With Every Breath {A Call for Love}

The white screen stares blankly as I prepare my posture of praise. The cursor, beating to the rhythm of my soul, anticipates the words to come.

Both eyes instinctively close as I listen to the familiar hum. And my heart whispers what it has since the beginning of this space:

Here I am, Abba.
Please lead the way.

Still the journey varies.

Sometimes words flow downstream, each one adding momentum for the next. Other times they fight their way through loud currents; driving rain of doubt beating hard with every keystroke.

I’m nearing my one year anniversary here in the space. And I’m beginning to see why He’s asked me to lay my heart bare for the world to see.

Friends, this whole time I’ve thought I was doing this for Him. Submitting to His calling for His glory. When really, I’m doing this for me. It’s for my benefit.

You see, when I bend low, grow vulnerable, reach beyond my comfort zone, I find Him ready for me with arms open wide. It’s there I realize:

I’m falling in love with Him more and more every day.

And He’s showing me that’s what this journey is all about. As I run to His open arms and accept His undeserving grace, love overwhelms.

  • Worries melt under the warmth of His face.
  • Fears fade in the light of His grace.
  • Pains dissolve with a simple touch of His hand.

This space helps me focus on His face. I pray I see Him clear enough to paint a picture for you here. May every brushstroke reveal glory. May every post portray a portrait of the One who first loved me.

My mornings have become captivated by a certain song lately. And I wanted to share the lyrics in hopes they resonate with you as well.

Every Breath ~ Gungor

Every breath
Every moment life beats in my chest
Springs up from Your hand
Creation resounds
With every color and every sound
Your love is calling

I will love You with all of my heart
I will love You with all of my mind
I’ll love You with all of my strength
Love You with everything

Every breath
Every moment life beats in my chest
Let my life praise You

I will love You with all of my heart
I will love You with all of my mind
I’ll love You with all of my strength
Love You with everything

Here I am Lord
All I am Lord
Here I am Lord
I am Yours

Friends, may you hear His love calling you today.

Will you join me as I strive to love Him with everything? Praise Him with every breath?

Let’s be His today. At His beck and call. With every breath resounding praise.

Subscribers, CLICK HERE To listen to this beautiful work of art.

How about you, friend? How do you focus on His face? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


24 thoughts on “With Every Breath {A Call for Love}

  1. Hi dear Nikki
    Oh, how my heart amens your words. I know our Pappa wants me to write a post on a certain subject, but I know is going be a groaning one, having to stay close to heart and being completely still so that I can hear His still small voice whispering His words and heart through my pen! Well, all for His glory alone.
    I loved this post, thank you!

    • Prayed for you, Mia, as I read what lies ahead for you. Yes. All for His glory indeed. Oh what He can do through you!

      Thank you for sharing with me today, Mia.
      All for Him with hugs to you…

  2. Good morning sweet friend! What a blessing it is for me to read your words today! Such a promise of the works that He has started and yet to complete in each one of us. Praying for you today as you strive towards Him!

  3. Oh so true! It’s amazing how acts done for Him benefit us. He takes our gifts of praise and returns it in abundant spiritual blessings. Like the fish and loaves of bread. Not only that, but through your worship, it blesses me too!

  4. Nikki, the resonates so deeply with me. Writing is much this way for me too, and the painting is becoming a part of that too. As I abide in Christ, and I hear, I process in pictures and paint and then words. This was so centering for me this morning. Thank you!

    • Annie, I’m so thrilled to have you stop by today. Your handiwork brings pure delight. I am in LOVE with your new etsy shop!

      (Readers, feel free to check her out here: http://besmallstudios.com/)

      Thank you for sharing how you process as you abide and hear. I understand that completely. Where you see pictures, I see a music score…

      Love and hugs to you, Annie!

  5. Yes…blogging does help transform our hearts…changing us…freeing us…so we can receive His love…be lead by His spirit…running free into His arms of love…I love hearing your heart…your love for Him is felt and seen here…blessings to you~

    • Who knew there was such freedom in being open? I sure didn’t and am so grateful for how He has shown me that here in this cyberspace.

      So blessed by you, Ro. Thank you for stopping by today, friend.

    • If I were a college music professor, I could easily write an entire semester’s syllabus using Gungor as the resource. From theory to varied mediums..they cover it all so well. Love them… 😉

      Thanks for sharing time with me today, friend!

  6. Love the song, love seeing a little of what our awesome God is doing in your life, sister. I’m so blessed by you. Keep walking… ~ Love from Maine, Amy 🙂

  7. “Falling in love with Him more everyday,” It’s amazing how every color, every sound brings thoughts of His grace to mind. What a beautiful gift He gives us each day we come to know Him better and love Him more. Sweet Nikki, I am praising Him with you today.

    • each day is a gift, isn’t it Joy. And when we live with that realization, wow…love abounds.
      Thank you for joining me in chorus, friend. So blessed by you! (and I’ve been meaning to email you…I did do a follow up…I’ll email you soon)

  8. He is so gracious…He gifts you with writing, and He blesses you with His love as you write, and we are blessed as you exercise His gift to you…Praising Him with you today for His love…hugs to you, friend 🙂

  9. OK… first off…I’m not really sure how it is that you keep crawling into my thoughts and rummage around and speak my heart – but there you go again!?

    Secondly – Gungor is AMAZING… girl, we could totally hang out!!!

    I LOVE to seek Him through soaking and worship… then He ‘speaks’ to me in pictures… and from what I see and hear… I write! Sometimes what He speaks or unfolds in picture, I tend to want to hang on to it… to be stingy. I want it to be all mine for a little while… but it’s not too long until I want to share the Love and revelation or new perspective gained with anyone and everyone who will listen… or read! ❤

    So thankful for your willingness to bend low… to hear… and to share!

    • My friend Tammy says Gungor is going to be the house band in Heaven. I knew there was a reason I’m so excited to get there! 😉

      And we are kindred. I was just telling someone today I tend to hoard what I hear…I forget listening requires participation, too…

      Am loving getting to know you, Karrilee. Hugs to you!

  10. Hey Nikki…I really feel like I know you. Wish I lived next door and we could share this stuff together because it’s so real for me and I’m just so blessed by you and what you’ve shared here. Aslan is on the move…in each of our hearts and –for reals!

  11. i love that you are so very real. 🙂 don’t you just love how letting HIm guide our everything…how He provides healing and freedom through words?!
    love you chika

    • so true, Shannon, this letting Him lead. Why does my stubborn self fight this abiding stuff so much…because in the end it works out for all of us 😉
      I’m learning…and am enjoying having you along my journey. Hugs to you, girl!

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