Wide Eyed Wonder ~ Five Minute Friday

This is the post each week
Where I join a community of grace-filled wonders
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

And we write unabashedly
For five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone.

This week’s prompt:


I nearly burst as I see his eager eyes offering to soak it in. And am blown away at what a difference a year makes. As I reach for my trusty Storybook Bible, he whispers:

“No, Mom. Don’t read it. I want to hear you tell it to me.”

My heart warms as I push doubt aside and breathe in deep, inviting Him to lead the way.

We start slow and steady as He primes my heart. And I let it all go as I share the story impressioned on my soul years ago.

His eyes grow wide with each point told. My eyes pool with pride or love I’m not quite sure, but doubt there is a difference now.

I let the space of silence grow at the end as he picks up his thoughts left along the trail. And when our eyes meet again he asks me what’s been weighing heavy:

“Mom, what did the shepherds do with their sheep when they went to go visit Jesus? They didn’t leave them behind, did they?”

Grace wins right then and there as I wonder if my 4 year-old heard more than my words could muster.

No, child. Not one sheep is ever left intentionally. The Good Shepherd always keeps watch. He sees you and will pick you up along the journey if He has to.

Don’t worry, son. He’d even bring you to Bethlehem. Room or not, He’ll always make space for you.



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Please know 5 Minute Fridays will be taking the month of December off. But I’ll still try to post now and again. Trusting I’ll have 5 minutes here or there where I can write without a prompt…

How about you? Is there a part of the Christmas story you’ve ever wondered about? What do you delight most in the Wonder of the Season? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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30 thoughts on “Wide Eyed Wonder ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. I so love when you share these moments with your little man. So sweet. So thick with Jesus friend. Love you and that lovely loving momma heart of yours. Blessings.

  2. Oh, I so love M’s heart and how God always gives you just the right words to say to him, and then we get to listen in, and get blessed…Yes, so grateful, He is a good Shepherd, who never ever abandons His sheep…love to you ๐Ÿ™‚ Praying you have a restful weekend with your two sweeties ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What a precious child. I love how their 4 year old minds work to measure the weight of each word as the story is told. And what a story! Thank you God that He never leaves a single one behind.

  4. amen. just today I was reminded that my Father who is the shepherd loves the one lost sheep as much as the 99, and then to read this…
    Peace, good, and abundant blessings upon you all this holiday season. So glad you came to visit me for FMF and gladder still I came to receive the blessing.

  5. Gotta love it when our kids pick up on elements of a story we’d never quite considered…and God uses that moment to reveal His heart to us in new ways. It’s a great reminder that “these moments” with our children are so much more than just “discipleship for them”…God is transforming us as well. Thanks for sharing….

  6. Girl, this brought me to tears! Seriously. Thank you for sharingthis sweet moment. Those are the things I still wonder as an adult and the answers the I already know bring comfort and more clarity o who my God is. What I craved as a child was what things really looked like. Was it a barn or a cave? How man wisemen were there really? How old was Jesus when the wisemen got there? How our children grow us and teach us about God is amazing!

    • So true, Kristin! Those wide eyes of a childlike faith put me to shame some days! Love how you’ve kept the curiosity alive in you! Thank you for sharing with me. Hugs to you and have a great weekend!

  7. Oh Nikki
    This fills me with wonder, the innocence of a child. You know what, I think our Pappa will especially make a special place for your little one.
    Bless you, sweet friend.

  8. That word “wonder” gets to me and reminds me of what a relationship with God is about. Beautiful sharing sister as always. Happy Friday! ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ Blessings out, Amy

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  10. Feeling so blessed this morning as I think about how the Good Shepherd always has time and room for us. Knowing that even when I wander away from His path, He will come looking for me and lead me back. Have a blessed weekend with your love ones!

  11. Oh Nikki, the sweetness of this time between the two of you. How tender. My middle one will be eighteen tomorrow and I am shaky, not believing so much time has past. I can see the four eyes in their locked sweet grace-filled gaze, yours and his under the loving eyes too of The Shepherd. Oh sweet one, I look forward to walking through Advent with your words. blessings… e

  12. Beautiful community here. Gathering around you to uplift and celebrate His goodness with you. That makes my heart smile. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonderful post. I’ve missed talking with you. May your week continue to be filled with wonder and love.

  13. Once again… your words paint such a gorgeous picture for us all to gaze at and like a great artist, your painting makes us feel like we are invisible, yet invited in to the room with you! So thankful He doesn’t leave the sheep behind! Treasure these moments of story time… you will reflect back to them more than you may think! โค Blessings, my friend!

  14. Nikki, you’ve got it going on with that little guy. I love how they think and the way their innocent questions bring out so much truth that’s hidden from the “wise”. Simply beautiful girl!

  15. Beautiful, beautiful words, my friend!! The Shepherd… I’m beyond grateful He leave any ONE of us behind. He’s attentive, loving, caring and selfless. What a Father!!

  16. Girl – you always seem to bring a tear to me. His words “don’t read it, tell it!” What a treasure in time. Praying my heart fills with that much wonder –that I’m eager to listen and soak up precious moments.

    I’ve been missing all my #FMFparty gals. Hope to be back to a normal routine this week. You have blessed me dearly during the release of Graffiti. Thank you always!

  17. “There’s room at the cross for you!” Love this post!!! Oh how our little ones as the best questions! Have a fab day dear.

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