How Do You Let Jesus Be Born in You?

Friends, I’m excited to introduce you to Dolly today. What a gift she has been to me. She’s a blogging buddy turned real-life friend that is actually willing to talk to this introverted soul via phone!

Her words warm my heart and make me think every time. Will you please give her a warm welcome?

Dolly–lead the way: 

Are you willing to give up control to your life, like Mary? Your reputation? Your womb?



The first time I heard Francesca Battistelli sing “Be Born In Me,” my heart identified with this stanza:

I am not brave
I’ll never be
The only thing my heart
can offer is a vacancy

This touched me as I thought of how brave Mary was to give up control of her womb to God. She let the Spirit implant His life in her (Luke 1:26-38).

She first opened up her heart, then her womb to Jesus. In this most intimate surrender, she gave control to God without knowing the final outcome. Such trust.

And before my head agrees
my heart is on its knees
Holy is He
Blessed am I

Here, she was an unwed pregnant teenager, and she would still be, when she gave birth to Jesus.

Mary gave up control over her relationship with Joseph. She trusted God to smooth things over with her betrothed, Joseph.

Can you imagine Mary telling Joseph that she is still a virgin but an angel told her that she had been chosen for the honor of bearing the Messiah? And now, she is pregnant. Honest.

If I was Mary, I might have tried to explain the unexplainable to Joseph. But Mary did not.

When Joseph learned Mary was pregnant, he intended to quietly divorce her. Then an angel of the Lord told him, in a dream, to not be afraid of marrying her because the Child was conceived of the Holy Spirit (Matt. 1: 25).

She didn’t try to manage or control other people’s perceptions of her. What would her family, friends, and village think of her? Even years later, there were rumors of Jesus being illegitimate.

If it is hard to be an unwed pregnant teen today, it was at least a hundredfold harder 2000 years ago. In Israel during Mary’s lifetime, it was socially, and culturally unacceptable to be an unwed pregnant woman.

Yet Mary didn’t let other people’s perceptions control her. She fully rests in God’s control of the situation.

I wonder, if she figured, since she was carrying the Messiah, He could begin saving her now by taking care of her problems.

After all, these problems came as a result of her open surrender and obedience to God’s will. This tells me I can expect some bumps in the road when I obey God.

Nor did she demand that God give her a five-year plan. She gave up any illusion of controlling her future. Her humility and trust leave me breathless.

Yet Mary’s story also reveals a joy and love is born that makes her surrender worth all the struggle (Luke 1:46-55).

I’ll hold you in the beginning
You will hold me in the end
Every moment in the middle,
Make my heart Your Bethlehem
Be born in me

“Be born in me, Jesus” is my prayer this Christmas.

Whenever I have given up control of my fears to Him, He has birthed new courage to act despite my fears. As I reflect on all the new experiences and friendships God has birthed because I said “yes” to blogging, Twitter, and recently, to Facebook and Instagram, I am amazed.

Over the past several years, as I struggled to give a few painful relationships into His hands through prayer, God birthed a new peace in my heart. Of course, I still have difficult moments, but His presence and peace are showing up more and more. Grateful.

As I surrender control, He surprises me by filling more of my heart with Himself.

Nothing is impossible for you, Dear God.
I want all of Your Love,
Your holiness,
Your compassion, and
mercy to be born in me.

How about you? What phrase struck you as you listened to “Be Born in Me”? How have you experienced Jesus being born in you? What is an area or relationship that you can surrender control to God?

Thank you, dear Nikki, for the honor of being invited to guest post. Your friendship, prayers, and Spirit-filled words bless me richly, and so many, as you point to Him.

Thank you, dear reader, for being part of my journey to Bethlehem this year.

An idea for going deeper: I recommend listening to “Be Born in Me” while reading the lyrics on the video, then listening again with your eyes closed. After listening in this manner, write down what struck you.

Don’t edit yourself. Just free write, then read. See what God shows you.

Dolly @SoulStops

About Dolly:

God’s beloved child,
wife, mom to sweet girl, writer.
Lover of time alone with God, her family, and friends.
Passionate about prayer,
and making a difference –
one small thing at a time.

Feel free to connect with her at,
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33 thoughts on “How Do You Let Jesus Be Born in You?

  1. Thank you Dolly, good to “meet” you today here in this pretty place! I’m enjoying settling into the season. I’m actually not writing this week Nikki. I’m feeling prompted to let my Christmas post linger… What a beautiful thing to pray and ask God for… birth yourself in me this season more and more. Thanks girls! 🙂 ~ Blessings out, Amy

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  3. Beautiful lyrics and your thoughts are inspiring too, Dolly. I love the line, “She first opened her heart, then her womb to Jesus.” I want to have that same openness and trust. You’ve blessed me again, my friend!

  4. wow…two special people together in the same space…two for one 🙂 thanks for this…Just this morning it was pondering Mary…and thought how God “impregnates” us with seeds of truth…and how like Mary…I want to sit with a trusting heart…pondering them in my heart…letting them grow…and not to give a premature birth…letting these seeds not grow to full maturity in HIm. and may we an empty space of He can fill us with Himself. Blessings to you …and to Nikki…((hugs))

  5. I agree with RO Elliott, two amazing people in one place…wasn’t expecting Dolly here when opening this email! 🙂 Great truths and great encouragement. I’m praying with you Dolly, for Jesus to be birthed in me this season. Blessings and hugs to both of you dear friends! 🙂

  6. Love this! We can learn so much from Mary’s life and the way she responded to her circumstances, the way she let go, and the way she let God be in control. Beautiful, inspiring words. Thank you, Nikki, for inviting Dolly to share. You both are gifts.

  7. I want a heart that is willing to trust, despite the consequences. One that won’t demand or expect rescue or tries to plan and plot to a smooth life. Thanks for sharing this and encouraging my heart this Advent.

  8. Even as a guy here….I love this part of the Christmas story as well. I pray that if God asked me to obey in some outrageous way – that I would join Mary in offering myself to Him. I think this road of adoption we find ourselves on is definitely one such “asking”. But I believe there are even more asks on the horizon….a lifetime of them at least. 🙂

  9. Hi Dolly, oh this brings tears to my heart. The only way to receive Him is to surrender every moment of every day in complete dependance, fully assured that He knows best! He can birth Life only in an empty womb surrendered to Him without any pretense. Thank you!!!
    Hugs XX

    • Bless your tender heart, Mia…I appreciate your reminder of how He can birth life only in an empty womb/heart…such a gift from Him to be able to trust like Mary did…Thanks for sharing your insights, and hugs to you 🙂

  10. Dolly, it’s great to see you here! I hadn’t ever thought of Mary quite this way, so humble and trusting, and the crush of negative opinion and gossip that must have crashed down upon her. Thanks for the sweet video and words today!

  11. I wrote something God showed me about Joseph on my blog on Dec.7th and his sacrifice that you did not mention here…yes, much to learn from Mary, but she actually was not an unwed pregnant teen for long…Joseph just didn’t have relations with her until after Jesus was born, but he took her as his wife right after the angel appeared to him in a dream… see NIV (Matthew 1:24-25) and he took her with him to the census required by Caesar Augustus which means that they were married otherwise Mary’s life would have been in grave danger…shunned would be the least of their problems.
    What touches me about the song is “I’ll hold you in the beginning, you’ll hold me in the end.” I always wonder what Joseph and Mary thought when they layed their eyes on Jesus. Thank you for your insight today.

    • Thank you, Dionne, for taking the time to share your thoughts…I will try to check up on my facts re: timing: I understood that Joseph remained betrothed to Mary, which for them was binding like a marriage….Thanks for sharing what touched you from the song; the part you picked makes me think of how mind boggling it was for Mary give birth to the Messiah, who would ultimately save her…Wow.

  12. So good to be reminded that when Mary said yes to God, she had no idea what would happen. Just because the story is so familiar to us, I think we need that reminder that she had no assurances of how things would be. All she had was a faithful God and his promises. And, so do we. So lovely finding you over here, Dolly.

    • Likewise, a treat to find you here, Nancy…Mary didn’t know much more other than she would bear the Christ Child, later Simeon gave her so more information….but she had enough because as you pointed out, she knew God would be faithful to His promises…blessings to you 🙂

  13. “And before my head agrees, my heart is on its knees…Blessed am I!” Thank you, Dolly for introducing me to this lovely song and beautiful thoughts. Oh to have a trusting heart like Mary’s. To wait patiently and quietly for the LORD to make things right. and trust with eyes of faith knowing God is in control. May we all grow in faith like Mary’s this coming year. Love and hugs to both you and Nikki.

    • Thank you, Joy, for sharing which stanza spoke to you…I am always blown away when I contemplate Mary’s trust in God…yes, may we all grow in faith…for the grace to do so…Isn’t Nikki a dear to invite me to guest post…love and hugs to you 🙂

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