It’s the Little Things {The Biggest Role There Is}


It’s a question I dread. One that should be easy to answer and yet, I still struggle with how to respond. Do you get asked this, too?

“What do you do?”

There are a number of ways I can reply. And a part of me wants to be comfortable giving the straightforward answer.

I’m blessed to be a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom who gets to teach children, not just my own, in many facets of life.

Even if I manage to get it out that eloquently, I still tend to get the tilted head. The same expression one gives when sympathizing…as if what I do isn’t much. And maybe it’s just me, but it takes all I have within to not go into defense mode.

Why? One can argue being a wife, mother, and teacher are the greatest roles God can give any woman and yet, some days, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

It seems society’s view on status quo can take its toll as the head tilt reminds me I am, in fact, the least of these.

And there’s no place I’d rather be.

I am right where He wants me. Cleaning up spills, picking up after others, washing…everything, preparing meals for those I love, being a help meet, finding what’s lost, educating minds, nurturing souls…

So why do I sometimes feel it’s not enough?

I often get that urge to do more,
be more,
live big,
give big,
make a difference in all the right places…

My husband and I are reading a book together, Managing God’s Money by Randy Alcorn (highly recommend). There’s a section that talks about us fulfilling our roles the way God intended: as servants. It’s hit me hard. And I cannot get these verses out of my head:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?”
Luke 16:10-11

We all know God sees the details of life we sometimes hope to skim over. He knows what happens to the sparrow in my yard all the way down to how many hairs are on my head.

God pays attention. Let me be more specific: God pays attention to me.
Even more specific:
God takes notice of how I handle His true riches:
His children — the least of these.

And do you know what He’s been telling me lately?
It’s the little things that add up to much.

Friend, whatever God has entrusted you with, no matter how little it seems, believe me when I tell you — it’s a big deal.

We all know what He can make out of five loaves and two fish when given wholeheartedly…there’s no telling what He could do with whatever is in your hands.

No matter what comes my way today, I plan on giving it my all.  I can make someone’s day. I can serve another with love. And I can remind myself:

  • He doesn’t need me to rule the world — He’s got that covered.
  • He doesn’t need me to reach a multitude — He’s after the one in front of me.
  • He doesn’t need me to do more, be more — He just needs me to love the least of these. Which He’s fully equipped me for, since that’s what I already am.

Next time I hear that familiar question, It’s not going to bother me. I’ll smile wide and answer it humbly as I think about how God has given me three of the greatest roles ever conceived — A trifecta of trust.

Friends, we are servants to the King of Kings. And in this upside-down Kingdom of Grace, that little title is the biggest role there is.

“If Jesus meant for His followers to rule the world,
then why did He teach them to wash feet?”
Barbara Brown Taylor, Leaving Church

How about you, friend? How can you serve Him today with what He’s entrusted you with? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


26 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things {The Biggest Role There Is}

  1. Nikki, this is an amazing perspective!! There are times when I feel the need to prove that homeschooling and homemaking and supporting my hubs are the best choices to society. But it shouldn’t matter what society says, only what God says.

    I love this thought, “a trifecta of trust”. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    I leave here today, as always, feeling like I’ve just been hugged and blessed.

    • Yes, what is with this need to prove? He’s already proved enough for the both of us…Let’s just be honored to be amongst His trifecta of trust. what do you say, friend?

      Thanks for reading my heart, dear Jamie. {HUGS}

  2. Oooh, there’s that word again, one that is following me everywhere: wholehearted. A good, yet challenging word:) “A trifecta of trust”–love that! I hear you on this post, so much. Just yesterday, a woman at dance class asked me why I decided to homeschool. 🙂 A question I’ve pondered, been asked, and answered SO many times…and I hesitated. I had a huge epiphany about life and schooling over the weekend, and I hesitated to share it, not knowing where she was coming from and how she might respond. Great post, Nikki! Thanks.

    • It’s a heavy word, isn’t it. wholehearted.
      and I hesitate, too! trying to anticipate their reaction first…jeepers…let’s just be proud to be His and claim it like we’re living on purpose for His glory. what do ya say? 🙂 {HUGS}

  3. Nikki, that was the hardest thing to get over when I first became a stay-at-home mom; the idea that this wasn’t ‘as important’. It took me an entire month to realize that being here is a High Calling from God. And I didn’t get the revelation at a Sunday service, either.
    I got it while I was loading up the washer with dirty clothes. Imagine that! God met me in my dingy, basement laundry room, while I was serving my family.

    Thanks for sharing and for encouraging us on this journey 🙂

    • Darlene, I hate to admit it, but I think it took me longer than a month! Love how He speaks to you at the washing machine…my holy ground is at the kitchen sink. Oh this life of service…what a gift!
      thrilled to join you on this journey! Thank you!

  4. Hi Nikki
    Oh, I know it can be so intimidating to be just a wife and mother! When illness makes even that difficult to do, it can be even more intimidating. But then, we can also die to our reputation like our Lord did, cann’t we!
    Much love

  5. Okay! I needed to hear this today… it’s been a rough one and that last line… “Friends, we are servants to the King of Kings. And in this upside-down Kingdom of Grace, that little title is the biggest role there is.” It’s settling like a mantle around me. Thank you sweet friend.

  6. This stirs and convicts my heart, and begs the question in my own life — what are those things, no matter how small, is God asking me to be faithful in? Even considering the myriad of options as a homeschool mama can be daunting. I will take this with me into the closet. Thank you for your beautiful heart.

  7. woah…this hit me right between the eyes nikki! with this past week being very pms filled and cranky on my part…with the girls playing by themselves so i don’t lose it. with my hubby telling me that if not doing school is what it takes to not lose it, that’s what i do…it’s been of of those weeks where God is showing me that this momma job isn’t easy. this raising of 2 precious little girls…this loving of one bear of a man is in no way shape or form easy! i’m starting to see the calling again…
    thank you darling!

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  9. Nikki, you have a gift for encouraging moms and other women to feel good about what they’re doing, no matter how ordinary, how small it might feel. “A trifecta of trust” is a lovely phrase!

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