Invisible God {Let Me Remember}


The day is easier when I rise with intention. And I can’t help but smile when You wake me before the alarm, anxious to have our morning cup of fellowship. Please know, I’m learning to always accept. For Your rest lingers longer than extra slumber any day.

We always begin the same and still it never grows old. I peel back the canvas curtain just enough to see what You’ve painted for me today. And I notice the extra splash of lavender and the brilliant rays of goldenrod and wonder how anyone can miss…You…when You shine so brilliantly.

I see You, Lord. Good morning.

The songbirds You rose earlier are already on their second chorus and as I join in the praise, I feel it. Your promises of new mercies wash over me. Oh yes, it’s going to be a great day. For You made it. And I thank You for it.

Each day You have something new for me in These Words I’ve read countless times. I see why they call it Living as they breathe new life into me once again. Please, Jesus, give me the strength to apply it today.

I feel You, Father. I’m ready.

Sometimes life overwhelms. I’m blown back by drama unexpected and I nearly lose my footing when I hear a whisper. A Spirit’s gentle reminder of what grace has done for me. And I pause long enough for my body to catch up to my soul.

I hear You, Abba. Thank You for new perspective.

The day turns to evening. Rays dim to sparkles of light. And as the moon illuminates in a beauty one could never describe, I look back briefly on where You took me today. And in polaroid fashion, I think of the elder gentleman switching hands with his cane to catch a door for his bride. My 4-year-old dancing after learning something new. A note from a dear friend that resonated so deep I still feel the fire within.

I saw grace in action and love win. I saw the power of worship and the strength of community.

I saw You, God. All day long. You. The Invisible One.

Please, remind me again tomorrow…

I’ll See You then…

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Invisible God

by Andrew Peterson

I give You praise,
O Great Invisible God,
For the moon in the space of the dark night,
For the smile on a face in the sunlight.
I give You praise, O Great Invisible God,
For the sound of the storm on the window,
For the morning adorned with a new snow,
For the tears on the face of the old man
Made clean by the grace of the good Lamb.
Invisible God.

And oh, I long to see Your face,
Invisible, Invisible God.
All the works that You have made
Are clearly seen and plain as day,
So mighty and tender.

O Lord, let me remember
That I see You everywhere,Invisible God

In the seed that descends to the old earth
And arises again with a new birth;
In the sinner who sinks in the river
And emerges again, delivered.
Invisible God.

Your power eternal, Your nature divine.
All creation tells the tale
That Love is real and so alive.
I feel You, I hear You,
Great God Unseen I see You
Invisible God.

In the long, cold death that the winter brings
And the sweet resurrection
Invisible God.

How about you, friend? Have you seen Him today? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


22 thoughts on “Invisible God {Let Me Remember}

  1. Dear Nikki
    As I have been following your progress into the Life of our Lord, I cannot help but praise Him for how He has worked in your life. Oh yes, dear friend, that morning cup of mercy, love and anticipation is freshly brewed, as Brabie says, every morning when we open our eyes! Loved this, thank you.
    Blessings to you

  2. Sweet friend – praising along with you! It can be so hard to drag ourselves from a comfy bed, but the rewards are so great! I love these early morning times to fill my soul with joy and praise!

  3. Where is the “Love” button? “our morning cup of fellowship”, what a gorgeous thought. Yes, trying to rise with intention over here, too. Working on my attitude about wishing for the extra slumber, instead.

    • The sleep after the snooze is never restful, don’t you think? We just beg for it to be… I’m thinking it’s time to turn this upsidedown and enter in the Kingdom of grace sooner than later. wanna try it with me, Missy??? 🙂

  4. Nikki, this so beautiful. I have been learning that God is up to something when He wakes me ahead of the alarm and I’m learning to seek Him first instead of allowing frustration to enter in at being woken out of my slumber. How can anyone miss Him? There is something so utterly precious about the early morning hours. I hope if someone has been missing Him, they’ll take your encouragement to wake early and seek some more. Hugs!

    • Oh that is my hope, too! I love how you seize those moments with Him….take the time to see Him…it’s life changing and I pray others would give it a try, too! thanks for sharing with me!

  5. I love that He awakes us and calls us to sit with Him and even though we are miles apart and have never heard words matched with voice… when I sit with Him… I know you are sitting with Him too! I spent the morning stuck on one verse… over and over I sang it out loud… it’s amazing how ALIVE this Living Word can be… Peace and Calm and order shuffled back in to my thinking and His Presence wrapped Himself around me… ah yes, “Hallowed by thy Name.” So familiar… so life giving… so much better than sleep!

    • Even on the cloudy days–He still makes His presence known. So thankful I’m figuring out how to wash the windows to my soul so I can see Him more clearly. Thanks for sharing a part of your day with me, friend {HUGS}

  6. I think we have similar taste in music, love Andrew Peterson! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words of praise, Nikki. Reading it was a sweet spot in my day. To God be the Glory! ~Blessings out, Amy

    • It’s a great song to have on repeat for a day, don’t you think, Dolly? Thank you for your prayers! So grateful to hear miss ‘S’ is feeling better! Enjoy your weekend with your beautiful family, friend! (and so bummed I missed FMF)….

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