He Knew I’d Need a Savior

He knows my name down to how many hairs are on my head. He can distinguish my tells, quirks, fears, hurts.

He knows what makes my heart sing and what breaks it apart.

He knows what I’m custom-made for. The plans written just for me.

He knew I’d need a Savior.

Friends, He knows me. And loves me anyway.
So I can’t think of any reason I wouldn’t want to know and love Him right back.

Yahweh. Adonai. El Shaddai. Wonderful Counselor. Most High God.
Hosanna!  Emmanuel.
Jehovah Jireh, The Lord my Provider.
Jehovah Raah, The Lord my Shepherd.
Jehovah Shalom, The Lord of Peace.
Jehovah Shammah, The Lord who is Present.
Jehovah Qanna, The Lord who is Jealous.
Lion of Judah. Alpha and Omega. The Great I Am.
Redeemer. Savior. Messiah.
Abba. Father.

I know His Name down to what lengths He would go to save me. I’m cognizant of His capabilities. I’ve seen His handiwork firsthand. I’d recognize His artwork anywhere.

I know what makes His heart sing and what breaks it apart.

I realize I was made to fall in love with Him. To praise Him well on my journey Home.

I know enough to realize I wanna know more.

So I spend time with Him. Reading His Collection of Letters. Digging deep to find the message written just for me.

We converse daily. I talk to Him like He’s my best friend. And listen like He’s my Counselor.

Knowing how far His grace covers gives me peace to face tomorrow. No matter what may come my way.

Believing He’s got a hold on me and will never let me go is all I need to make it through.

And I realize this life I live submerged in a scandalous love affair
with the One who saved my life
is far better than any fairy tale I could conjure up
in my feeble imagination.

My friend Susan gifted me with this song awhile back (in the comments of this post — by the way, the comments of this post are amazing and filled with tremendous songs!) Susan didn’t know how much I’d need this song right now, but HE did.

Because He knows me…

He knows me enough to know I’d need a Savior. And I know Him enough to realize He’s just what I need.

Friend, do you? Do you know Him? 

Subscribers, CLICK HERE to listen to this fabulous song.

I’d Need a Savior ~ Among the Thirsty

How many names
can I use to explain
the love of my Jesus
the life that He gave

And so many times
will I praise You today
I lift up my life
cause You’re always the same

And my offering
to You I bring

Your name is Jesus
Your name is Jesus
You’re the wonderful
Counselor, my friend

You’re what I hold on to
I know that You’ve brought me through
All the days of loss
to the cross
you knew
That I’d need a Savior

How many songs
can I sing to proclaim
Your wondrous love
oh, and beauty so great

Oh, and what would I say
If You brought down the rain
oh, and every day
I walked through the pain
my heart would still say
Your name is Jesus

I need a savior
You’re what I hold on to
I know that You’ve brought, me through!
all the days of loss
to the cross
You knew
that I’d need a Savior

I’d need a Savior
I’d need YOU, Savior

Friends, I was thinking about sharing what I’m discovering as I dig deeper into knowing Him. I’ve started at the very basics…His Name.  So through the rest of the year, scattered throughout when time allows, I plan on sharing something about each one listed. You can see above I’ve already begun.

How about you, friend? What do you know about Him? What Name of God has resonated with you lately? I’d love to hear. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


30 thoughts on “He Knew I’d Need a Savior

  1. Nikki, this is a beautiful post that touched my heart. This song?? Totally amazing! I’d never heard it before, but I love it.

  2. Thanks for sharing such intimate thoughts, Nikki. We all have God-sized holes in our lives that only He knows, and only He can fill!

    And I do LOVE that song, and I listen to it at least 5 days a week. (I stretch to it after I run or walk) I’m so glad it blesses you like it does me 🙂 Thank you for passing along the blessing!

    • So true, Susan. We all have God-sized holes. I’m no different ; ) I’ve been listening to it every day at least twice. I’ve really needed it lately. So thankful you shared it with me! (and I think and pray for you often as I listen..what a gift you are!)

  3. We did a study on God’s names in homeschool last year. My son will often pray praising God that He is so amazing–it takes hundreds of names to describe Him. And I pray the same. The words to the song are beautiful and a needed reminder. Blessings to you, my friend.

    • Now, I have to know..was this a study you came up with on your own or did you get materials for it? Cuz I am all over this one!

      Love and hugs to you, friend. Thanks for sharing with me ; )

  4. Oh Nikki, I love your music Mondays. Listening to this song filled me with praise for Jesus, my wonderful counselor and, my friend. Thank you for including all these wonderful names for God. I think I will copy them off and keep them in my bible. I want to teach them to my grandchildren and sometimes I can’t think of them either. Praising Him with you today.

  5. I just have to give HIm praise. He is so worthy, so good. One of the Names of God I’ve been meditating on lately is love. He is agape. He is love. It’s who He is. I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

    • We are so kindred, friend. Love. yes. I talked about that one awhile back. I should add that one in!
      I was taught growing up that love is a choice…and when I discovered God is love, well. Yes! I wanna choose Him every day…

  6. I love what you’ve written here so much because He’s planted this desire in me to know Who He really is, to live in Communion with Him. The attributes you include reveal Who He is–and isn’t. Thank you!

  7. You always bless me, Nikki, by how you point to Him, no matter what…lately, I’ve been asking Him for peace re: different issues, and He has been my Shalom…so grateful God gave you just the song you needed…love and hugs, my friend 🙂

    • This won’t surprise you…we seem to be on similar paths often….Shalom has been it for me lately, too. Thank you for sharing with me always, friend. love and hugs to you! (and I’ve been by your place, but on my kindle. I’ll comment later!)

  8. Love this song! Did you know this group started out in my neighborhood? They are a great group of boys (I can say that because they are way younger than me.) So cool that you picked this song.

    Bless you for your faithfulness! And for His faithfulness to us! 🙂

    • Me, too, Jennifer. It brings clarity to “He is our all-in-all”, don’t you think? So thrilled you stopped by and am even more excited to get to know you!

      All for Him with hugs to you,

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