Quiet Breeze of Grace ~ Five Minute Friday

This is the post each week
Where I join a community of grace-filled wonders
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

And we write unabashedly
For five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone.

This week’s prompt:


I’ve been praying it for weeks. Aching for it to be my own:

“You, O Lord, will give me all the attention I need
if I would simply stop talking and start listening to you.
Give me, O Lord, that silence.
Let me be patient and
grow slowly into the silence in which I can be with You. Amen.”
~Henri Nouwen, A Cry for Mercy

It seems I need these words most when the world is so loud I can’t hear my own voice. I close my eyes and whisper them into the dark. Then I wait, palms outstretched, for Him to come rescue me.

Sometimes the silence never comes. And I pray louder for patience instead.

But I think I’m beginning to see now what Henri had discovered long ago.

The world will always be loud, but that doesn’t control my heart.
My Savior and I are the only ones who hold the keys to that.

A quiet heart. Yes, that’s where true silence is found.

Father, this residence within me, I give to You.
Rearrange the furniture however You’d like.
If there’s something in here that is not to Your liking, let me know.
I’ll throw it out.
Please, may I come by for tea? Often?
We don’t even need to discuss anything.
I’ll just sit in the quiet
and feel Your gentle breeze of grace upon my face…



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Simply striving,


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41 thoughts on “Quiet Breeze of Grace ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. I thought something similar this morning, as I brought the eggs in from the backyard, frustrated at cleaning out the chicken box in the cold. I felt like God was saying, “stop huffing at me, young man….I’ve given you a discipline here that brings quiet, creation care, and obedience”. Gotta remember to receive it as the gift of grace it can be. (ps. I love Nouwen.)

  2. Oh friend I long to have a cup with both Him and you tonight as I read your sweet words. Love that His grace has flowed for me often in the quiet these days. And that you painted that picture with your words tonight. Thank you for sharing, but even more than that…thank you for your friendship that you have offered me. Blessings and much love.

  3. Ah yes. I find that I have to fight for quiet spaces. I’ve even taken to carrying around earplugs..no joke because sometimes I NEED to quiet my soul but the noise can be deafening! This is precious Nikki, Love it,

  4. Dear Nikki
    Those of us with chronic illnesses’ diets consist of our Pappa’s God’s quiet grace. Without that we cannot thrive spiritually, but I think that is true for everyone. Thanks, it is beautiful!

  5. ” If there is something in here that is not to your liking, let me know. I will throw it out.” Pondering and praying this question. It takes more strength than I want to admit to throw some of this stuff out. Thank you for the push.

  6. Oh Nikki, it’s been too long and I find myself at a loss for meaningful words. Can I just come and sit with you too? I’d learn to love tea for a gentle breeze of grace. It’s all we really need anyway, right? More of Him.

    • Sweet friend, you are heavy on my heart and yet I’m bursting with joy for you! So proud of you showing up so God can work through you.
      Just close your eyes and breathe Him in. Over and over if you have to. You’ll feel it soon: The gentle breeze of grace.

      Love and hugs to you!

  7. Sometimes the silence never comes. And I pray louder for patience instead.
    The world will always be loud, but that doesn’t control my heart.

    These two lines are so beautiful and speak to where my heart is now. Thanks for writing this.

  8. You’re bringing a tear today with these words: if I would simply stop talking and start listening to you.

    That’s what my souls longs for. I just want to listen, to hear!!!

    I’ve been missing you. Hopefully I’m caught up and back in the swing of things. LOL

  9. Nikki, quietness and peace flow from your words into my heart, and suddenly I know what I’ve been missing all these long weeks of travel. It is the rushing sound of going from here to there and back again and the busyness of life that is in my way of connecting with My Savior. I’m so glad He and i “hold the keys to that.” You are a blessing to me and so many!

  10. Nikki, I understand this: “Sometimes the silence never comes. And I pray louder for patience instead.” Oh, my heart!! But I love what you said after, “A quiet heart. Yes, that’s where true silence is found.” Ahhh… good words! May He take “residence” in us today! Beautiful words, friend!

  11. Such an ache that I share with you. I so appreciate words by Henri Nouwen, and these are no exception. And, oh, to feel that gentle breeze of grace! Love love love this Nikki!

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  13. You know how much I love this, Nikki– the first thing that came to mind was this:
    This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it. Isaiah 30:15

    I discovered this verse last spring and it cracked me over the head something fierce. I know precisely what you’re talking about. Love you. XO

  14. Yes – I adore this: “The world will always be loud, but that doesn’t control my heart. My Savior and I are the only ones who hold the keys to that.” Like Jesus…finding quiet in the wilderness. Love it.

  15. Good afternoon from Maine Nikki. I love the soothing, slow words you were able to share. Thank you girl. I’ve been meaning to pick something up from Henri? Maybe, I’ll start with this one you mentioned. Have a God inspired weekend friend! ~ Love, Amy

  16. Ha! I posted a foggy picture with my FMF, too! I just finished a Spiritual Disciplines class at church, and one of the chapters was on Silence and Solitude, two things that had been seriously lacking in my life. We tend to think we aren’t being productive if we aren’t BUSY, but that isn’t entirely true. I’m finding that it is in the quiet times spent focusing on God that my strength is renewed and I am re-energized to do what needs to be done for the right reasons, and not out of selfishness or guilt.

    • Oh so true Nancy,
      I read a spiritual discipline chapter this morning before I read FMF. The chapter was entitled Be Quiet..
      Yes my strength is renewed but also my peace.

  17. Hi Nikki,
    Dropping by again to visit from QUIET. mmm lovely. You chose a simliar picture to mine – too funny. I found the quiet this morning before I read Lisa-Jo – that is too funny as well. God’s leading … all the time.

  18. Thanks for your comment Nikki, it was so nice.
    Your 5 minutes is so good and true.
    Just this morning as I worked on some writing instead of reading Psalms and praying I shake my head that I continue to contradict my own heart by the insisting doing my own thing instead of doing what I really need, to do those other things better.
    So hard to be still, to be receive His quiet.

  19. Hi dear Nikki
    I am very late in catching this bus, but better late than never.
    What joy when we discover Mr Nouwen’s secret! I have come to the conclusion that it is one of those common sense things that truly is screaming in its absence. I love his writing to!
    Hugs to you, sweet friend

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