Fall Afresh {A Challenge to Slow}


I’ve always thought of it as a downfall. It’s been a character trait I’ve tried to change. But I can.not.help.myself. If someone tells me something is not possible, I see it as a challenge to make it happen.

You can probably guess, so I’ll simply tell you, I’ve learned to be okay with failure. At least I tried.

This one, though…this one is too important to me. I will not fail. Even if it takes the rest of my days…I must slow them down.

We all say it–the years go by faster and faster. Time flies. Where did the time go?

No more. There has to be a way to experience each day fully so I don’t wonder where it went. What’s the point of going through life in a daze? And please know I’m not talking about productivity, effectiveness or time management. I’m talking perspective. A sense of fullness. Completeness.

I’m talking about seeing Him every day. Spending moments with my Savior throughout the day.

For a day with Him is a day well spent.

Sure time may fleet, but there’s no reason I can’t use it while it’s here. If I don’t, my years become watered down — each one running into the next. Isn’t is safe to assume we’re leaving some form of richness out of our everyday when that happens?

Friends, I’m going to capture it this year. I’m going to slow down and see Him in my everyday moments. And let Him fill me. No more running on empty.

This one I think might be possible. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about my Savior, it’s this:

He longs to fill us to overflowing.
Yet, He loves us enough to wait until we realize — it’s Him that we want.
And friend, all we have to do is ask.

Fill me, Lord. Blow through the caverns of my soul and fill me to overflowing with Your love. Wash over me, Father, with Your grace. Renew a steadfast spirit within me. So I can live this day for You. Living God, let me see You today. Holy Spirit, help me use this gift of time to its fullest potential. For Your glory, Lord, for it’s all about You…

You all know music speaks to me where words can’t. In my attempt this week to live out my One Word and slow things down, I plan on starting every morning with this song. Just for a week. We’ll see where that takes me. You’re invited to join in or improve upon my plan.

I’m going to ask Him every morn to fall afresh on me… And do you know what? He’s already said yes (Lamentations 3:21-24).

Fall Afresh

Bethel Loft Sessions feat. Jeremy Riddle

Awaken my soul, come awake
To hunger, to seek, to thirst
Awaken first love, come awake
And do as you did, at first

Spirit of the living God come fall afresh on me
Come wake me from my sleep
Blow through the caverns of my soul, pour in me to overflow
To overflow

Awaken my soul, come awake
To worship with all your strength

Come and fill this place
Let Your glory now invade
Spirit come and fill this place
Let Your glory now invade

Spirit of the living God come fall afresh on me
Come wake me from my sleep
Blow through the caverns of my soul, pour in me to overflow
To overflow

Subscribers, CLICK HERE to listen to the song that will carry me through this week.

This is going to be a great week.

How about you, friend? How will you try to seize today for His glory? How might you invite Him in each morning? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


39 thoughts on “Fall Afresh {A Challenge to Slow}

  1. I love this song!! I was singing a different one after I saw the title of your post…this one is brand new to me. Walking along with you trying to place Him first in all things!!

    • First, friend, stopping by on your vacation…thank you! How you bless…
      You were singing the old hymn, weren’t you. I sing that, too! But this new(er) version has just captivated me. So glad I could share it with you! {HUGS}

    • Oh yay! Love introducing new music;)
      You read my heart so well, friend. I need that prayer every day or more, too… {HUGS}
      thrilled you stopped by and shared with me. thank you, Mandy!

  2. Nikki , so much of the same thoughts I have been feeling! Thanks for sharing. I am reading The Travelers Gift. What a great book on those ideas. Hope you can read it sometime if you haven’t! Have a blessed day!

    • Thank you, Bev! I remember you were reading Andrews, but couldn’t remember the book. I’ve just requested it from the library–thank you! Loved the start to my morning, it has been a blessed day;)

  3. Lovely! I’m trying to do the same, make the most of each day, by doing and filling time. I have come to acknolwedge I waste a LOT of time, so I’m going to try to not do that. 🙂

    • Oh so true. I can waste time with the best of them… I used to think it took energy to not waste time. Now I realize it’s really just discipline…which really comes from a passion to do what’s right. And I can’t think of anything more right than to want to be with Him…see Him. Can you? Here’s to striving!

  4. I dreamed about this very idea. That life is only worth the living if it is LIVED! Not observed, missed, or even seized. Lived.
    Praying for you (and me) as you slow it down and see it!
    Loving you dear.

    • I wonder if our dreams were similar, Shannon! It’s turning into a recurring one for me…
      Love that…not seized..just lived. so true. Here’s to living, friend. Let’s do this thing!
      Love and hugs, friend.

  5. Oh that song is beautiful! I’m praying that the Holy Spirit fills me to overflowing so that everyone I encounter will be touched by God’s love, compassion and grace! Thank you for your encouraging words and for sharing such a lovely song. May your week be bless dear friend!

  6. I was also singing the old song from the past…Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me…and hearing this new version just aids in this plea…I also waste too much time like Stacey said…oh so much wasted! I’ve always been stubborn and contrary…my goal is to submit my will to His. I’d much rather be overflowing with His will than with my own….even though my actions don’t indicate this…it is my goal whether I cooperate or not. Why would my contrary self NOT want to cooperate??!! LOL silly human…

    • Oh we are so kindred, Donna! I’m as stubborn as they come, I’m certain:)
      We can do this, don’t you think? Let’s take one day at a time. in fact, let’s just plan on every day just this week and see where that leads 🙂 {HUGs}

  7. LOVE love love this my sweet friend! So powerful and true! It reminds me so of the chapter on Time in Ann’s book one thousand gifts… to live FULLY… in the moment… to be PRESENT and mindful of His Presence! Yes – that is the cry of my heart as well! (And it goes without saying really that ANY song out of Bethel is on my Favorites list… this entire album greets me most mornings lately… and sets an atmosphere for Him to come. Well – He is always here… it sets the atmosphere for me to wait! I will be joining with you this week and beyond! Come fill us Lord… fall afresh!

    • I should read that chapter again, Karrilee..you’re so right. To be present and mindful of His presence. YES!
      thank you for joining me on this journey, friend. Let’s wait on Him this week and allow Him to fill us! Afresh!

  8. Beautiful, Nikki. I just read Holly Gerth’s post about “God-sized Dreams” and this was the perfect complement. That’s the perfect song to start the day, and I have no doubt God will use it to stir your heart each morning.
    Hugs to you 🙂

    • I read Holly’s post, too…yes. so good! I must say–this morning went really well with the song. my son kept asking me to play it over and over and we even had a dance party. perfect way to start the week!

      thanks for sharing Monday with me, friend. Hugs to you!

  9. A day spent with Him is well spent. No truer words than these. I appreciate your heart and your desire to grow deep into Him. Love the lyrics to this song. Music speaks what our heart can’t put into words. Beautiful, friend!

    • Thank you, Christina! I’m just now figuring out that I can have days with Him any day. Even at the kitchen sink, in the laundry room, in the grocery aisle…:) Yes…today was day well spent! Hugs to you!

  10. Nikki, your words wash over me, a gift from Him. I just returned from meeting with a group of women–all hearts aching to slow, to savor these days. And I will point them to your heart’s prayer and His truth He speaks through you: “He longs to fill us to overflowing.
    Yet, He loves us enough to wait until we realize — it’s Him that we want.
    And friend, all we have to do is ask.” I will join you friend, in this prayer, and in the sining of my heart this song. I am pushing “play” now. It is the song I listen to when I run, with Him. . .and I will listen to it this week to begin my mornings, too. Love to you.

    • If I remember right, Jennifer, it was you who first introduced me to this song! is that possible? I attribute you to so many of my favorite songs…:) Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing this journey with me. Your heart radiating Him encourages me so. Let’s keep asking…each day for Him to fall afresh…. Love and hugs to you!

  11. Dearest Nikki
    You have given voice to the yearning of many, many a heart. Oh, that sweet yearning, that ever present thirst to taste and see that our Lord is good! Thank you, my friend, you truly have a heart touched by His grace.
    Much love XX

    • Never any apologies needed, Shelly. You’re in my heart, too…and I’m enjoying praying for you when I crack open my “Jesus Calling” you gifted me with! I’m really enjoying it, thank you.

      Praying with you…for eyes open wide…

  12. This post really spoke to my heart and I’ll be praying with you, “Holy Spirit, help me use this gift of time to its fullest potential. For your glory Lord, for it’s all about you. Fill me to overflowing with your love.” Thanks Nikki, love and hugs to you.

  13. Nikki, you always bring me just what I need. Amazingly, God has brought me here (right where I need to be) to a place where I *want* to slow down and take it all in. Thank you for sharing the song. It speaks to me on a very deep level.

  14. Wow, how powerful, you are such a testament to one pursuing HIM, I am with you on learning to experience Him in the everyday, thanks for the reminder, it CAN be done, ALL to His glory.

    • All to His glory indeed, Marie. Thank you for stopping by, reading my heart, and then sharing with me. What an encouragement you’ve been to me — thank you! Let’s turn our everyday upside-down. until we finally see it as right-side-up.

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