WRITE {Bleeding Black and White} ~ Five Minute Friday

This is the post where I
Link arms with others who like to
Write on the wild side –unabashedly
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.


For five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone:


It’s never been my thing. I didn’t want it to be, anyway. But I’ll never forget the day I felt it. It came during a time I was feeling very little–all by choice. You see, when pain hit me the hardest, I chose being numb over feeling how powerful love’s pull is. Yet, I couldn’t shake the ache. The longing. The choking desire to hold a pen in my hand and let it express what I refused to feel.

Friends, I wrote it which gave me permission to feel it. I wrote its resolve which directed me to His open arms. And in the writing, I was healed.

Ernest Hemingway is quoted saying there is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed. Friends, you don’t know how close he is to the truth until you do just that. Until you risk it all and bleed in black and white.

It’s vulnerability at its finest.

In practicing this art, that which I will never master, I learn to appreciate its value. It’s changed my perspective on what I hold most dear.

I cling to my Bible now as I tenderly trace these Words written with my heart in mind. And as I read the Words spilled of the blood shed for me, I allow myself to feel. To accept His grace described and share it with others.

It’s why I write. Because He wrote to me first. And until He comes back to take me Home, we will continue this scandalous love affair of written exchanges. Just Jesus and me.


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How about you, friend? Do you bleed black and white? Do you exchange love letters with your Savior? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


20 thoughts on “WRITE {Bleeding Black and White} ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. You write it to give you permission to feel it. Vulnerability at its finest. – Truer words were never spoken. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words with us. They are inspiring, as always. 🙂

  2. ooh, I have never thought about it like that before. Writing to feel it. Yes, I will be letting that one marinate in my mind for the next few days! And yes, so glad we were neighbors today at FMF.

  3. This is so beautiful, friend. And I know just what you mean because I’ve found so much healing in the pages. In the words I needed to write and the words I needed to read, again and again. His words to me. You’re so right. Vulnerability at its finest.

  4. yes, Nikki, this right here:

    “It’s why I write. Because He wrote to me first.”

    This is it, right? Writing makes me feel connected to God, and reading His words to me, day after day, they always come new and fresh, stirring up things inside of me, opening my eyes and my heart to who He is and who He made me to be.

    Love this, love you!!

  5. Dear Nikki
    Yes, my friend, we love because He first loved us; we write because He first wrote a love letter to us; we bleed in black an white because He first bled on the cross for us!
    Blessings XX

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  7. Oh my friend… I have missed your lovely words – and you know I swoon whenever we talk of His scandalous love… His grace overwhelming! Vulnerability at its finest… it is brave and it is shaking and it is wonder all in one swoop of the pen! ❤

  8. “It’s why I write. Because He wrote to me first.” Oh how I loved this Nikki. Beautiful! I always say I write because no matter what I’m feeling it leads me closer to Him. So, so beautiful!! {Hugs} to you.

  9. Oh this was nice! Writing is the mode of transportation to get our feelings from inside to outside. And when they’re out, we can process them… Such a vulnerable time, for sure!

  10. Bleeding in black and white is what bonds this beautiful community. Oh my sweet friend, tenderly tracing the Words He bled out for us daily, right next to you.

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