On How We Should Love to Tell Our Story {Of Blessed Assurance}

Love to Tell Your Story

I know it so well that with only a few words spoken, I could tell you how the story ends. Or rather begins. A story of how God dug through the layers of sin and found the sinner. How He offered to take His well-worn slate and clean it. Make it new again. Of how God healed his disease, that gripped him tightly, so miraculously that He’ll never get over the power of His blood.

My dad’s story is wrought with grace and he’s not ashamed to show you how — even if he has to reveal how ugly he once was, or still is when sin grabs hold. I must confess, my teenage eyes would roll as he would share his painful addictions with a smile, for I never understood how he could appear proud of his story.

Now, I realize I was focused more on the details and the circumstances that surrounded them…not the moral of the story…the one ravaged with redemption.

I’m not sure when I discovered how powerful our ugliness can be when we claim it proudly. But I see now how the beauty of transparency allows His light to shine brightly. How His grace can pierce through more effectively. How it’s not really my story I’m telling, anyway…

The enemy has tried to belittle me. Convince me there’s not much worth telling. No great climax. No cliffhangers or gripping details. Some days I’ve believed him. But other days, most days lately, I hear my Savior’s echoes of mercy. I am filled with His goodness and become lost in His whispers of love. And I see the truth clearly.

Friends, my story is not about me at all. And I should smile wide when I reveal what He’s done through me. How He’s saved me and invited me in to this scandalous love affair I’m now whole-heartedly involved in.

I’ve seen grace in tangible form and can prove beyond a shadow of doubt: It truly is amazing. Now that’s something not only worth sharing, but worth getting excited about. For no matter how plain or ugly my story may appear, the beauty is always found in the end. Or rather the beginning.

That’s what I’m striving to do here, one post at a time: Share the story He’s given me. And I pray that no matter how much less you think of me, you’ll see Him more clearly through me.

For this is my story. My song. And I’ve seen too much, fallen too hard, been held too tightly not to praise Him through the journey. All the day long.

And on this Music Monday, I’m guessing you know what hymn I’m singing loud. You know it because you have it, too…

I can’t wait to hear your story. I hope you share it with me…

Friends, I just have to share a bit of my friend Kris’ story today, too. I have seen God move through her in ways only miracles can describe. She’s launching her new website today, sharing where God is taking her story. And you are going to want to hear all about it! Plus, she has a plethora of giveaways available (for only a short time) that I’d LOVE for you to win! Stop on by! Simply click on the image below:

How about you, friend? Do you love your story? How are you sharing what He’s done for you? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


22 thoughts on “On How We Should Love to Tell Our Story {Of Blessed Assurance}

  1. Praising my Savior all the day long… singing right along side you, Nikki!!
    Our lives sound so similar. My Daddy was an alcoholic for 10 years before he gave his life to Christ- and went on to be a pastor for over 30 years. Hearing his story never ceased to amaze me, but I always felt that my story was too small in its lack of excitement. And then I realized that it is exactly the story that my Father wanted to write for me. Sometimes it is more difficult to be passionate about one’s faith, when you don’t truly understand the depths of your depravity, ya know?! God has been teaching me to truly see how ugly I am and how desperately I need Him- even though someone looking at my life from the outside might only see the good girl.
    Ah, I feel so blessed to be walking by your beautiful side, dear friend!

  2. Nikki, I long for the day I can sit across from you and hear your stories over coffee, or tea, or whatever it is you’d like to drink that day. I’ve heard those enemy lies, the ones that say your story is lame and useless. I’ve listened to them awhile, but you know it’s not true. If we find Christ in our story, we’ll see the worth in us–it’s always Him and He’s always there. I love you. Thank you for being YOU.

  3. Nikki,
    You have one of the most genuinely, beautiful hearts that I’ve ever encountered. Your love of Jesus is so pure it is inspiring. Your love of others is so honest and real.

    You are a blessing my friend. ❤

  4. Dear Nikki
    Reading this brought to my mind how Paul “bragged” about his weaknesses and considered his shiny religious credentials to be dung! Yes, my friend, it is not about us, but about our Lord Jesus. Paul also mentioned that the greater the sin, the more the grace we receive to overcome! So, dear one, I think you should be proud of your daddy.
    Blessings and love

    • That’s so true, Mia…striving to appreciate His grace more and more every day so I don’t have to see how far it can pull me from…

      And for the record: I am proud of my dad and how He can boast in Him. What an example!

  5. I was thinking along the same lines as Mia, above. You offer yourself freely to be used, wiped clean, and used again – all for God’s glory. That is so evident here. Because of that, your story is one of beauty and redemption and I could read it all. day. long. And this line? “I see now how the beauty of transparency allows His light to shine brightly.” – oooh, Imma gonna be chewing on that one all. day. long, too! Love you, friend. SO stinkin’ glad you choose to bravely tell your story!

  6. Nikki, you write with a beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing your passion for “our stories” today. It reminded me of how wonderful my story is indeed. Even those of us who do not have the gutter to glory kind of story have an “amazing” story all the same. And oh how I love to share it! So nice to meet you today. I’ll be back!

    • I love that….gutter to glory…. A part of me wonders if we all do have a story like this and don’t realize it? Cuz I know I relate to the prodigal more than I care to admit… Thank you for reading and sharing with me! What a blessing…

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