Through and Through {Simple Utterances}

Heart without Words

Flickers of light find their way through the waving canvas, kissing my cheek as the breeze brushes the wisps off my brow.

It’s as if He’s right here, loving the very thought of me. And I can barely breathe as I allow Him to look.

My pulse races as I search for words to tell Him how I can’t get enough of Him. For I want to tell Him I’m ready. Whatever commitment He wants from me, I want to give it.

“Lord, I’ll do it. Today.
I’ll do whatever today brings. For You.
Just please, remind me I’m not alone…
You’re here and You’ll never let me go…
…thank You for that…”

Fingers begin writhing as I contemplate how much control I just gave away. And suddenly I realize — my heart has calmed. My burden’s been lifted. New mercies have found me.

Just like He promised.

Some mornings, that’s all the prayer I can utter. I used to have many words to share first thing. Lately, the words are few. Yet the heart-to-heart conversation has never been greater. 

I’m learning to simply invite Him in and ask Him to linger long. So I can love on Him through and through. No matter what today brings.

This song of simple utterances has fit me lately and I want to share it with you. The words are few. It’s the intent and declaration of awareness that take center stage.

Oh how He loves us…through and through.

Through and Through
Will Reagan

I find that I’m safe and warm
In Your loving arms.
You see me, You know me
and You love me, through and through.

Subscribers, you can CLICK HERE to listen to this on Simplystriving, or HERE to listen directly on YouTube.

How about you, friend? What kind of simple utterances have you shared with Him lately? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


14 thoughts on “Through and Through {Simple Utterances}

  1. Through and through, I’m letting God transform this wayward selfish heart. Our pastor just spoke yesterday on the verse in Matthew 6:7 about babbling on and on in prayer – but remembering that God already knows. He knows my heart. The beginning from the end (thank you Lord!). And those few words that I can muster in some moments, are all that’s needed. I love the thought of a deeper heart connection despite the few words. I pray He will bless your prayer of willingness, my friend.

    • I’m so glad you mentioned Matthew 6:7, Missy–I was thinking about sharing my thoughts on it, but then realized this post would ramble on and on:) We always say, it’s the inside that counts…what a gift when you think about it, right? {HUGS}

  2. Oh, Nikki. You are going to L.O.V.E. the theology of the body stuff I am studying. It’s all about this love exchange. I can’t wait until I have a firm enough grasp on it to share:) ~What a beautiful song this is! (((hugs)))

  3. Love that Gandi quote sweet sister… and I love how His Holy Spirit draws us into Him. Beautiful writing as always, just beautiful. Night from Maine, Amy

  4. Dear Nikki,
    What a gift to chat with you yesterday and I will be praying 🙂 I like to pray the sinner’s prayer: “Lord, Have mercy on me, a sinner” from Luke 18…Hugs to you 🙂

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