The Truest Things {I Believe}


My questions are in the gazillions. I have so many I-wonder-moments I’ll most likely never be able to answer.

I don’t know why He is good all the time.
I’m not sure when/how He’ll answer my prayers.
I couldn’t explain to you how the Trinity works exactly.

But I’ve felt His arms surround me. I’ve witnessed His healing hand — watched Him turn brokenness into beautiful. I’ve seen what He’s capable of creating and I’ve watched His glory unfold.

He just Is.
He just Will.
They just Do.

Sometimes I try to picture Him and … I just can’t…
Even still…I believe.

Because I don’t need to know it all — HE does.
I don’t need to know too far ahead — why, when I haven’t even conquered today.
And some things don’t need to be explained  — they need to be experienced.

Friends, I may not be able to see Him with my sense of sight, but I trust my sense of soul even more. I may not have all the answers, but I am striving to know The One who does.

The One who still calms storms…even in me.
The One who has conquered today.
The One who is the answer to any trouble, trial, tribulation I could ever experience.

And in my heart, I believe that’s enough.

So tomorrow, when I rise and see the sun has done the same,
I’ll experience firsthand how faithful He is.
So good. All the time.
And I’ll remind myself His timing is perfect. He’s worth waiting for.

One day I won’t have to picture Him….one day, I’ll be made whole.

I believe.

It’s because of that I can say wholeheartedly:

I’d rather have Jesus than anything.
I’d rather cling to the hope of His glory than something I can own from a store’s shelf.
I’d rather He led the way, so long as I can hold His nail-pierced hand.

I Believe

JJ Heller

How about you, friend? What do you believe to be true? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


8 thoughts on “The Truest Things {I Believe}

  1. What a lovely song – and a gentle reminder that He is bigger than all of the *stuff* we carry. I’ve had the refrain of *I Can Only Imagine* on a loop in my head for the past week – wonderful images of how it might be to meet Christ. Happy Monday!!

  2. There are many true things I could choose from but this one I read again today from Mel Weldon: “My mind is a garden, my thoughts are the seeds: my harvest will be either flowers or weeds.” It’s true, prayer turns negative energy into a powerful force for good.

  3. Faith is an amazing gift He offers to us. We always have the choice to just believe, to just have faith, that He is always good, and holds answers to our prayers, and is three in one. Lovely post.

  4. He just IS and I just know. Do you think we’ll recognize each other as we are in heaven? If so, I cannot wait to run to my writing friends and hug them so tightly and squeal in joy over our sharing in-the-spirit fellowship with our precious Jesus, together. Oh, for that day… Trust, yes. I love how your words feed my soul in sweet fellowship and belief, Nikki. ❤

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