On How Fearing the Dark Might Not Be a Bad Thing


The idea of light has followed me around lately. Reaching me in the most obscure and obvious places. And while I try to help my five year-old sort through his own questions of darkness, a part of me wants to teach him what I’m learning now in hopes his journey of life would be more illuminated as a result. Regardless of how the darkness feels.

The other part of me doesn’t want him to know the truth yet…how the darkness is a foreign animal no human could ever tame…

Friends, I’m over at my other home, 5 Minutes for Faith, sorting through this very thing today. I’d love to have you stop by and share your thoughts with me! Simply click on the button below.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



3 thoughts on “On How Fearing the Dark Might Not Be a Bad Thing

  1. Oh’ Nikki, I love you sister… What a sweet, receptive boy you have too. Wonderful story and truth filled scripture analogy. You bless my heart. “Thank you Jesus”! ~ Love out tonight from Maine, Amy

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