hear his heart pounding in expectation of what he considers the most defining moment of his young life.

Finally, his time has come, and as he approaches the man dressed in red, he freezes.

Ralphie’s mouth gapes wide. He stares at the one he’s been envisioning, his well-prepared speech weighing heavy on his tongue.

Whether he’s in shock, awe, or disappointment, I still can’t decide — maybe all the above… Regardless, he almost misses his chance to share what he longs for most.

burning-thru-the-fog-Courtesy of Greg Abel Photography

Friends, when we approach our Creator — hopefully every day — we are having that defining moment.

Think about it…

When we pray, we are walking up to the King of all Kings. The Jehovah. The Alpha and Omega.

We don’t have to travel far and wide, long and rugged like those wise men of old. We don’t have to leave our sheep behind to stand before Him personally. He’s already here with arms open wide. Inviting us into His chamber…

It should make our heart palpitate. Our souls should arrive humbled and yet expectant. Knowing this moment is sacred. Acknowledging this time is life-changing.

The best part? (Besides not having to wait in line) We don’t have to rehearse a thing. He already knows what’s on our minds. But if we can muster up enough strength to say it to Him directly, we’ll find what Ralphie was searching for.





I’m not sure, but maybe it’s all the above.

This Christmas Season, let’s find out together. Let’s allow our hearts to flutter when we bring our meager selves to Him. And let’s tell Him what we long for most as we bring our souls to His knees.

I don’t know about you, but I can already hear Him saying, “Come…”

And do you know what else, friends…He knows our name.

How about you? How do you prepare for your time with The Savior? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


4 thoughts on “Enter Into His Presence {Christmas Style}

  1. Awe, I love this. So simply stated, yet so profound. Sometimes I think I have to clean myself up before I go before Him. But knowing He accepts me just as I am is a big deal. So now I just come and say, “Father, here I am. What is on your heart today?” Merry Christmas!

  2. Great lead-in story for this devotional, Nikki. To answer your question: before I open my BIble to read or pray, I usually do one of these things: write in my gratitude book, play a hymn on the piano, or listen to uplifting music on my iPod. I know the Lord accepts me just as I am, but it is I who needs preparing for “entering into His Presence.”

  3. Hi there, Nikki! I’ve been on a hiatus and am just now catching up. First of all, congrats on the little one! Loved the pics on Facebook. I also love the simple truth of this post. I’ve come before Him in all manner of disarray lately, and He meets me where I am every.single.time.

    May your Christmas be filled with His presence!

  4. Nikki, this post asks us to be completely honest with Him, and I love that He is willing to accept as in that way. Remember when people used to say “come as you are?” and it meant you didn’t have to clean up, dress fancy, or whatever. God says that to us every day: “Come to me just as you are.” I love it, and I love you! Blessings on all the Lavens.

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