God Is My Refuge {What Gets You Through}

Matthew 4:4

I was ten the first time Daddy asked me for a real favor. He called me over to his favorite chair. The only Book I’d ever seen him read lay open on his lap. It was there he shared with me what had been weighing heavy on his mind.

He was still a preschooler in his journey of faith and my did he ever want to grow up. He anxiously explained the exercise he wanted to start to aid him in that effort. Then confessed quietly how he couldn’t do it alone.

Could we do it together, he wondered? Could I push him further, encourage him deeper, strengthen his mind so his heart could follow? Could I help him memorize The Word?

Now that I’m grown, I see what he was trying to do here…but, friends, it worked.

The first verse we memorized together was the one that started this desire to begin with. Twenty-six years later, I can still quote it chapter and verse. And I could spend a half-dozen posts explaining what the words have meant to me over these decades, as they have carried me through many seasons.

It wasn’t long before I was up in front of the entire church, quoting chapters in length. And though I haven’t tried in ages, I discovered this week I still could. The excitement grew thin as I hit my teen years. But it hasn’t stopped me from tapping into what was embedded in my heart long ago when I’ve needed it most.

Lately, God has tugged on my heart to pick up where I left off. So when I received an offer to review a new book, and saw the premise behind its pages, I knew I was up for the task.

God is My Refuge

God is My Refuge is a 12 week devotional geared for women faced with trials and difficulties. Let’s face it, friends, that’s every woman on earth. Jesus warns us of this

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33

The author, Kathy Howard, shared in an interview recently that most Christians believe God can help, but many don’t know where to go in the Bible to find the comfort, peace, and guidance He longs to give. God Is My Refuge provides the direction Christian women need to discover, understand, and apply the “ever-present help” God brings.

Friends, I’ve read a lot of devotionals. Most promise to help guide me to The Rock. Telling me they can show me the way to my refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.

But I’ve never read one like this one.

Let me be very clear: Although her take is refreshing, it doesn’t mean Kathy provides a new way. On the contrary.

Kathy Howard sticks to what’s been tried and true and has stood the test of time: His Word. She takes it a step further as she encourages women to guard their hearts with it. To embed their thoughts with verses and keep His Word hidden so when troubles come their way –and they will — they will know in their very marrow where to go to find comfort. peace. shelter in the storm.

God is My Refuge is a 12-week devotional that provides twelve key verses to memorize (one a week) each focusing on a specific trial we all face. Burdens such as uncertainty, temptation, grief, fear, loneliness, illness, etc…

For five days a week, Kathy will provide additional scripture readings followed with a personal illustration and brief commentary. She will give you questions to reflect upon, a prompt to help you pray specifically, and quick tools to help you memorize the key verse.

You all know I only promote things here I fully support. So I have to be honest and tell you I do recommend this book.
  • If you would like to read more about the devotional, please visit Kathy’s website and follow-up with the reviews on Amazon, etc…
  • If you would like to read a FREE sample devotional from the book, CLICK HERE.
  • If you would like to hear how I have personally applied one of the devotions in my everyday life, check out THIS POST.
  • And if you have any questions for me or the author, please let me know. I will follow-up with you.

How about you, friend? How do you guard your heart for troubled times? How do you remember God is your help in times of trouble? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


14 thoughts on “God Is My Refuge {What Gets You Through}

  1. God has been calling me to scripture memorization as well. It’s funny how a verse I memorized when I was 7 years old can flood back into my mind. It’s always been there. His word is so important and you are exactly right……we know God will be there, but having specific scriptures to verify His promises is life-changing. I learned this lesson just this week! I’m doing the Abounding Hope study with the Hello Mornings group and the 2nd day had the verses 1 Peter 1:3-7. Verses 6-7 went straight to my heart and soul. Our suffering will not be in vain…… I’ve known in my heart that God will use the loss of my husband to cancer for good. I know Romans 8:28, but to see this promise in His word just grabbed me and did something amazing in my soul.

    Thanks for sharing! You bless me so! I’m really looking forward to the inRL meet up and getting to know you in person!


    • Oh, Vicki…thank you for sharing with me, new friend. I love how we can feel God’s warm embrace with His Words written before our time, yet not before He thought of us…

      I’m looking forward to meeting you, too!
      All for Him with hugs to you,

  2. Nikki,

    I loved this story with you and your Dad and him finding ways to draw you into habit and burying the scripture deep!! Beyond the competition in Sunday School I have never memorized as a means of allowing God’s word to speak to my every day… Until this year taking on the Romans Project with Ann Voskamp and memorizing Romans 1,8 &11… And already I have noticed a difference. The devotional looks awesome and it is on my list to look for and purchase… So glad to be doing this life with you!!

    • Oh I LOVE that you’re taking on Ann’s challenge! I took on her Mount challenge last time and then realized I had memorized it in my teens and had never forgotten it. But it sure helped me draw it to the surface again… I might need to join in on the Romans one, too…it’s still tugging on me. {HUGS}

  3. Hi dear Nikki
    Oh, my dear friend, what would we do without Him and His Word of encouragement on our journey called life. Your dad was a clever one!!
    I am so glad that you have such wonderful and fond memories of him. The memories one has of your dad, plays a big role in how you perceive your Heavenly Pappa! I can see where your love for your Pappa comes from! Thank you for sharing such a costly memory!
    Much love xx

    • So true, Mia. I was blessed to have my dad as an example. He also was the first display of grace I had ever witnessed. At the age of four, God turned my alcoholic father into His child. I’ll never forget the way my dad’s eyes changed after that…and I savor the gift of witnessing His power first hand. {HUGS}

  4. I love memorizing scripture and encourage my grand kids to do it and say the verses to me. Hiding God’s word in our hearts is so important and I would much rather do it than crossword puzzles or other ways the world suggests for us to improve our brain. The power from knowing God’s word far surpasses any other thing we could do. Sounds like a great devotional book and I plan to read it.

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  6. If we acknowledge God in all our ways, he will be faithful to speak. His Word promises, “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:6). Throughout my fifty-plus years of ministry, I have quoted this verse frequently. Yet, at times, I still don’t mix it with faith.

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