STAY ~ Five Minute Friday

This is the post each week
Where I join a community of grace-filled wonders
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And we write unabashedly
For five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone.

This week’s prompt:


His squeals of delight never get old. We run up and down chasing wind currents I’m hoping aren’t imaginary. Trusting one of these passes our dreams will take flight.

We proved that day what glory sounds like: a ripple of nylon in the breeze…

I wanted nothing more than to let out the string some, lay on the top of the hill and watch our handiwork dance. My four year-old had other ideals on how you keep diamonds in the sky.

We skipped circles in the crunchy grass, changing courses with each rotation, when finally the flight came to an end.

He dropped his arm to his side, string still in hand as he said “Oh mom, I wanted it to stay like this forever.”

I’ve never agreed more.

My Savior and I have had this conversation before. And those mountaintop moments will always be my favorite. As I dance in unabashed praise, arms raise as if I’m holding hands in the sky. With glory so sweet I can taste His goodness.

Then life blindsides. Courses change. Grass browns. And I long for what once was.

But as soon as the breeze touches my face, I remember. When I choose to raise my hands again, I feel it.

Yes, son, we’ll have to put the kite away for this next season. But I promise you we’ll have this moment again soon. And we’ll keep having it for a thousand forevers. You’ll see glory again.

After all…He’s promised.




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34 thoughts on “STAY ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Nikki, This line jumped right off the page at me! “When I choose to raise my hands again, I feel it.” Joy is often a choice. maybe it is the season of life i am in right now, but choosing to climb those mountains, while painful, are the most rewarding. If we can choose joy in those struggles it makes the wonderful kite flying all the more joyous. Thank you for this image.

  2. oh, there is nothing like a child’s delight is there….I hold onto His promises of glory moment by moment when I remember His promises, or read them, or listen to music, or when I see His beautiful creation in a hummingbird… hugs to you, and praying you have a glorious weekend with your sweeties, Nikki 🙂

  3. Oh, yes, choosing to raise our hands. Your faith, Nikki–your hands outstretched, knowing the promises, clinging to it with all that you are. . .just stunning, friend. . And you and your little guy–such a beautiful picture. Thank you for the glory of Him you show here.

  4. I love how He shows us how much He loves us in the moments with our children. Those moments where our hearts are about to burst and overflow with such joy. Thank you for sharing your moment today friend. Love you much.

  5. Don’t ya just see God all the time in the most routine mothering moments of kites and scraped knees and lullabies and sticky fingered hugs. I just love seeing how you see God, friend. The way God speaks to your mama heart, I just love it, friend. We will see glory again. YES!!

  6. I know the purpose of this is to inspire, but I keep thinking of the time this last summer the girls and I tried to fly a kite and the wind whipped so fiercely that it would never stay up for more than 2 minutes before diving back to the ground. And how that too, is an analogy for life. But I like the end of yours better because he does promise. Someday we will fly for more than 2 minutes.

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  8. i kept thinking of the “let’s go fly a kite… up to the highest height… let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring! up to the atmosphere, up where the air is clear…” this was such a beautiful memory and such a beautiful metaphor…

    thanks for this beautiful reminder of one of God’s many promises.

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  10. Oh, my… Powerful words, Nikki! I’ve read this over and over: “Then life blindsides. Courses change. Grass browns. And I long for what once was.
    But as soon as the breeze touches my face, I remember. When I choose to raise my hands again, I feel it.” I’m so thankful for the breeze…

  11. I don’t know how you bring tears to my eyes in just “five minutes” every single Friday – but you do! So beautiful! “We proved that day what glory sounds like…” – yep – you got me early in! ❤ (Somehow I totally forgot about #FMFParty and so now I have to wake up for real and go write something!)

  12. I read your words, here, and smile. There are, indeed, so many other ways to make diamonds dance in the sky. And, I cling to each promise of Glory in whatever form it comes. Especially, when seen through the eyes of my sweet kidlets. Thank you for sharing the gift of your words, Nikki!

  13. Hi Nikki
    I just love the comparison of your relationship with your son with ours and our Pappa. It makes it real! Something with skin and bone kind of thing! Thank you for allowing us to spend a little time in childhood again!
    Bless you, dear friend!

  14. Thank you for reminding me of that promise, “to see glory again for a thousand forevers.” What a glorious day you must have had with your precious child and I agree with you, I just want to hold onto these moments forever. Love and hugs to you,

  15. One of my favorite ways to see Jesus is as him running alongside me as I attempt to fly a kite (something I have never done, by the way. Never seem to get it up high enough to soar!) He is applauding me, he is encouraging me, his eyes are shining into my eyes saying, “I believe in you, Julie.”

    Thank you for managing to recreate that for me, even though your writing was about something completely different…. well, pretty much different. :~)

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  17. “But as soon as the breeze touches my face, I remember. When I choose to raise my hands again, I feel it.” It is a choice, isn’t it? Choosing today to lift my arms and remain in His presence.

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  19. So absolutely beautiful! I just love the image of you lifting your hands up in joy, not only in love for your son, but with love for the Son. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

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