Prepared for the Journey {Jehovah Raah}

She asked me how I’ve been and waited for an honest answer. Right then and there I knew I had been given a gift:

An open invitation to spill my heart.

There was a time I would have shrugged this gift aside, but not today. Not after all He has done for me. Not with her and all she means to me. No. This I must do.

I must crack open my heart and invite her in.

I dug deep into my sack of emotions and looked for the common thread. There I saw anguish, mourning, worry, stress, even fear. But none of them were repeat offenders and the realization of that made me stop in my pacing tracks. I was stunned to see what was most common.

There, laced throughout the hurt, was peace. Joy. The realization of redemption.

“I’m honestly doing well. Sure it hurts and it’s not what I would have wanted, but nothing’s changed: I’m His. He’s overcome. I’m well on my way Home. And I get to be a part of His glory. Friend, I’m beyond fine  — I’m blessed. For I’ve found the peace that passes understanding.

The receiver turns silent and how I wished we had skyped instead. Then I hear her exhale of relief and reply:

“So you’re under The Shepherd’s arm…I’m so relieved to hear!”

Later that night as I dwelled on this discovery, I thought of her words…I’m under the Shepherd’s arm…and quoted out loud, slowly, the chapter in Psalm we all associate with our Jehovah Raah — Our Shepherd.

Friends, I’ve had it memorized for decades and have missed it all these years. And now that I know, I can’t get over it.

Oh how He loves me.

I couldn’t go on. My heart was stuck on

He makes me lie down…He restores my soul. 

And I saw it. Again and again.

Oh how He loves me.

You see, this last month has found me fearing, worrying, grieving, losing, aching, and just down right begging for Him to call us all Home.

It was more than I could handle alone. But I didn’t have to. For He knew this was coming for me. He knew every obstacle I’d have to climb over to get to where I am today. Friends, He knew and took action.

He saw my road ahead
and prepared my heart for it.

He made me ready for the journey.

That’s My Jehovah Raah…My Shepherd.

When I think of the month previous, I see all the moments He let me rest and soak Him in. He truly did restore my soul before it was tried once again…

Oh how He loves me. 

He knows what I need and how to deliver it. He sees my path ahead and determines the best way to conquer it. What’s more — He walks along side me and encourages me. Pushing me along when I’m being stretched. Picking me up when I’m too hurt to continue. Holding my hand when I need to linger long in the moment…

Thank You, Jehovah Raah. I’d be a fool not to join Your flock and follow. For I was once lost…and now I’m found. Rescued. Redeemed…Never alone. David was right. I don’t need a thing when I have You…

I pull open The Message to read this Psalm with a new voice…and I pray:

God, my Shepherd!
I don’t need a thing.
You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
You find me quiet pools to drink from.
True to Your word,
You let me catch my breath
and send me in the right direction.

Even when the way goes through
Death Valley,
I’m not afraid
when You walk at my side.
Your trusty shepherd’s crook
makes me feel secure.

You serve me a six-course dinner
right in front of my enemies.
You revive my drooping head;
my cup brims with blessing.

Your beauty and love chase after me
every day of my life.
I’m back home in the house of God
for the rest of my life.

Psalm 23

How about you, friend? How has Jehovah Raah shepherded you lately? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,,


Note: This is a part of my Names of God Series. You may find others HERE.

38 thoughts on “Prepared for the Journey {Jehovah Raah}

  1. Sweet, precious Nikki! This is salve for my heart and soul. How is it we forget the most basic of our learnings about Our Father God? How we forget those simple words? Thank you for the reminder that no matter what we’re walking through, “Oh, how he loves you and me!” Music to my ears. How about yours?

    Loving you from here,

  2. Oh my friend – the joy and peace in your words! I can hear your contentment and grace through the screen – I am so glad for you that you have found your rest, your shelter, your joy!!

  3. how has Jehovah Raah shepherded me lately? He gave me you to walk with me through a similar valley. He is so good. I only wish I could have been the help you needed as much as you have been mine, dear cousin. 😦 But I praise God and thank Him for the incredible family that is gathered in this place…within your blog. It is with absolute certainty that I say that I believe one of the reasons He prompted you to start this blog a year ago was to build this amazing community of encouragement and support to surround you during this walk through the dark valley. Oh how He loves you, Nikki. 🙂 May the Spirit continue to envelop you with His peace today and in the days to come.

    • Thank you, cousin. And you have been a beacon to me more than you know! I love your thoughts here…how He’s been preparing me for a long while. I wouldn’t put it passed Him! He’s kinda crazy about me and the feeling is mutual 😉
      Love and hugs to you, dear one. You shine so bright…

  4. The 23 psalm is what I always come back to during difficult times. So loving is our Father and Shepherd to give us peace and joy during our trials. To restore our soul as we walk in His presence. Blessings to you Nikki as you walk with Him.

    • Thank you, Joy! Sometimes, you say the words so much they tend to soften too much…as the edges grow worn from water beating on them for years. At least for me. So glad He has given me a clearer vision to see the promises found here! What a gift!

  5. I’m smiling because, God is who He says He is… and He’ll do what He says He’ll do for those who Love Him! You just proved that to each of us reading! He’s so good! “under His arm”… I love that too. I’m going to ponder that for a bit. Your joy is contagious sister! ~ Love from Maine, Amy 🙂

  6. Oh, Nikki, isn’t it so good to be in His care? Jehovah Raah spoken sounds beautiful. Jehovah Raah felt? Incredible!

    Thank you for always using your words to direct me to Him. You are so precious to me!

  7. Thank you for this post. My family has been struggling for many years now. As we have walked through the desert, storm, trial, fire and water, God has been there the whole time, never leaving nor forsaking us. His love is so rich and so pure and all I can be is simply in awe.

    • Jayne, I’m so sorry to hear it’s been years of an uphill road for you and your family but can’t help but praise Him for never leaving your side! What a gift to behold that…to live out His promise…
      awe is a great word to describe it.
      Thank you for sharing with me today!
      All for Him with hugs to you,

  8. This is beautiful…I love the picture with the verse…and oh yes…how He does love us… always taking care of us. thanks and blessings to you~

  9. Having a God-incident here…I just read Psalm 23 this morning…Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart again…how encouraging that He has you under His arms, and you are able to see where He has given you rest and a chance to catch your breath…love and hugs to you, Nikki 🙂

    • I love that, Dolly! Love it…
      I read this Psalm last week and haven’t stopped reading it in multiple translations lately. Kinda anxious to share my post about my thoughts on the words “Even When…” have you thought about them before? wow. A warning and a promise rolled into one!
      Love and hugs to you, friend. Thank you so much for the email–I will respond again shortly! Yes, we do need to chat some time!

  10. I’ve never read PS 23 from the Message, but isn’t it beautiful! I’m with Dolly – having a God-incident with what I read from Jesus Calling this morning about resting and finding peace in Him.

    As for shepherding and leading, you’ve heard how He shepherded us through Belize this past week! He is amazing and is always one step ahead of us!!

    Hugs to you, sweet friend, and thank you for praying for us!!

  11. It’s an important thing to remember, even as I continue to “grow up” as a parent/shepherd of my own “sheep”….that I never will l “grow out” of my role as a sheep along with them… our mutual Father/Shepherd. Great reminder. 🙂

  12. I feel like He is shepherding me daily, on a path unknown, yet He reveals just enough to get my heart to skip a beat or two. I can’t believe how He’s transformed me and I’m in awe of where I believe He’s taking me. Your words here are beautiful and filled with a heart of worship.

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