(in)couraging Homeschool Mamas

A treasured story has been on my heart lately. You know the one simply by their names: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

Do you ever wonder if they doubted their decision to stand firm? I tend to picture them looking at each other for clues on how they were going to respond first before they uttered their own life sentence…

Friend, may I confess something to you? I’m not a homeschooling poster mom. I still struggle. I doubt my capabilities. My decisions. I wonder if I’m giving enough, teaching enough, showing enough, laughing enough. I fear how fast I could fail. How fine the line is between blowing it and getting it right…I mean, it’s my child’s life we’re talking about here.

May I share something else? It sometimes feels like I’m the only one making this decision to homeschool. I’m often the only one I see in the flames. The lot of us is very small in my personal circle of encounters. And when questions roll my way and when doubt creeps in, it’s easy to start feeling the blaze of fire on my heart.

You know what I’m figuring out? No matter the cost of my decision, God has a way of making sure I’m not alone. He always manages to give me a friend to help me see Him clearly. Because He’s always there next to me.

Thanks to social media and the wonderful (in)courage community team, I now can link arms with other homeschooling mamas. Together, we can claim this path God has for us no matter the cost. And if one of us starts to feel the heat, we can encourage to look beyond the flames–help each other see the One we’re walking towards.

Friend, you can too. Even if you’re not a homeschooling mama, there are dozens of community groups to choose from! Check it out HERE!

How ’bout you? Would you like to be my Abednego? Would you like to help encourage other homeschooling mamas alongside us? We’d love to have you.

Thanks to (in)courage, here’s how:

  • UPDATE: This group is now full to capacity. But there are other (in)courage groups waiting for you! Please check them out…

I’m honored to be co-leading this group for (in)courage with some amazing homeschooling mamas. To find out more about us, click the image below.

Please know we don’t claim to have all the answers. We aren’t expecting to alter any of your homeschooling decisions. We simply want walk with you. Encourage you by letting you know you’re not alone. Share Biblical truths to show the solid ground beneath our feet.

How about you, friend? Could you use a friend in the homeschooling fire? We’d love to get to know you. Share some virtual tea as we talk about all things Kingdom related. And if homeschooling isn’t your thing (and believe me, it’s not for everyone), what community group do you see yourself in most? I’d love to hear. You may check out all the groups HERE.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


10 thoughts on “(in)couraging Homeschool Mamas

  1. I love that you are helping to lead such an important group – homeschooling can be a very lonely space some days. I wish I could jump in, but I”m in another group already. I’ll be interested to read what you post from time to time! Blessings to you!

  2. Praying for you guys, Nikki! What a great resource (in)Courage is providing, and I know y’all will bless each others’ socks off!

    And before you know it, you’ll be over in my empty nest group. Enjoy this time with your kids!

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