The Wonders of His Love

Sung words affect me in ways that said words do not.
Where sermons slide off, hymns sink in.

~Barbara Brown Taylor, Leaving Church

Although I try to have said words sink in, too, you get the picture. It’s true for me. Songs bury themselves deep and percolate within…

So, this Advent season, I’m sharing the phrases of treasured Christmas Hymns that have refused to let go.  You may find other posts similar HERE.

And this one has been burning in my heart for weeks already:

“The wonders of His love…”

From the cherished hymn “Joy to the World”

I recall talking about this hymn last year, when I was focused on preparing Him room (post HERE). It seems now that I have prepared Him room, I need to reflect on His love…

I’m not done pondering but wanted to share my raw thoughts with you because I LOVE the conversations we have in comments and on Facebook. You help me work through these things faster than my mind ever could alone…Thank you.

Here’s what I’m thinking so far:

Do I wonder about His love? I’ve always had it, though I’m completely clueless as to why it was given to me.

But like Michael Yaconelli says in Messy Spirituality:

God’s love may be unfair,
but when His unfairness includes you and me,
who wants to argue?

When considering the context of the song, I realize we’re not wondering why He loves as much as how He loves. And it’s not a wondering as much as a contemplation of how wondrous His love really is.

Which reminds me the very thing I need to tell myself often through Advent:

It’s not about me. Or you. It’s about love coming down on us, for us, because of Him. It’s about His capabilities to love relentlessly. Unconditionally. Further, deeper, higher, fuller…

Friends, that’s worth pondering. The mystery of His love.

Human love will always be a faint shadow of God’s love.
Not because it is too sugary or sentimental,
but simply because it can never compare from whence it comes.
Human love, with all its passion and emotion,
is a thin echo of the passion/emotion love of Yahweh.
~Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel

And when I sing this joy of a hymn, I realize something: it should feel new. Every glorious morn should invoke wonder.

The discipline we have learned alongside Ann in looking, seeking, making actual note of God-given gifts…friends…it reveals His love. It makes it personal.

Not a day goes by He doesn’t lavish upon you and I in a new and glorious way. Oh I pray we all slow down enough this Advent Season to see those secret moments. Meant for just us and our “Secret Admirer”.

Because when we see them, we become consumed with joy…an aftermath of His love. And you’ll want nothing more than to

Repeat the sounding joy by sharing His joy with the world!

How about you, friend? How has His wondrous love revealed itself to you lately? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


15 thoughts on “The Wonders of His Love

  1. Hi Nikki,
    Oh, I love the work of Brennan Manning ang Mike Yaconelli.
    Our Pappa’s love is beyond comprehension and I have found it totally different from the ways of the world. It is complicated in its simplicity….so free people are wary of accepting it….beyond my infinite mind to comprehend. For me it is best just to live in it. You would love the book of Wayne Jacobsen, “He Loves Me”.
    Much love XX

  2. I was totally overcome in worship Wednesday night. Being all my kids are young adults – between school, work, and ministry it is rare when we are all together.

    But Wednesday — they were there. My son leading worship, my youngest daughter in tears as her heart is broken for human trafficking victims, and my oldest brought her boyfriend for the first time.

    It was a moment. Not just a mommy moment, but a holy moment I’ll never forget!

  3. The wonder of how Love came down to earth for you and me has certainly been on my mind and in my heart this Christmas season. When I hear the beauty of His amazing love sung about in hymns and see the beauty He created just for us in a glorious sunset or a smile and feel that love in a child’s hug, I am filled with joy that I want to share with others. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts on God’s love. Blessings full of love to you my friend.

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