My LifeSONG ~ Five Minute Friday

This is the post each week where I
Link arms with others as we write free
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.


For five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone:


I stand at the brink, my toe teasing the water’s edge. A bird taunts me to jump like it’s her everyday sonnet and I wonder if they’re born without the worry gene or if they learn it quickly with first flight.

The wind picks up and carries my breath off with it. And I gulp in air as the song of my heart swells within. For I’m not ready to release this tune yet. It doesn’t sound harmonious.

Father, she’s not even in double digits…septic? Really? Oh Jesus, we need You…

“There’s not a prayer I’ve prayed You haven’t heard
Not a tear I’ve shed that You didn’t feel”

My knees begin to buckle and I follow suit. My palms open as I begin to grasp for reality. And as the song that’s been buried in my heart all week rises up, I’m reminded…He’s here.

“I’ll lift my hands — if my hands fail me
I’ll bend my knees — if my knees grow weak
I’ll raise my voice and I’ll sing
I’ll sing — I know that You love me”

The water splashes around my legs, the salt rises to my lips, sparking hope once again.

“Sink or swim I’m divin’ in where the river starts rushin’
Where my hearts start beating
For the rhythms of the testing and the songs of the trials
I will live to cry out to You, sung with hope inside my eyes”

Wind swipes the strands away from my face and suddenly I see Him so clearly. And when He’s in my scope, the music begins to play for this lifesong He’s given me.

Yes, Father, I’ll sing. For You…


The lyrics above were taken from this amazing song (Subscribers, CLICK HERE to listen in)

Will Reagan & United Pursuit – Give Me A Song

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How about you, friend? Have you sung your lifesong lately? I’d love to hear. And would you please pray for Lanie and her family? They need to feel His healing hands…

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


24 thoughts on “My LifeSONG ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Dear Nikki
    Oh, I not only hear your heart today, dear friend, I feel the heaviness of your emotions. I hope you are okay? Even with a heavy heart, we will lift our voices and sing of the glory of our King!!

  2. And when you can’t lift your hands any longer, that’s when your sisters, your community, come to hold your hands up. You’re not alone in anything. Standing in the water with you and praying right now.

  3. Such beautiful words, my sweet friend. Today I am jumping in and singing with you. I will be lifting up Lanie and her family through out the weekend.

  4. Ahh, Nikki, my heart grew heavy as I read and then was lifted in hope with the words you sing because you know them to to be True. Loving on your from afar, sweet friend.

  5. Oh Nikki! This is so powerful and moving. Definitely praying for Lanie and her family! I may just want to send you a nice bag of frozen chocolate chips… we can snack while we sing His praises!

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  7. This leaves me completely speechless.

    Being able to sing in the midst of extreme trial. What a blessing.

    Hugs to you and prayers for this family.

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