In Need of Refreshment? {Here’s Some From Sherrey}

She found me some time ago. I don’t remember how…why…when… Not because it didn’t matter, but because it feels as though she’s always been here encouraging me. I can’t picture this place before her…

We became friends.

And I’m so blessed to be able to share a bit of her heart with you here this Music Monday! Thank you, Sherrey, for taking me up on the invitation.

Friends, will you please welcome Sherrey?

Thirsty, parched, dry, dehydrated.  Even the words make you long for something cool to drink, don’t they?

A hot day in summer working outside and the throat is so needy for some liquid refreshment. Something to trickle back on the tongue, down the throat and cool as it goes.

But the throat on a hot summer day isn’t the only part of me that grows thirsty. Sometimes my heart and yes, my spirit, feel thirsty, parched, dehydrated.

Why you may ask, and the reasons are many.

Busy, too busy to soak up His Word waiting to be read in my Bible or daily devotional.

Busy, too busy to soak up His Word whispered in my ear.

Why so busy?

Busy, too busy trying to finish the first draft of a book.
Busy, too busy catching up on emails and the ever-present reading of blogs and commenting on them.
Busy, too busy using social media to build what the book gurus call my “platform.”
Busy, too busy with the necessities of life — cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking.
Busy, too busy reading books, but not those in the Bible.

Do you see the picture unfolding here? It’s all about the busyness of my life, so it’s all about me. Yes, I said it — all about me.

When I focus on me and what I want to do, I become oh, so thirsty and parched. Longing for a watering to my soul.

The first time I heard the song, As the Deer Pants for the Water, I was in a dry period in my life several years ago. Living 2200 miles away from my family and my older brother’s wife was dying. How I longed to be there. I hungered and thirsted to be there, but I knew I couldn’t go. I had a family of my own and a job I needed to keep.

The next Sunday morning the Praise Team in our church brought this new song to us. As I listened and read the words, I felt the Source for replenishing my dehydrated soul and spirit. He would fill my cup once again with whatever I needed.

No matter how often I lose my focus on Him and look to the world and my busyness to keep me refreshed, God still steps in with unconditional love and replenishes my soul and spirit.

So, today whenever I feel myself slipping in the direction of dryness, the desert, a parched place I think of the deer longing for water and how God takes care of the deer and you and yours and yes, even me.

Inevitably, this song comes to mind, As the Deer Pants for the Water. Based on Psalm 42:1, it redirects our focus on our true need:

As a deer gets thirsty
for streams of water,
I truly am thirsty
for you, my God.
Psalm 42:1 (CEV)

Take a moment to listen to this beautiful message set to music. I’m sure many of you know this song well. But take time to listen. Refresh your souls and spirits today. And then remember to step back from the busy, too busy parts of your life to soak up God’s goodness.

sherrey2013A retired legal secretary, Sherrey Meyer grew tired of drafting and revising pleadings and legal documents.  She had always dreamed of writing something else, anything else!  Once she retired she couldn’t stay away from the computer, and so she began to write.  Among her projects is a memoir of her “life with mama,” an intriguing Southern tale of matriarchal power and control displayed in verbal and emotional abuse.  Sherrey is married and lives with husband Bob in Milwaukie, OR.  You can reach Sherrey on her websites:  Healing by Writing and Found Between the Covers or via email at salice78 @ comcast . net.

How about you, friend? How have you quenched your soul’s thirst lately? We’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with us.

Simply striving,

Nikki (and Sherrey)

13 thoughts on “In Need of Refreshment? {Here’s Some From Sherrey}

  1. Sherrey ~ God has been speaking to me of late about the importance of seeking Him first and of the verse Matthew 6:33. Wonderful post, my friend.

  2. Nikki, thanks for inviting me to share His space on your blog today. Like you, I don’t remember the where, the when or the why our friendship melded, but I am so glad God brought us together. Blessings on you, my friend, and what you share here at simplystriving.


  3. Nikki: “Encouragement” is Sherrey’s middle name, and I’ve been the beneficiary of lots of it shortly after I began my blog some months ago.

    Sherrey: I can certainly identify with your list: busy, busy, blog, book (?) and blessed housework too. A list-maker, I have even typed in a list on a card (6 x 8 both sides too!) all the people I need to pray for. Since I’ve read Fil Anderson’s book Running on Empty: Contemplative Spirituality for Overachievers, I am trying to take some of his advice to heart and exchange “performance” for intimacy with God.

    So, I have picked out a blue chair in our living room, and as early in the morning as possible, I just sit there and keep company with God who is already waiting for me there. I don’t have to DO anything but sit on His lap and quietly wait for His still, small voice. Of course, easier said than done. Thanks for the song video–so refreshing.

    • Marian, I’m so glad you joined us at Nikki’s today! Nikki is so special to me. Years younger than I am, but gifted with a wisdom for His Word that amazes me and supplies me often the renewal and refreshment I need. I can picture you in that blue chair and keep company with God. I love the image of “I don’t have to do anything but sit onHis lap and quietly wait for His still, small voice. Thrilled that you shared this with us.

      Blessings and love,

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