What Kind of Friend am I? {The Longing of Jesus}

The Bench

You are My friends if you do what I command.
I no longer call you servants,
because a servant does not know his master’s business.
Instead, I have called you friends,
for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.
You did not choose me, but I chose you
and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit
—fruit that will last—
and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.
This is my command: Love each other.
John 15:14-17

The sermon wouldn’t leave me. And I told her as much. For there is plenty I want to achieve…do…be…in these verses alone.

Today, I wanted to help her see what I’m learning. What I’m striving for. She listened so well. Nodding in all the right places. Smiling with each new discovery. Encouraging me as I made my way through the text. Success seemed imminent.

Her soft, worn hand enveloped mine when I was through. And as she searched my hazels for my soul, she said plainly:

“This seems overwhelming to tackle all at once. Don’t you think? I’m guessing, though, we can get to the heart of things by answering one question posed here…”

The pause was planned, I’m sure, as I scanned my Bible quickly, trying to come up with the question before I heard it. She said finally,

“What kind of friend are you to Jesus?”

Her grip firmed when my defenses rose. And it took all I had in me to meet her gaze and allow this question to sink in to my marrow.

She tilted her head skyward as she recalled her childhood best friend. The time spent, the laughter spilled, the secrets kept…and my heart warmed as I thought of those in my lifetime who have been in this category. We both became lost in thought as we reflected on how close we’ve allowed another to come…

I believe it was Aristotle who said friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. And I can’t begin to fathom why Jesus would want to have that kind of relationship…with me.

Still…He says plainly: He chose me. Has held nothing from me. And longs to call me not a servant, but a friend.

It seems He could care less with how much I could do for Him, rather He aches to be one with me.

The King of all Kings. The Son of The Most High. My Jehovah in every way, calls me friend.

And she’s right. It’s worth asking: “What kind of friend am I?”

Friends, I know what kind of friend He is…and I wonder…could I be the same for Him?

Could I hold nothing back? Make my presence known to Him each day? Could I stand boldly in His corner when the bullies come and try to denounce His name? Could I be so encapsulated by the very thought of Him that I think of nothing else but loving Him?

Could I know Jesus, the way He knows me? Enough so that I prove Aristotle was right?

Could I give my life –all that I have– simply for the very thought of His?

She’s right, you know…it’s worth asking. For it is at the very heart of things. And above all else, it’s worth striving for.

How about you, friend? What kind of friend are you to Jesus? What kind of friend do you allow Him to be for you? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


14 thoughts on “What Kind of Friend am I? {The Longing of Jesus}

  1. LOVE this… I’d like to think I am a good friend to Him- but we all have our days when selfishness sneaks right on in and our own wants or needs cut in line and try to go first! So thankful that on those days – (well – on every day!) He takes the lead and His grace covers my own shortcomings and He just proves again and again and again that there is no shadow of turning… and that He is All In! ❤

    • Oh that selfishness…dying to self…it’s a daily choice/struggle/whatever we want to call it.
      no shadow of turning…I love that thought, friend…thank you for blessing me today! {HUGS}

  2. He is truly my most faithful friend and it is obvious that I’m not the same friend he is to me, none of us can be right? I love that quote from Aristotle and would like to think that as my life deepens in Him we are becoming one.I honestly can’t think of anything I’d rather do than dwell in His abiding presence.

    • He is most faithful. I love the thought of deepening, Shelly. Thank you for that image and yes–to simply be in His presence. Oh the glory. (you’re reminding me of the book you gave me–which I’m loving by the way).

      thank you for stopping by, Shelly! Warms my heart to see your beautiful avatar here;)

  3. Nikki – this goes straight to my heart – “a single soul dwelling in 2 bodies.” I am learning to call Him before I call a friend. To talk to Him while I walk instead of ignore Him. To include Him in my inner circle – and to just sit with Him and feel like I’m home. I’m learning what makes Him happy, what brings Him joy – what grieves Him. I am learning to love Him as passionately as I love those He has given me:) How awesome to have a spiritual mom/mentor who cares enough to take your hand and ask you such beautiful soul questions!


    • Call Him before I call a friend. YES! That’s the mindset it takes, isn’t it. I love that. well, I love your whole comment. You can be my spiritual mom/mentor any day, Maryleigh. I love when you envelope my heart. thank you…

  4. I would like to think I love God. I live my life for Him. Even in understanding God wants a relationship with me, I failed to look at it as ‘God wants my friendship’. This is a game changer for me. It really makes me look at things in such a different way. I love this Nikki! Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh Rachel, I’m glad I’m not the only one. It took me 3 weeks to even write it all down it’s been tweaking on me so much…thank you for sharing it with me.
      All for Him with Hugs to you,

  5. I love this question and the whole thought process that goes along with it, Nikki! We have different images of Jesus, and sometimes it changes depending on our circumstances! But to think of Him as a friend, and really my very BEST friend? That’s convicting and comforting at the same time.

    I’ll be pondering this for a WHILE 🙂

  6. The fact is, I could be a better friend to Jesus. Yes I do what He’s called me to do. I love on His people. I pray for His people. I teach what He’s called me to teach. But I need to spend more quality time with HIM.

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  8. I am new to your blog, and first off I want to say that I love the peaceful feel of things. As for this post….I love it!! It will have me thinking for days to come. I’ve never been great at friendships, but what better one to invest to work on, than the one friend who can’t walk away.

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