A Sacrifice of Praise

Worship is a Lifestyle

We gather ’round and join our hearts in praise. Some sit. Others stand. Most sing along with those leading the way.

Just like we always do. Every Sunday.

And I’ve liked it that way — praising with song. An offering, enabling us to lay it all down before truth is spoken to our weary bones. It’s the foundation worship is built upon…

All of us come in different forms. Some broken. Tired. Anxious. Preoccupied. Parched. Yet we all can choose to worship right then. Together as we join in the sweet chorus. We raise our voices high and cry holy. Every week.

I’ve grown accustomed to this place. These people. And I’ve loved worshiping this way.

Just like we always do. Every Sunday.

It was something he said mid-sermon that made me realize I had it all wrong. Some might assume it was simply an afterthought uttered –this phrase that made my world spin upside-down. It doesn’t matter how it happened. The point is, I heard Him. And in this Kingdom of Grace, being turned upside-down or inside-out is a good thing.

His message was on true worship. The kind that pulses from your inmost being. That radiates through your soul until it bursts forth with joy and proclamation.

It’s one of my favorite subjects.

My hearing perked when he described worship as Worth-ship. Because that’s what one does when you worship anything…you give it meaning to your life. You stake its worth in your everyday as you bow low in admiration. And I get that. Even found myself nodding along.

Just like I always do. Every Sunday.

But friends, all this time, I’m not sure I had truly gotten it right.

Ann Voskamp said in One Thousand Gifts that we always live bowed down to something. And if we don’t live bowed down before God, we’ll bow down to something else.

And that’s the thing. Worship isn’t something we can turn on and off. Declare HIS worth one day and live free of Him the next. No.

Worship requires a constant commitment.
Worship demands our attention.
Worship expects a sacrifice on our part.

And in this upside-down Kingdom of grace, that sacrifice of worth can be … praise. A sacrifice of praise.

Not just like we always do. Every Sunday.

Friends, it’s easy for me to sing along in praise. Even on a weekday. But do I sacrifice a bit of myself everyday? Do I bend until I stretch? Do I give Him my full attention. My utmost effort. My complete submission as I cry holy?

What would it look like if I did that every day?

Should I dance as David danced? No matter who was watching?
Could I live as Jesus lived? No matter whom it offended?
Will I offer all I have to His disposal? No matter the cost?

Pastor gave an example of how we give our best cheers and exude immense excitement while watching our favorite team/group/artist as they give their all. But do we put as much passion into watching The Creator of all things as He performs every day?

Not a morning has gone by where He hasn’t painted a truly unique sunrise.
Not a day has passed where I haven’t seen grace present its best.

Just like He always does. Every day.

And I can say with complete confidence: God has never gathered ’round me and sang half-heartedly to my soul. He has never forgotten me a day in my life.

Friends, Jesus proved my worth long ago. And every day since, He has offered the same sacrifice. I don’t know about you, but I can bow down to that.

I can worship Him. Every day.

So this week, as I teach my boy his spelling, arithmetic, and the ins and outs of this world we’re using as our temporary home, I’ll do so in adoration of The One whom has made it all possible.

And I can be His hands and feet to those I encounter this week. If done with Him in mind, it can become an act of praise.

This everyday business we submerse ourselves in, friends, I do believe can be done in complete worship.

Today, I will bring Him a sacrifice of praise.

Just like He deserves. Every day.

How about you, friend? How do you plan on worshiping Him this week? What sacrifice of praise do you offer? I’d love to hear.

And thank you for your grace as I stretched Music Monday’s theme this week. In comments, I’d love to hear what song helps you prepare your heart for worship.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



7 thoughts on “A Sacrifice of Praise

  1. Dear Nikki
    Worship in spirit and truth has also become to me that allowing our Lord Jesus to live His worth-ship in and through me everyday. Thanks for reminding us.
    Blessings XX

  2. Oh, Nikki…..so lovely are your words here. Every week, as I join in the worship, I am moved as I sing to my Savior often times forgetting that there are others around me as I allow tears to flow yet how often do I continue this attitude of praise during my week? Not often enough and certainly not every day. Thank you for reminding me that every day I need to bow in humble adoration as I praise my Creator!

  3. Goodness! This bit right here is what resonated deeply in my heart: “Declare HIS worth one day and live free of Him the next. No.” OUCH! This is such a truth that my heart must, MUST, grasp. Thank you Lord, for your continuous grace to this sinners heart.

    Also? These words I wrote down, because it reminded me of why this post resonated so deeply this morning: “…this world we’re using as our temporary home…” Ultimately, I will worship this world or The One Who created it. This was what my heart needed this morning. This.

  4. oh how i love this. i’ve had the email update for this post sitting in my inbox, waiting to be read..why i kept putting it off, i don’t know, except that this last week God has been showing me these truths so powerfully, that maybe after all it was not me, but HIM putting it off, until the time was right. until i’d actually take heed to these words that touched my heart. thank you so much for sharing your heart, friend. ❤

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