Cherished {Shaping Hearts} ~ Five Minute Friday

I’d like to list it as a hobby:
Just writing.
Without worrying if it’s right or not.
And then linking arms with others who feel the same.
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

Please check out the details below on where you can find this beautiful piece of artwork.

Please click or reference the details below on where you can find this beautiful piece of artwork.

Today, I’m joining others
As we write unabashedly
For five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone:


Sometimes you meet someone who, no matter how brief, leaves an impression on your heart so deep, you just know…you’re a better person simply from knowing them.

My heart considers my great-grandmother. Her hands had seen more labor than most, but you wouldn’t have known it. She’d make sure of that… Once you touched her softened lines of life, you didn’t ever want to let go. She radiated Jesus and I am honored to have been able to sit at her feet.

I was captivated by my hubby the very first time I saw him (but don’t tell him that…he doesn’t need any more leverage). And every moment spent with him is a moment well spent. It’s been over 18 years of moments now and I can still say it without fail: He points me to Christ and offers to hold my hand along the way.

My list has grown twice its size in the last year alone. And still, no one replicates another.

I like to think with each impression, my heart gets closer to the shape it should be.

And when I think about you…YOU who is spending time with me right here right now, I can’t help but wonder…

No wonder Jesus loves you. No wonder He came down to shape hearts. Because look at you…beautiful you.

I can see why He cherishes you, friend. And it’s no wonder He suggested I do the same.


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How about you? Whom do you cherish? Have you seen how He cherishes you lately? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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24 thoughts on “Cherished {Shaping Hearts} ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Perhaps our hearts collect “cherished lines” in the same way our hands become worn, and faces take on “smile lines”. Someday we’ll truly see with God’s eyes….and I think we can begin living as if we do even now….seeing how cherished we are…and proclaiming the cherished-ness of others by our lives. Good reminders, Nikki…thanks!!!

  2. I always so appreciate whenever you share your great-grandmother’s wisdom …Grateful and happy to know you have a hubby who cherishes you…and you, my friend, are a precious gift from God …grateful for you 🙂 So glad you got to go on a date with hubby…Woohoo!

  3. Hi dear Nikki
    Yes, we are blessed when we can learn at the feet of those whose crown is their grey hair. Yet, best of all is to sit at His feet listening as He teaches us.
    Bless you, dear one

  4. How can I NOT click to read with a title like that;) Oh, the things you have taught me, girl. Yours is a message that every heart needs to hear. Sharing this! Love you!

  5. oh I pray that my grandchildren and great- grandchildren say that I radiate Christ! I appreciate your friendship and your post.

  6. How lovely, Nikki! What a great and loving God we serve, who gives us such people to cherish and cling to! They point the way back to Him, yes?

    I have been cherished this morning in my quiet prayer time. A great way to start off my day!

  7. If there were a LOVE button at the bottom of this post, I’d click it. I heart your heart for encouragement, Nikki. And oh, that line about our heart getting closer to the shape it’s supposed to be with each cherished impression… that one will stay with me.

  8. Got me at the first line… I am better person simply because I met you.I feel that way about you Nikki!! I had to laugh though about the hubs…no need for any more leverage! Haaa mines is like that too, but I cherish every moment I have with him.

  9. Oh, how I cherish you ~ your kind heart, your honest speech, your love for HIM and how you care for us, those in your cherished circle of friends, readers.

    Thank you for giving words of truth day after day, week after week. You honor Him as He cherishes you:)

  10. Honestly – as much as I missed being at the FMFParty last night – when I saw this prompt I couldn’t write fast enough just so I could come and see what you wrote my friend! (You did not disappoint!) I cherish you and your gift of stringing words together that pull on my heart! My small group is going through Ann Voskamps DVD series and this week we are reflecting back on our Eucharisteo Mentors… I love to look back and see how God has brought people into our lives to speak life and be love and show us how to be the same! May our childrens’ children say the same of us that you do of your great grandmother!

  11. I had a great-grandmother, too, whose hands held me close and who wrote me long letters in tiny loopy cursive. She would painfully, with care, cut and paste photos from magazines she knew I would love, as a little girl. She would annotate the photos and make booklets, bound together with yarn. It makes me so grateful, remembering how she loved me, how she made me feel cherished and adored. Thank you for your beautiful words here, Nikki, as always. And thank you for your heart reminding me of the gift of my dear Grandma Ethel and God brought her into my life and how she shaped me, with her love.

  12. You did it again, Nikki!! YOU truly radiate Jesus’ love- your great grandma would be so proud! The line- I like to think with each impression, my heart gets closer to the shape it should be- is just so beautiful. Love that God brought you into my life- your words and your heart are such a blessing!

  13. So beautiful, Nikki! I am so moved by your mention of your heart getting closer to the shape it should be. Made me think of the potter’s wheel story in the Bible and how God continues to mold and to shape us into what He’s always planned and intended for us. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  14. I am always filled with such gratitude after visiting your blog, Nikki. I am so blessed by you, your beautiful words and your heart, which is filled with His love.

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