Hallowed Be Thy Name {Thoughts on Halloween}

He’s nose deep in his children’s dictionary.Β  The one his grandmother gave him. I can almost see his inner wheels spinning wildly as he stares long at the page in front of him.

I’ve learned not to interrupt; to speed the lesson along. And I savor the gifts my Savior often brings as a result. Today was no exception.

“Mom, what is so holy about Halloween?
And what does ‘holy’ mean, anyway?
Why don’t they show that word here?”

The towel goes limp mid-fold as I scramble to slow the room down. Clearly I missed something.

“What do you mean ‘holy about Halloween’?
Where does it say that?
Can I see your dictionary, please?”

His defenses rise as he tries to explain his train of thought. How he knows you can put two words together sometimes. And there they are, together in the dictionary…like they used hallowed to make Halloween…

“Don’t ‘hallowed’ and ‘Halloween’
look like they go together?

Hallowed…or holy…Halloween”

My eyes won’t leave the page. I can’t get over it and have no idea how to respond. Patience thins and he bends inward to search my hazels for a clue. His eyes twinkle when our gaze finally meets and I see Christ right then and there.

I can barely breathe. And feel like I’m nearing the word that follows…

Out of words, I tell him honestly: I have never thought about this before. These words have never been connected to me. Until now. And I will never look at Halloween the same.

So I remind my four year-old what I’ve told him all along:
Holidays are what you make them to be.
And I will do everything I can to
make Halloween hallowed for him.
Why, we might even integrate the word listed above…

His excitement grows as I show him where to find holy. A few pages following and in his heart. I could burst as he begins to mention every name of God he knows. And catch myself doing the same.

Knee deep in laundry…nose deep in books…my boy and I…we find holy.

A Hallowed Halloween.

It’s then I hear His whisper. The lesson He had for me.

You see, I used to think God showed up where and when you least expected Him to. As if His presence was a random event. Like today.

That’s not true.

He’s been here all along.

Intertwined in every moment.

He’ll prove His name Hallowed any day of the year.

Even on Halloween.

On earth as it is in Heaven…

I just need to invite Him in.

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Friends, this is the day the Lord has given.
Let’s not forget. Let’s live it out.

No matter the celebration plans, let’s invite Him in.

I can feel it already. It’s going to be a Hallowed Halloween.

How about you, friend? How will you honor His Hallowed Name today? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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55 thoughts on “Hallowed Be Thy Name {Thoughts on Halloween}

  1. Great post! We were always taught about “All Hallow’s Eve” so I have always connected holy and Hallowed…but yes, you’re right….He is Holy every day….even the days we might think are not. πŸ˜‰

  2. Nikki, this is lovely. I can picture this unfolding. I love that connection between “hallowed” and “Halloween.” We’ve talked before about “All Hallows Eve” and its connection to All Saints’ Day, a day to remember all the saints who’ve gone before us and to be grateful for their example which led us to Jesus. But the very literal connection of “hallow” in the two words is lovely.

  3. Beautiful story..I love your son’s idea. Actually Halloween started because back in the day it was thought that evil spirits were lurking about on Oct 31 so people started dressing in costumes so that they could fool the evil spirits and be left alone. In the Catholic Church Nov 1 is all saints day and in many Latin American Countries The Day of the Dead was for remembering and honoring loved ones that had passed away

  4. We celebrate All hallows eve as an extension of All Saints Day… My kids trick or treat in their saint costumes and our Pumpkins are saint-o-lanterns. In the catholic church all big feast days begin the evening before. (Just like Christmas Eve) “Saint” is derived from the latin ” Sancta meaning Holy. In America, we have inherited the old English term “All Hallows, or All Holies day. Anyway, we can remember the saints as our roll models who lead us to Christ by their examples. Ture Heroes!

    • Thank you so much for filling me in, Lori. I talked about this with my boy today partly because you took the time to fill me in! Thank you…

      (and my boy wanted to dress up like his dad…his hero…so I still have some work to go on explaining saints to him, although in my mind, he’s close) πŸ™‚

      • You are welcome. Sounds like your boy is indeed close! I hope I didn’t rant too much, I was just feeling how much I dislike when society hijacks Holy days. (Christmas and Easter are in danger too) i use to ignore Halloween altogether and just celebrate on Nov 1st All Saint’s day. But i realized that I could use it a teaching moment and to evangelize to others. We don’t like to see people dress in evil costumes because it really invites evil in. We had a great response to my kids saying Happy All Saints day as they trick or treated. One house asked each of them about their saint and most of the rest would say it back to them! I am just going to imagine a day when all children are roaming the streets dressed as holy people and remembering the Hope they have in Christ! God Bless you!

  5. Priceless! This is one you can tuck away in your heart to bring out again and again, this was truly a “Moment” in the space between breaths where the Holy Spirit bridged between you two. I so love how amazed we are when we realize He is here, Always Here.

  6. It is true: He is always there and we need to invite Him in, and I am so grateful for how you keep inviting Him and us to see how He makes every moment holy …what a smart and wise boy, your M….hmm…like his mommy…love and hugs to you πŸ™‚

  7. love it. LOVE IT! πŸ™‚ don’t you just adore how babes show you new things EVERY single day?! πŸ™‚ my chiklets are playing w/ playdough. earlier they were playing w/ their little electronic gadgets and the youngest needed help, i look over and my oldest is teaching her. πŸ™‚ Yes Lord, Hallowed in every moment! πŸ™‚
    have a fab day!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this holy. Hollowed. Halloween from your home. How sacred. How honored. I am to be share this day with you & your son. I love how the meaning of this day has been transformed for so many through the sharing of this experience! To God be the Glory! A treat, indeed!

  9. That my friend is an awesome example of a “Teachable Moment” and so often we think those only happen for the little ones. Hmmmh it’s just like God to use those littles and their questions for change our own hearts. Truth be todl, in all of my conversations on halloween with my kiddos, we never really “went there – hallowed”. Nice work Friend…the writing and the mama-ing. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! And I never would have went there, either. But am so thankful He pushed me there…Oh how He loves me. stubborn me… πŸ˜‰

      What a gift this parenting gig is! and they think I’m here to teach them….. ha! πŸ˜‰

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  11. Our kids seem to walk us right back to the Cross again and again. Its not that we ever left, its that they walk us right to the foot of the Cross where we see fresh and new and radiant Him right in the middle of our messy living.

  12. Halloween is a heathen feast and Christians should take distance from it. β€˜hallowed’ and β€˜Halloween’ do not go together and the ghosts people want to celebrate have nothing to do with the God Almighty who is Spirit.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read a bit of what life looks like for me. I’m not sure my message came through loud and clear for you…
      and that’s okay.

      What I’m taking from this experience I had with my 4 year old is this: This is the day the Lord made. And He is worth celebrating 365 days of the year. It’s worth finding a way to show He is hallowed. Even on Halloween. And I’m certain there’s a way to do that for all of us that doesn’t involve ghosts or anything others might attribute to this day.

      I’ve enjoyed finding our own way today to Praise His Hallowed Name and hope others try to do the same.

      • Yes we do need to praise the Most High every day and should take care that His Name shall be Holy and known all over the world. Therefore as many people as possible should make it that God’s Name: Jehovah, shall be known in as many places as possible. That is also one of the tasks God His son Jesus (Jeshua) has given to his followers, we as Christians should follow up.

  13. What a sharp little fellow you have on your hands, he will keep you on your toes for sure! Amen~ to that He is in everything, even Halloween, regardless of how people wish to handle it. Blessings!

    • Alecia, I’m so thrilled to “meet” you today! Thanks for stopping by.
      And yes…this parenting gig sure puts you on your toes! And they think we’re here to teach and guide them….ha! Love how God works πŸ˜‰

      Let’s visit again sometime soon! Hugs to you!

  14. What a blessing you are Nikki girl! Thank you, for sharing this story with us here… my family has been blessed by God tonight, as yours has as well. God is so good to us, His children for bringing His beauty out of and into any day. The message is so strong in your final picture… I’m pinning it too. ~ Love, love, love, from Maine sister.. Amy

    • Oh I’m so glad to hear your family has been blessed tonight, too. Thank you, friend. I thought of you as I was trying to make that picture…yours look like you did them with such ease! I have a long way to go but am so glad you’re here encouraging me along the way! Love and hugs to you, Amy girl!

  15. Nikki, I’m so glad your mind was changed about writing on Halloween. This was beautiful, and simply because you and your boy “wrote” it together. Without him and his amazing curiosity, this post wouldn’t have come into being! Loving you more each and every day, Sherrey

    • Exactly, Sherrey! There was no me in this post really…I just showed up. And I’m learning that’s all I really need to do. God seems to take care of the rest πŸ™‚ Love and hugs to you, friend!

  16. You hit upon something (with the help of your Assistant Holy Spirit/son!) that we press too much importance on allowing days to have smaller meanings than the larger Life they are meant to represent. This is just another way we as Believers can insist on taking back territory the enemy has snatched right under our noses! No, not simply by having “alternatives” but by living intentionally in the midst of every moment. And pity the person who believes we have only to do this with October 31st because one of the most “Un-holy” celebrations has steadily been chipping away at December 31st and Resurrection Sunday as well. It’s the same spirit of anti-Christ. YES…every moment is a “hallowed” moment if we step into and wear it intentionally. LOVE this.

  17. Nikki, what a beautiful post on a day when most folks’ thoughts are clearly not directed to the hallowed One we choose to follow and serve. I love the way you brought it all into focus for us, and pass along my thanks to your boy for asking the question in the first place. πŸ™‚ You and your writing always bring me joy!

  18. We walked into this large group of which we had heard so much, but had never attended. From the vestibule we saw a placard on the corner of the far wall reading, “Easy Does IT”. We turned left to park our coat. We turned back and there on the other corner of the same wall was a twin placard reading, “First Things First”. Then facing to the front of the room, high above the platform we saw in the largest letter of all, “But for the Grace of God”. Then as our eyes descended, there directly on the front of the podium was another with four words, “Honesty, Unselfishness, Purity and Love”.

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