The Calendar {Our Space to Create}

Cem ~ Greg Abel Photography

I stare at the empty squares until they blur from one to the next. We’re already days into the Calendar and yet, mine sits empty. Waiting to be filled out and hung where I see it most.

And it’s so crisp and clean and I’m trying to convince myself the only reason I don’t want to fill it out is because it’s time-consuming and mundane.

Yet a part of me just likes the view. With nothing to see but the image above…

Last year, I ended up with a calendar that had delightful pictures and wonderful Bible verses to focus on each month, but the squares were super small for each day. One thing listed and my day would look full. I grew to like it. Then, I grew to write in code so I could fit more on…

But the pictures…I never got over them.

This year, I found one that took my breath with each page. The images displayed captivated my soul as I saw beauty in the simplest of earth. If one can call the creation of this planet simple. Like we could even begin to comprehend how intricate a rolling hill covered in snow really is.

My heart has been lingering on this verse lately and I’m not sure why.

You are the Lord, You alone. You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them; and You preserve all of them; and the host of heaven worships You.
Nehemiah 9:6

To think. The same One who made all that we’ve ever known…The same One who designed universes we have yet to fully understand. The same One who conceived a place of no mourning or pain…is after me.

Even the one blessed to be the Host of Heaven sees He is worthy of our praise.

And as I look at glory filtered through light grazing these landscapes captured. As I fill these squares below, determining my everyday, may I never forget.

2013 has beauty to behold. Each day, I can make a point to capture the very essence of Him. Lingering on His face should remain my number one priority.

It is I who gets to create the atmosphere of worship. Me alone.

I hang the calendar up just as it is. And I’m certain I will fill some days with pertinent information. But for now, I’ve seen all I need to see.

I’m His. He’s mine. And His glory invades if I create space.

How about you, friend? How do you focus on His face? How do you create an atmosphere of worship in your everyday? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


Linking with Emily and the beautiful Imperfect Prose family.
Today’s topic was: CREATE. Stop by and see what other hearts have created.

18 thoughts on “The Calendar {Our Space to Create}

  1. Emily, thanks for stopping by Three Way Light. Your blog is beautiful; I particularly like the banner photo with the birds. How do I create a place for worship? In very small chunks of time and space…I work full time as a Teaching Asst. in a Special Ed program and tho’ we have no kids at home any more life is full with many things. “His glory invades if I make space.”

    That’s it–whether it’s worshipping under my breath at recess next to the swings or praying in the Spirit or in song in the car. He. Is. There.

  2. Dear Nikki
    This morning as I woke up, I was thinking of the earth as we know it as a creation within an eternity … Pappa’s spiritual Kingdom. Who knows what awaits us there when we go home!! We can just imagine the absolute magnificence!
    Much love

  3. You may know by now my love/hate relationship with Bossy Lists and filled-in Day Planners… calendars and a full life… and yet – the glory of an empty square… ‘free time’ that is full of potential to truly bring freedom! My soul cries out YES! I have learned to make time – to create space… to even pencil in time set aside. I too (shocker, I know!) use worship music to set an atmosphere that calms my spirit, slows my breath, and invites Him in. I count on, with Ann and so many others, making my own lists of thanks, of gifts already given. I pray – out loud, under my breath, in the spirit, with understanding, with others, for myself… at all times, prayer is coming off my lips and thanks pouring out of my heart. Well – maybe not at ALL times – but that is the goal! I set an atmosphere on purpose in my home and then invite others in… oh how I wish we could sit across from each other and create an atmosphere for us and Him together!

    • My neck is nearly sore I was nodding along with you so much here, Karrilee:)
      You know this by now–we are kindred. I’m with you every step of the way here, friend. Thanks for sharing with me!

  4. I do not feel the necessity to create an environment for Him, Nikki. He has created that environment in and as me. I delight in abiding in Him, in all ways, all the day through. Part of this delight that He leads me to, is coming here, spending time with you.

    • I feel like I need a disclaimer and say I didn’t come up with that. . . It’s stuck with me from that song I shared last week — Fall Afresh — and I’m not going to let it leave–I love it, too!

      Praying His glory invades your week, friend. Love and hugs…

  5. Looking for the beauty that each day holds and finding it in the glory of His Presence throughout all creation. He is my everything and all my calendar really needs to hold is time alone with Him. Loving Him with all my heart and soul and mind yet, He also wishes us to fill those spaces with love for others. Love and hugs to you, Nikki.

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