LAST {The Best View} ~ Five Minute Friday

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When it comes to being picked, no one wants it. It’s the greatest dread in junior high phys ed, I’m certain.

Crazy how some things never change over time.

I remember once our Youth Pastor attempted to put a Junior High spin on Matthew 20:16

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

He tried to encourage us to not worry so much about it…I wish I could say it helped. That I took his words to heart.

But that is one thing that has, over time, changed as I’ve begun to figure out this upside down Kingdom of Grace more and more.

Friends, sometimes I think God wants us to be last because it has the best view.

It’s from the back we get to see His glory unfold. Watch His Majesty in action.
It’s when we’ve suffered that we truly see the simplest blessings as the greatest gifts.
It’s how we learn to lay our lives down, pick up His cross and follow His lead.

And in Upside-down Kingdom fashion, being last by no means means we linger behind. No. We still strive, and push, and run and race our hearts out towards that finish line — Paul was right. But what we realize along the way is no matter how hard or how fast or how well we run, we’ll never beat Him to the punch.

You see, Jesus picked us first.

And finally I see clearly… I can now say wholeheartedly:

“Thank You, Jesus…for making me last by choosing me first.”


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Simply striving,


22 thoughts on “LAST {The Best View} ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. So beautiful and profound. How truly amazing that the Lord can take something as dreaded as “being last” and make it into something we truly should desire. Miss you. Hope you are well!

  2. Love this…and I had to smile tonight. Seems like a lot of us thought of junior high p.e. class with this prompt. (I love where you took it, though!) Blessings, sweet friend…happy Friday! 🙂

  3. Nikki — thank you! This is spot-on. This is food for thought all day long — how with Jesus the first shall be last and the last first. Great encouragement for slow-pokes like me. =)

  4. You’ve got me thinking – crazy how you do that. Last can also be the place where we learn from other’s mistakes who have gone before us. We see the pitfalls and if we are wise may avoid them. Truly the view from the end of the line may be the best. Thanks, friend.

  5. Just saw this Nikki. So true. I love how you say: “… sometimes I think God wants us to be last because it has the best view…” Profound thought. Much love, Peg.

  6. I love this line: “It’s when we’ve suffered that we truly see the simplest blessings as the greatest gifts.” It is hard to teach this to teens. I think it is a lesson learned through experience:) Wishing you much blessing – and much grace during the lasts of the week!

  7. The reminder of the perspective that comes from being at the back of the line is something I hadn’t thought of before. I like this. I also like that we need to not be focused on the fact that we are near the back of the line (one that sometimes we think we should be leading) and not be preoccupied with our placement but rather what is being shown to us. I think it also reflects letting HIM lead instead of trying to venture into the journey all blindly in our own power. Thank you so much for this.

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