The Need of Confession {Telling Our Story}


“Confession is a conversation where we remember that
He is over all and our place is under Him.”
~Kris Camealy, Holey Wholly, Holy

David sinned *big*. We also know he tried to cover it up. Make it go away on his own. Deal with the people affected privately.

Anyone else might have believed the circumstances surrounding the events were just that–circumstantial. People might have even stopped gossiping about it sooner rather than later.

It’s in Psalm 51 we see David knew better. He knew this sin would haunt him until he faced the One it affected the most — the relationship that held his life in His hands.

I recognize my rebellion;
it haunts me day and night.
Against You, and You alone, have I sinned;
I have done what is evil in Your sight.
You will be proved right in what You say,
and Your judgment against me is just.
Psalm 51:2-4

That line used to bother me — Against You, and You alone, have I sinned. Because rarely does a sin only affect ourselves and our Creator.

Until I got to thinking…

We all know it’s sin that separates us, it’s sin that stands in the way between us and glory. (Isaiah 59:2, Romans 3:23)

What I forget is God is jealous for me. He’s after me. Me alone. He’s not after how I stand in society. How neat and orderly my social circle is. No.
He wants my attention. My focus. My eyes fixed on Him.
He wants my time. My resources. My life devoted to Him.
He wants my heart of hearts. The space that dictates my eternity.
My true breath of life.

And when I sin, I create clutter in my very path. The road He’s already paved with loving, amazing grace. And it becomes exhausting. I lose focus easy as I strive to scale around it, over it, through it. But it’s too *big*. No matter the sin, it’s too much for us to handle alone.

It will kill you if you try.

Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean;
wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.
Oh, give me back my joy again;
You have broken me
now let me rejoice.
Don’t keep looking at my sins.
Remove the stain of my guilt.
Create in me a clean heart, O God.
Renew a loyal spirit within me.
Do not banish me from Your presence,
and don’t take Your Holy Spirit from me.
Psalm 51:7-11

David knew it. Felt it happening. Saw the only way out was with God’s intervention. So he did what any of us should do in his shoes: He bore all. The honest truth.

Truth is, we’re nothing. He’s everything.
Truth is, we’re sinners from birth (Psalm 51:5). Broken from the very beginning.
Truth is, He’s the only solution.

You do not desire a sacrifice, or I would offer one.
You do not want a burnt offering.
The sacrifice You desire is a broken spirit.
You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.
Psalm 51:16-17

And when we get over ourselves and our incapabilities. When we stop trying to do and simply be. When we admit we’re not God but know who is. When we confess before Jehovah Jireh that He is indeed our Provider, and place Him in His rightful place, before us, He’ll clear the path.

Because it’s us He’s after. Not the sin soaked version of us, no. He wants the pure of hearts, the beauty within a broken soul with a repentant heart.

Friends, this is all so much harder for me than it sounds. I’m a lot like David. I’d rather beat myself up over it and deal with it privately. And I’ve even convinced myself that I serve Him best by looking the part of a perfect Christian. That I meet these expectations society places on us.

How soon I forget.

“There is no shame in brokenness. We are all shattered pieces of the body,
just trying to heal up and close the holes that sin leaves behind.
Replacing the darkness with light.”
~Kris Camealy, Holey, Wholly, Holy

What serves Him best is if I point people to that source of light. If I show them how grace is sufficient. How hope lives. Resurrection awaits.

I’m not here to show that I’m holy. I’m here to reveal His holiness.

Admitting my need of His grace to others is a double blessing. It helps me die to self, and bring His glory to life.

Father, break my heart for what breaks Yours.
Starting with me…that You might be glorified through me…

It’s Music Monday. Mind if I share a song related to this?

All the Poor and Powerless

by All Sons and Daughters

To listen to this amazing song, CLICK HERE.

All the poor and powerless
And all the lost and lonely
All the thieves will come confess
And know that You are holy
All the hearts who are content
And all who feel unworthy
All the hurt with nothing left
Will know that You are holy
All will sing out, Hallelujah
Will will cry out, Hallelujah
Shout it, go on and scream it from the mountains
Go on and tell it to the masses
That He is God


How about you, friend? How do you profess He is God? How do you confess your need for Him? I’d love to hear.

NOTE: This is a part of my Lenten series based on my experience through Lent last year and my reading Holey, Wholly, Holy by Kris Camealy this year. You may check out the entire series HERE. I’ll be back on Wednesday. If you’d like to prepare, please read through “Feasting and Fasting” of THIS BOOK as we will talk about fasting. If you do not have this book yet, Kris is giving away FREE PDF COPIES HERE for a limited time! Or you may purchase a kindle or hard copy (highly recommend) HERE.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


23 thoughts on “The Need of Confession {Telling Our Story}

  1. This is exactly what I was struggling with this weekend!! I’m working through the idea that when I sin against someone else, it’s a sin against my Creator, and I need to confess and repeat to Him. Praying constantly that I may be made whole through Him once again!

  2. Dearest Nikki
    How I feel your heart and its yearning between the lines of this post. Yes, my friend, being open and honest with our Pappa brings such freedom and joy, for we know we can hide nothing from Him!! And why should we, for He is the only one that can clean our hearts and consciences of sin and guilt. I am always so encouraged by the woman at the well for she admitted all her sins to our Lord and yet, He didn’t condemn her one bit, but brought her the Good News of Him and the Kingdom of His Pappa.
    Much love, hugs and blessings

    • Oh yes…the women at the well. I wrote my fair share about her last year, she resonates so… Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, Mia. How you bless!
      Love and hugs to you!

  3. I hear you. I write a blog, and I preach in front of groups often…but the most soul-satisfying place for me to share my story is one on one with another person. Often because there are others involved in my story whom I’d rather not “overhear” what I say in a public forum. To openly give witness to all that God has done in my life – it’s a great experience.

    • I’m so glad you said that, Wick. As I just had the chance to speak (which I can count on one hand), and I told someone the best part about it was speaking to those one-on-one about it afterwards! There’s just something to that soul connection… So glad you’re sharing your story with whatever facet is in front of you!

  4. Oh sweet friend… just yesterday I found this quote and fell deeper in love with the One who paid my price… who took my shame!

    “Shame has no power over a person who refuses to hide.” (- Seth Dahl, Childrens Ministry, Bethel Church.)

    Of course – it goes perfectly with this post… strength in weakness is what we’re called to… it’s what we’re offered!

  5. True confession is life changing and there’s no shame in that. Only glory. We’re so loved and taught so much when we listen. Beautiful words and song as usual girl! ~ Love out, Amy

  6. Nikki,
    I so understand this. Shame has held too much power in my life, for so long, and in the harder seasons’ has fought hard to hold me back from claiming the grace, through my confession. Christ is the overcomer though and I am SO grateful for His gentle but sure mercy. I turn and turn to Him over and over, and he lifts my chin and encourages me to let it go. Thank you, I love sharing this journey with you.

  7. “I’m not here to show that I’m holy. I’m here to reveal His holiness” THIS!!!

    Oh how we people do the same things over and over. I spent so much time hiding and letting shame control me. It’s funny how we convince ourselves we can “hide” from Him. We try so hard to handle things on our own, waste so much precious time. Then just the slightest turn toward Him and He is there waiting for us. Loving us. Forgiving us.

    Thank you for your honest and thought-provoking posts. He is really speaking to me through you. ❤

    • “letting shame control me”…that’s what it boils down to, doesn’t it, Vicki. You think we’d learn that we can’t hide…we’ve been trying since Adam and Eve. and to think–even then He’s been saying the same thing “Who told you you were naked?” ::SIGH::

      So blessed by you joining me here, Vicki. Thank you so much! {HUGS}

  8. Nikki, these words cut right to my fearful heart. The part of my heart that runs scared from the pain of rejection. But, as you so beautifully wrote, “He wants the pure of hearts, the beauty within a broken soul with a repentant heart.”. YES, oh, yes, that is my heart’s cry. This is another “printer” for me. The ones to print out and tuck away in the Psalms to remind me of how it can be applied to life in those moments when I need to remember.

    • I love that you do that, too, missy…print out and tuck away. I do the same thing (not my own, mind you):) So honored to have God use me to touch you…anytime. {HUGS} thank you for sharing this road with me!

  9. Ah, with a “broken soul” and a “repentant heart” (I feel these descriptors today). I’m so glad that God was nudging me to come visit you today. I am so thankful that he longs for me even in my unworthiness.

    And this song is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing it, Nikki.

  10. Thank you for reminding us that we break His heart when we sin…in my study Bible footnotes, about Ps. 51:4, it says that “David acknowledges that his sin was preeminently against God” the footnote is helpful bc I agree with you when we sin, we often also sin against another person, and also ties in with other Scripture about asking forgiveness of God and of others…we ask forgiveness bc we have sinned against God and the person affected by our sin…Thanks for sharing the song…hugs to you, dear Nikki 🙂

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