The Scandal of Grace

Grace Perfected

I’ve done things I regret. Said things I shouldn’t have. Thought the unthinkable.

Some days I try to picture how dirty and decrepit I must have looked while Jesus was on the cross.

Still He chose to save me. His love broke my fall.

No one can make sense of what He saw…in me…in you…in any of us to choose to die in our place. Because there is no sense to pure, raw, unadulterated love.

That, my friends, is the scandal of grace.

And I don’t know about you, but I pray I never get over where His grace has brought me.

For Jesus has taught me how to live…in scandalous grace.

I’m free because of Him.
My life is a gift…from Him.

I can praise Him, rest in Him, find shelter under Him, thank Him, bring all I have to Him, strive to emulate Him…all because of grace.

He. Is. Enough. What scandalous grace.

Scandal of Grace

Hillsong UNITED

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Grace what have You done.
Murdered for me on that cross.
Accused in absence of wrong.
My sin washed away in Your blood.
Too much to make sense of it all.
I know that Your love breaks my fall.
The scandal of grace.
You died in my place.
So my soul will live.
Oh to be like You.
Give all I have just to know You.
Jesus there’s no-one beside You.
Forever the hope in my heart.
Death where is your sting.
Your power is as dead as my sin.
The cross has taught me to live.
And mercy my heart now to sing.
The day and its troubles shall come.
I know that Your strength is enough.
The scandal of grace.
You died in my place.
So my soul will live.
And it’s all because of You Jesus.
It’s all because of You Jesus.
It’s all because of Your love. That my soul will live.

How about you, friend? How has grace captured you lately? How do you face the scandal of it all? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


10 thoughts on “The Scandal of Grace

  1. I feel like I have been on a journey this year to truly discover what grace is! It has been a beautiful (and at times heart wrenching!) journey. It is his grace that does not allow me to stay in my ugliness. He keeps reaching in and reminding me that he wants all of me. Painful, glorious grace!

    • Some day, I hope to be able to describe grace in terms some might understand. but for right now, I sure am appreciating the heart wrenching journey of discovery! Painfully glorious….yes! Thanks for stopping by, dear one (and I’m praying for your dad….) {HUGS}

  2. Amazingly, He likely saw who we were about to be in Christ – our born again spirits – and that is what drove Him to the Cross, and compelled Him to remain on the Cross those many hours so long ago. Grace is beyond what most of us can even comprehend. Often we down play it, because we are afraid if we don’t, it will give people a “license to sin” but I say, when we realize the depths grace went to save us, we won’t want to sin. The closer we’re drawn to His heart, the more we want to stay right there, far from sin. Oh sweet saving grace, how I love you!


    • I feel like I could talk about this with you for hours, friend. You just get it!
      thank you for sharing your insight with me…I’m nodding furiously with you…{HUGS}
      sweet saving grace…..yes….

  3. Hi Nikki,
    I’m catching up on all the news since I took my little hiatus, and loved the last couple of Monday songs you chose! And the idea that His love breaks my fall — could there be anything better than that!

    Hope you’re doing well. You stay in my prayers 🙂

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