Reversing the Rat Race ~ Five Minute Friday

Can I share something with you?

Sometimes, I just want to write
Without worrying if it’s right or not.

Would you believe I’ve found a place that offers me that kind of grace?
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

So I will join others and write unabashedly
for five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone:


It never ends. From the rise of the sun to the moon’s final descend, we fight it: Time. We wring it dry, trying to savor every drop and lay our heads on the pillows wondering if we succeeded.

Something about this makes me wonder if we misinterpreted this gift of time…

Is it just me? Are we too busy?

Busy is a four-letter word now widely accepted.

And excuses are busy’s cousins.

Friends, I want out. This race is not for me.

I wish I remembered where I read that if we’re too busy to spend time with God, we’re busier than He intended. Oh how that makes me cringe as I think about how many times I’ve let busy’s cousin in to reason with my lack of time for Him.

No more. I’m taking Him up on His offer and trading in that four-letter word for a better one: REST.

Yes, I’m letting go and letting God…

So my child may not become a black belt. He may not be a pianist savant by age thirteen. We might miss out on a few fun things…

I might not even get 3 blog posts done some weeks. And I might miss out on a few fun things…

But I can assure you, friend. I’m not missing out on Him loving me. I’ll be taking my time in the pool of grace. Trying to wring it dry. I’ll show my child how to stop and see His gifts all around. For that’s where true joy abounds.

Friends, I plan on savoring long whatever the time right in front of me holds. And thanking Him for each moment it brings. So when I lay my head on the pillow each night I can not wonder but know I’ve spent this gift of time well.

This upside down Kingdom of grace is one I signed up for. I’m going to start living like it.

Let’s reverse this rat race! Who’s with me?


What keeps many of us growing is not sin, but speed.
We lose God in the blurred landscape as we rush.
We don’t struggle with the Bible, but with the clock.
Michael Yaconelli ~ Messy Spirituality


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How about you? Will you trade in some busy for rest? How do you? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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77 thoughts on “Reversing the Rat Race ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. I am so WITH you, my friend…I’ve heard that quote before about being too busy, and sorry, I don’t know who to attribute it, too… love the quote:”What keeps many of us growing is not sin, but speed.” If we’re rushing, how can do what the psalmist says about God’s words to us: “Be still, and know that I am God.” Praying you have a most blessed and restful weekend with your sweeties πŸ™‚

    • I can’t tell you how long I searched for who said that quote before I began writing my 5 minutes, Dolly! I wanted to read around it…remember their conclusions. Sadly, I couldn’t find it. bummer!

      but then I read your post and was reminded what I should focus on anyway… πŸ˜‰ thank you!

      Enjoy your weekend with your lovelies, friend!

    • I can’t think of one thing worthwhile that doesn’t require grace…and I’m still not sure why it’s offered freely, this currency for life. We might as well take advantage of it!

      So thrilled you stopped by today, Liz. thank you!! Enjoy your weekend, too. May rest come easy.

  2. Let us stop this race. I’m with you. Really. Maybe. Except for 8YOs hockey practice. And, maybe 13YOs dance class on the other side of the other suburb. And well…

    How do we get out? Really? How do we let go of the peer pressure “to do” and embrace “be-ing?”

    • Oh, if I master this, I’m going to let you know… To embrace being…it sounds God-breathed. don’t you think? A worthy goal…

      Maybe it starts for living for today and not waiting for tomorrow…that’s what I’m striving for, anyway.

      thrilled you stopped by — thank you!

    • It’s become my life’s motto, Karen. To let go and let God. In fact, I now wear it around my neck to remind myself!

      Amazing how it applies to every circumstance.
      Thanks for stopping in, Karen. You always bless!

  3. Oh yes… I am SO with you! “Busy is a four-letter word now widely accepted.
    And excuses are busy’s cousins.” Yeah… hopin’ I remember this line the next time that uninvited family member tries to barge in!

  4. I always feel so motivated when I read your posts! I’m saying it with you – yay! let’s reverse the rat race!

    Lovely to see you again – hope you are well and you get to do some good rest this weekend… Much love. xx

  5. I sit here at 5:50 am, exhausted and wondeer how you even manage to stay up late enough to post at place number #20…I can’t remember where you live perhaps these post don’t go live at midnight like they do in eastern time. Anyway, the line that excuse i the cousin of busy. Brilliant. I agree with you. On everything. But I still wonder how how to live this life when your kids are older, in love with all the activities of the world and their friends and the calendar is always full. I want this life of not-too-busy–you remind me of how I ache for it. I just don’t know how to live it.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Laura! I’m in Central Time, so have an extra hour to my evening to sneak my post in ; ) And yes…how do we LIVE this…wish I could have gotten there in my 5 minutes. I’m hoping if we simply keep our eye on the prize like it advises, the rest will fall into place. And maybe it’s not a busy monitor as much as it is a peace of mind measurement we abide by. I don’t want to be so frazzled I’m not living in the moment! know what I mean?

  6. I am with you! Oh so very much. These little moments, these passing days, are fewer as time goes on. Who cares about all those extras, I just want to do well with what I’ve been given!

  7. I love this…years ago illness brought me to a forced rest…now that I am well again I don’t want to start racing again. Great encouragement and a reminder today…blessings to you as we trade busy for rest…what a trade up it is~

    • I’m amazed that’s what it took for you, too, Ro. God put me out of commission last year for an extended time. It’s the time I finally told Him I would start writing for Him! Yes, I’m with you….wouldn’t trade my time with Him for anything…what rest.

  8. Hi Nikki
    You are speaking to my heart today. Suffering from Fm/CFS, I am not able to race; sometimes we cannot get up in the mornings. It took me a long time to make peace with my new life. Your post showed me just how blessed we are in the sense that we cannot compete in the rat race.

  9. Nikki, this is beautiful, and a lesson we really started practicing four or five years ago. I love seeing it in so many others lives, God’s reclaiming of time. What an opportunity we have as Believers to live this testimony of the precious gift of time. Your words are simply beautiful. Love you!

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  11. Oh, Nikki! This is absolutely beautiful! Trading busy for rest- love that sentiment and I think we need to encourage one another to truly do this. It reminds me of the line from “In Christ Alone”- What heights of love, what depths of peace, when fears are stilled, when strivings cease, my Comforter, my all in all, here in the love of Christ, I stand.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. I’m with you on this… slowing down, enjoying the time God has given me, taking more time to spend with my Lord and loved ones… God is so good that he promises to, “restore the years the locust have eaten.” — Bless You!

  13. This is just beautiful: “But I can assure you, friend. I’m not missing out on Him loving me. I’ll be taking my time in the pool of grace. Trying to wring it dry. β€œ Oh how I want to wring dry myself out of a pool of grace! Beautiful imagery.

    • It truly is an upside down Kingdom, isn’t it. Where Less is actually more. Emptying ourselves actually makes us more full… Oh how I’m striving…

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me!

  14. “But I can assure you, friend. I’m not missing out on Him loving me. I’ll be taking my time in the pool of grace.” I love, love, love this Nikki!! Your words are so softly soothing. True and real. I am blessed by your insight. πŸ™‚

  15. Love it, Nikki! I’m with you:) God has been doing some crazy big things in my life and heart in the last year, and one is showing me that I don’t have to do it all! Only what He wants me to do. Such freedom in that. Thanks for the reminder, xoxo

  16. I heard it a long time ago….the encouragement to be a member of the “slow club”, as a father was admonished by his son who was taking waaay too long to get to the car. The boy was watching the ants on the ground, in wonder. May we slow down, and have time to breathe slowly the wonder of simple moments. πŸ™‚ Good stuff.

  17. I’m so with you! I don’t want the hurried life anymore at all. I’m willing to sacrifice a few things to get it too–like savant pianists and black belt karate kids. πŸ˜‰

  18. I’m there with you Nikki girl… embracing His love and quiet rest this weekend! Slowing to see all of the little goodness around me. Thank you sweet woman! ~ Blessings from Maine, Amy πŸ™‚

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