What if I Lived it? {Christ in Me}

Christ in Me

He calms storms. Heals the sick. Raises the dead.
He’s cried over our hurts. And has compassion on us all.
He stood there, innocently accused, and opted to take the fall anyway. For me….you…

He’s proved that death doesn’t win. Love does. And has conquered every struggle I have yet to face.

And to think…His power lives inside of me.

I believe it…I do…and I’m striving to live it…I am…

Because maybe then the mountains I climb will feel like level ground. Maybe the pressures I feel will fall like a fresh breeze across my face. Maybe if I tapped in to His unfailing power, rest would find me.

Friend, what if we really believed it? and then lived it?

What if we woke up each morn and accepted His new mercies? (Lam 3:22-24) What if we put on our armor of righteousness, helmet of salvation, and wrapped ourselves in His zeal? (Isaiah 59:17). What if we breathed in His Spirit each day and let Him lead?

What if we faced each day knowing He’s got us?

Today, that’s my prayer for you. May you believe it. live it. experience it. And give Him the glory for it.

I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.
Ephesians 3:16

This song shares this very prayer. But what pulls at my heart-strings the most is when the artist talks about his 6 year-old daughter prior to singing.

Oh I pray this gift will be easier to accept for our children…

What if they lived their whole lives knowing that if we let Him, Jesus will take over. Lead the way. See us through.

His power and glory can prevail. Through us…in you and me.

Christ in Me

Tim Timmons

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The same great light that broke the dark
The same great peace that calmed the seas
Hallelujah, is living in me
The same great love that gives us breath
The same great power that conquered death
Hallelujah, is flowing through me
The same great love that casts out fear
The same compassion that draws us near
Hallelujah, is living in the air
The same great mercy I received
Amazing grace for a wretch like me
Hallelujah, is flowing through me
And what, what if I believed in Your power
And I really lived it
What, what if I believed, Christ in me
What if I believed
I would lay my worries down
See these hills as level ground
What if I believed, Christ in me
Oh, I would praise You with my life
Let my story lift You high
What if I believed, Christ in me

How about you, friend? Do you believe it? Live it? Experience it? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


20 thoughts on “What if I Lived it? {Christ in Me}

  1. Nikki, your words found me before 7 am today, while I was drinking my coffee and had just finished looking at the weekly calendar. I’ll take those new mercies and may I have eyes to see them for gift too. You continue to bless my life!

  2. This really moved me!! How often we say we believe yet do we really believe? What a difference we could make in our world and the lives of others if this were our story.
    Blessings and hugs to you,

    • It’s hitting me hard lately, Joy…I’m wondering if this is the way to avoid the lukewarm trap…praying my head knowledge will take permanent residence in my heart. Thank you for reading (and I got your email–I’m so far behind, but will respond soon!)

  3. My life would be so much different if I truly owned these words, believed them deep down in my soul, and didn’t struggle with what I could do for the Kingdom. I can’t do anything. But it’s Christ in me. His mercies are new every morning!

    • I wonder if it’s accepting that we can’t do anything without Him that is key, Barbie. I need to stop trying to prove myself and just let Him have His way with me…thanks for reading, dear friend, and encouraging me daily {HUGS} Praying for YOU!

  4. woohoo! 🙂 great song! so convicting and true. i’m glad i’m in good company with those who are striving to get that head knowledge read my heart…my real self!
    this one will have me thinking for a while i think. love you cutie!

  5. I have had a few rough weeks. I am just trying to rest. I am stressed and having heart palpitations. Could use some prayers. Great song, great post thanks for sharing both 🙂

    • Dearest Janet, I am praying for you, friend…
      Father, hold Your sweet child Janet close today. Breathe Your soothing grace into her lungs and help her see what You see. Give her wisdom with all she faces in the daily grind–the only day we know. Ease her heart and remind her often: You’ve got this…and You’re not letting go… Thank You. For what you plan to do in and through Janet, Lord. To You be all glory and honor. Father, make it so…

      • Beautiful. Thank you.
        I believe I am struggling with resting in Him and the works. I get to caught up in acting rather than asking Him where He wants me. I am a Martha and not a Mary and it is truly becoming a problem with my health and stress level.

  6. Dear sweet Nikki
    It is so great to visit your blog again! Yes, dear friend, He truly lives in us and if we allow Him, He fills our lives with His inner strength, grace and mercy as we learn to abide in Him. It is such an intimate spiritual unity that I don’t think words can describe this relationship!
    Much love to you XX

  7. We’ve already been made in the image of God, THE almighty GOD who made heaven and earth! WOW, we have His pieces inside us. All we have to do is say, YES. 🙂 I’ve been visiting with my sister who lives out in Illinois, so far away. She’s here all week long with her husband. I’m glad I could take a moment and catch up with you here too. Beautiful writing and thoughts as always Nikki girl. ~ Love from Maine, Amy

    • Already…that word is filled with more promise than I give it credit for, Amy! Thank you for reminding me…We’ve already been made…He’s already won…The pieces are already in place… breathing that in today!

      Oh your sister lives so close to me! Enjoy your time, soaking each other in! And I’m so blessed you thought to stop by for a visit, friend. Thank you! {HUGS}

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