Graceful {or With Grace I am Full} ~ Five Minute Friday

Can I share something with you?

Sometimes, I just want to write
Without worrying if it’s right or not.

Would you believe I’ve found a place that offers me that kind of grace?
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

So I will join others and write unabashedly
for five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone:


He asks me every day. One of his 12 favorite songs is guaranteed to come on the radio and there’s no stopping him. His four-year-old frame moves with reckless abandon as he fearlessly portrays what his heart feels. My heart bursts as I witness glory right there on the frieze.

It seems we’re all born to worship this way, for he didn’t learn that from me. He does it so well and still he asks me to join in. Oh how I strive to. I want to. But there’s no masking it. Friends, I dance how I live. And graceful is not an adjective used to describe it.

Yet he offers grace. “Mom, just try to do what I do! You can do it, I know it!”

And I wonder if he’ll ever stop believing in me.

Father, do you ever doubt I can do it? Here I am clumsily wandering through life all the while I hear You saying “Child, follow Me. I know you can do it!” And I try to keep my eye on You. I’m learning to find comfort in the awkward. I’m beginning to realize You really mean it: All is grace.

I fail and still He offers grace. I am a mess and still He covers me with grace.

Around the 3rd stanza of “Mighty to Save,” I feel it. Bubbling up from within. And I know one of these days I’m going to blow my boy right off his feet. That grace is going to take hold of me.

Some day I know the fullness of grace will sustain me. And I hope he’s around so I can hear “Wow, mom. Look how graceful you got!”


UPDATE: For those who continue to wonder, I don’t want to leave you hanging. I do dance with my boy. I simply make sure the shades are pulled first. ; ) one day I pray I’m able to leave the shades open wide…

Additional UPDATE: It happened again today and would you believe my boy said, “Mom, you’ve got some moves after all!” I’m a work in progress! Father, thank You for continuing Your work in me….

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How about you? Have you learned to dance/live life like grace has got a hold on you? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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64 thoughts on “Graceful {or With Grace I am Full} ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Oh, Nikki…the imagery here is just profound…thank you for sharing YOUR life and YOUR real here in these 5 minutes! #LOVEIT

    P.S. #FMFparty was so amazing tonight! Thank you for being the one or part of the team who started it in the first place!

    • It amazes me every day, Chelsie, as I strive to have that childlike faith he so effortlessly portrays. What a gift this parenting gig is!
      So thrilled to be getting to know you through this community!! Thanks for taking the time to stop in!
      All for Him with hugs to you,

    • Abide and rest…such wisdom in that simple phrase, Michele-Lyn! I’m so blessed by you and how you always point me to the cross. Thank you so much. I’m going to strive to abide and rest today in Him. Hugs to you, friend! (and isn’t your heart overflowing from the outpouring of hearts at #FMFParty?!? I still can hardly stand it!)

    • What an artist He is, don’t you think, Jacque. He truly is the extra in ordinary. We’re taught that nothing comes free and yet He proves it wrong time and time again. The most important things in life are free…and I’m striving to be just that.
      Thanks for dropping in today! Anxious to get to know you.

    • I’m so thrilled you stopped by the #FMFParty, Shelly! Thank you! It’s a wonderful place to see His grace explode right there on the screen. And yes…who knew how little I knew about myself before becoming a mom? The longer I am one, the more I realize how much I have yet to learn…

  2. NIKKI – if this is what you write in the wee small hours of the morning…well….then…….wowsers!! Beautiful and oh so true. And aren’t we grateful for how much grace our kids extend towards us? PS Love that song too!!

    • The grace they freely give astounds me every day, Fiona! Oh to see childlike faith in action. what a gift! And that song…I see how Jesus becomes my boy’s favorite super hero when he sings that one! I love it!

      (and yes, it was the wee hours when I cranked this one out! I’m fighting hard the urge to go “fix or make better” all the things I want to!)

      So blessed to be getting to know you via #FMFParty. Thank you for extending your heart to this community!

  3. Nikki, God is full of patience and such amazing gentle love. You paint a picture of our heavenly father loving us awkward, loving us clumsy, loving us right here right now. You are perfect child, friend, writer, momma Nikki. He loves you and I do too.

  4. God is so gracious, and I love the picture you paint of you and Matty…hope he went back to sleep okay…you express your heart so well even w/ one eye closed as you wrote in your tweet…probably because your heart is wide open toward Him…love to you πŸ™‚ Wishing you a blessed weekend w/ your sweeties πŸ™‚

    • I think you just read my heart really well, Dolly. Oh if only I could go back and fix some stuff in this post to drive my point further home πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much for always offering me grace, friend. What a treasure you are…

    • Maybe that is what I do…bust stuff when I do dance with him πŸ˜‰ I always take him up on his offer, always. with the curtains pulled of course! But maybe God’s trying to teach me to keep them open wide…

  5. Oh….this is spectacular. You did all that in 5 minutes? I’m SUPER impressed. But for more reasons than that. πŸ˜‰

    “And I wonder if he’ll ever stop believing in me.” <~ took my breath. The pure beauty.

    Your perspective is lovely. You countenance leaks grace on all of us as leafy branches leak dew on grass. You sparkle. And I am so happy I caught the illumination with my own eyes. Can't wait until another #fmfparty. How could I predict the happiness and encouragement that would ensue? πŸ™‚

    • Oh you are just dripping in grace, girl! I cannot even begin to express how elated I am to have met you via the #FMFParty last night! So thrilled…yes. Looking forward to seeing you there again!
      And you read my heart well. I so want to go back and “fix stuff” in that late night heart laid bare post that it was. but that’s the best part about this community…it does grace well. πŸ˜‰
      All for Him with hugs to you,

  6. Oh Nikki, what beautiful joy burst onto this page! Thank you for the celebration of life and love and the walk beside you as you rest more in His grace. What a wonder 5 minutes can do for sharing such joy to others. Thank you, thank you, friend!

    • Tobi, my new friend, what a joy YOU are! Still thinking about your birthday reflection post (that’s what I’m calling it) and I agree with Tereasa. You’re going to rock that well-earned crown! Oh the freedom soon to be found… Hugs to you friend and may I wish you another happiest of birthdays!

  7. Nikki, your writing today is so profound and filled with His love. I treasure the words “with grace I am full.” They say it ALL! I love that you at least attempt, with the blinds pulled, to dance with your boy. I always tried but never quite got it. Still don’t, but I do know that my boy loves me and so does God. And the same is true for you! Blessings on your weekend, dear one!

    • Thanks for stopping by dear friend. I wanted to comment on your graceful post but couldn’t seem to? Did you turn off comments or am I that un-tech-savvy? Wanted to tell you I’ve been clinging to that verse lately and He seems to be teaching me something about it every day lately!

      I think what I’m feeling like I need to do is fully let go. not necessarily dance, but stop worrying about myself–what a fool I make of myself. Does that make sense? Oh I’m striving…

      Hugs to you and enjoy your weekend!

      • Nikki, that’s one of my favorite verses. I feel so protected and loved by those words. Didn’t intentionally turn off comments, but that post certainly had no link to leave one. Did a test post just now and all seems to be working just right. Must have been one of my techno-geek flukes! LOL!

        Yes, your last words make a ton of sense to this woman who used to be just like you! That would be me . . . worrying about myself and whether or not I was doing everything right or messing up at every turn. Nikki, you’re A-OK in my book, and I know God thinks so too!

    • Amy, I couldn’t stop laughing at the personal emails I was getting with people being concerned I wouldn’t even dance with my child. And you’d never guess what my boy said to me today — he said “Mom, you’ve got some moves after all!” which means I’m getting it! I’m starting to let go! that’s what I’m striving for here…letting go. not worrying about myself….

      Praying for safe travels!

  8. Lovely. “Mighty to Save” (one of my favorites) brings me to tears every time I sing it. HE is so mighty. Mighty enough to love me regardless of all my “stuff”. So thankful for his grace and salvation.

    • It is my son’s ultimate favorite! the song that’s lasted the longest on his favorite list. and I can see why. It paints the super hero picture that our Savior really is in it. He truly is mighty to save and someone I delight in my boy looking up to : )

  9. Kids are so precious…teaching us such beautiful lessons in faith! I love your analogy here and your heart! I am learning “to find comfort in the awkward” just as well πŸ™‚ It’s amazing how much grace is there! Thanks for sharing Nikki!

    • I’ve already decided grace is the very reason I can breathe today πŸ˜‰ I don’t know what I’d do without it! I don’t know if you know Stefanie Brown, but her write today ended with that thought and it nearly took my breath away…

      Thanks for stopping by, friend. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thank you, Ms. Kathleen! He’s doing just fine. just had some bad dreams in the night when I was trying to tweet with some gals on twitter and Had to do the mom thing instead. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your weekend, too!

  10. So precious! Love the updates. When my eldest was three, we were dancing and he said, “I wish my butt was as big as yours!” LOL

    • Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh, friend! Oh too precious. I have to tell you, before I put any updates on there I was getting emails from concerned parents worried I wasn’t dancing with my boy. I see now how I never said I do, just do it terrible… and really it’s not about the dancing for me. It’s about the letting go He’s asked me to do. To worship Him uninhibited. I mean, really. I should be able to do this just as well as my own 4 yo in my own house…I’m striving…

      Enjoy your weekend! Praying for you and yours…

  11. What a beautiful picture you give to my heart today. I remember when my children were little, how we would dance and I would be so willing to make a fool of myself. I used to lead a praise dance team and I loved how God was right there, leading us with our every move. Today, I don’t dance as much, but pray my words dance into the hearts of other women and encourage them so. How sweet of your little one to encourage your heart in the dance!

    • Love that you were willing to make a fool of yourself, Barbie! oh I’m striving…it’s strange because I don’t get embarrassed easily and yet something is holding me back… Thank you for your encouragement!

  12. Tomorrow I’m going to try dancing with my grandson. It should be lots of fun even if I’m not too graceful! I think God gave us grand children to try all the things we didn’t do with our kids. Hugs to you, my friend.

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