FOCUS ~ Five Minute Friday

You all know this by now. I’m certain.
But I’ll say it anyway.
Sometimes, I just want to write
Without worrying if it’s right or not.

Would you believe I’ve found a place that offers me that kind of grace?
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

So I will join others and write unabashedly
for five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone:


It didn’t make sense to me at first. This passage in A Circle of Quiet where Madeline L’Engle shares about love. And how you know you love someone when you don’t see them as clearly as the rest of the world does. You see beyond their profile picture/avatar if you will (she used icon I believe?). You don’t see their features as much as you see their “self”.

Friends, I long to see you that way. The way God sees you.

And I think of all the ones I hold dear in this world. I think of my roommate in college…when I close my eyes and focus in on her alone, I see an indescribable shade of cerulean blue illuminating her beautiful frame. Her gleaming smile shines brilliance and when she speaks I see the most perfect font I have yet to find on paper. Just the hint of her voice warms my heart immediately and I feel right at home. Yes…I picture her and know I’ve seen love. Because I see Christ in her. In every flawless feature, a deluge of grace…

We all want to be seen like that, don’t we? So out of focus all anyone can do is hone in on Him. The One who’s paid our ransom.

Friends, I want you to see me that way. I want you to see beyond the smiling avatar. Can you look passed my profile picture and see Him? Oh I’m striving. For He’s the reason I live and breathe. He’s all that’s beautiful within me.

So I will keep striving to focus in on His face. Seek the features He has created just for me. And I pray one day. When we do meet face to face you’ll see beyond me, too.


NOTE: I really wanted to tell you what I see when I think of my hubby, but knew it would take me longer than 5 minutes!Β  Since my roomie is so plum full of grace, I knew she wouldn’t mind if I used her as an example…Love you, girl!

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How about you? Do you see beyond features on those you love? How do you focus in? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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49 thoughts on “FOCUS ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. I’m so blessed to see you beyond that tiny image, your heart so beautifully reflecting the Father outward, illuminating whatever space you occupy. Beautiful write, my friend. What a gift it is when we can see beyong, when we can focus on the parts that matter the most… tonight was a blessing, as usual. Love you.

    • Oh this is why I love this writing exercise so much. It ebbs and flows and still challenges every week! If I take a look back at my 10 months now of doing this exercise, it’s amazing. Some weeks I barely got two paragraphs out. others, I was able to use my 80+ words a minute to its advantage. Regardless, every week is a success if I allow Him to speak through me. And Crystal, I heard Him through your write loud and clear. You did it! For His glory. Praise God…

    • If that’s all we have in common, Tobi, that’s enough for me! Although, based on our twitter chat fun last night I’m certain to find more. So thrilled to meet you! Looking forward to getting to know your heart πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by and reading mine!

    • I feel like I say the same thing to you all the time, Dolly. I can’t seem to figure out another way to express how grateful I am to you! Thank you, friend. Thank you. So blessed by you…. Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Why do I always end up crying over here? I love, love, love this: “So out of focus all anyone can do is hone in on Him. The One who’s paid our ransom.” Deep breath…I will be praying like this more often! Thank you Nikki. You sure know how to encourage my soul.

    • Thank you so much, Laura. And I know we’ve never met face to face, but that is how I see you. I see your journey towards Him through your writing. What a gift!
      And for the record, just so you know, your URL is welcome here any time. Feel free to leave it because I would be honored to have anyone who stops by here visit you! (so I added it) πŸ™‚
      Hugs to you, friend. Loved your write….loved it.

  3. This is beautiful – just beautiful. And it’s the fourth time this week I’ve heard somebody mention Circle of Quiet. I think I’m convinced I need to read it now!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Liz! Circle of Quiet is taking me forever to finish because I keep going back…can’t get something out of my mind. If you like L’Engle’s style of writing, this one is so far my favorite of hers!

  4. A wonderful response to “Focus”. I loved this!!

    And I completely agree that I want to be seen. But seen in truth , not in supposition. Seen in lovely relative, not supposed perfection. I WANT to be seen as flawed, because it is the flawed who need a Fixer. The broken who need a Healer. And oh how I need Him. I have no problem with other knowing I need help. Because it’s when I’m perceived as being “perfectly together”, “doing everything right” when I fall the most. When the pain hits the hardest. Because I cannot live up to that. I will fall from greater heights than I was ever meant to. And it will sting me through and through.

    I feel that you communicated this too. That you want His wholeness to be seen when faces gaze at you. That’s all we can hope for. I relate to you sister friend. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for always welcoming, transcending 140 characters to reach the heart.

    • OH yes…seen as flawed in need of The Fixer… I’m with you. and wish I could have communicated it as well as you did here! : ) So blessed by you sharing your heart with me. helping me to see who He’s made you to be. I’m honored. Thank you!

      (and am thrilled you reached out beyond the 140 characters!)

  5. We are all more than the smiling faces in our little icons. And we all long to be accepted for who we are. And as you are always telling me, I love seeing your smiling face in my comments! Around you I see a soft light green with a hint of purple at the edges…green of this earth but still touched by His royal purple. Blessings sweet friend and #fmfparty sister! πŸ™‚

    • Mindy, my friend…you almost had me in tears! This is what I told my husband last week…I am a dry sage green with burning persimmon edges…which I’ll explain some day.
      but as I read this here I realize…you see me. you really see me. So blessed by you!

  6. Yes, Nikki, I do see the God within You and celebrate, honor, the Divine Expression that you are!!!!!
    I am so grateful that you allowing this magnificent voice of God to be heard through your words. They are such a gift to me.

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  8. YOU USED DELUGE!! You are so incredibly awesome. Maybe I need to take up pacing the house. I love how you take this thought of really “seeing” a person you love and then flip it to talk about bringing ourselves out of focus so that Christ becomes the only focus. AH. God has give you such a literary gift! (if that even makes sense…)

    • YOU REMEMBERED I wanted to use deluge! You knock my socks off, girl. I’m not sure pacing is your thing. You do so well off the cuff…I don’t think you have to change a thing. I’d freeze under the pressure of just typing blind. But He shouts loud through your keystrokes. Oh what God can do through you!

  9. Nikki, Nikki, Nikki… girl I’m about to hop on that plane right now to see what color you are!! While Mary Beth loved Deluge I’M ALL OVER CERULEAN. That’s just a fun word and a beautiful image. You know I loved this!

  10. friday was NUTTS so i didn’t come and play 😦 thanks for your words though! I love your description of your roomie ” I see an indescribable shade of cerulean blue illuminating her beautiful frame” i love how memory shades us, don’t you?

    hope you have a simply fantabulous week!!!

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