My Homeschooling Journey {Another Let Go and Let God Post}

After fulfilling my dream of becoming a wife, I had nine years to decide what kind of mother I was or was not going to be. I spent those years wisely. Observing, making mental note of what I would or would not do. Oh yes, I was going to be the best. mother. ever.

Let me be the first to tell you, homeschooling was on my not-going-to-do list. It’s now become proof that God truly does have a sense of humor.

You see, I neglected to consider some key factors while creating my mother equations:

  • God has made each child unique with individual needs He has asked me to meet while in my care.
  • God loves my child more than I ever could. And knows what’s best farther than I can see.

We all have heard “He broke the mold when He made ____” and I’m certain it’s true with each and every child I meet.

My oldest son is no exception as he has busted every frame I had wrapped around him.

Friends, my son loves to learn. He’s good at it, too. Even at the age of four he’s methodical, extremely inquisitive, has to know the how and why every. single. time. And he’s been begging to go to school since he was two.

To say I wrestled with God on this would be an understatement. It wasn’t a part of my master plan. Yes, my son reads chapter books, writes his own stories, and meets every marker used to gauge kindergarten readiness with flying colors. Except age.

He’s still too young I would tell myself. I don’t want to force him to grow up too fast. We’ll just coast this year and do another year of preschool and he’ll simply be more than ready next year. Yes, that’s what we’ll do. This can work with my plan.

But it wasn’t working with His plan. And I’m learning I need to let go and let Him take control.

To say He’s given me the writing on the wall seems like an understatement.
And I’m going to let go and let Him lead the way.
Starting with kindergarten.
Starting with homeschooling.
Starting today.

What He’s showing me is I’m not making my son grow up too fast. I’m simply giving him an opportunity to thrive.

God has given him a desire to learn and who am I to stand in the way.

Sorry I’ve been kind of quiet here lately as I was preparing to be obedient today and create a platform for my son to grow, friends.

It’s taken me awhile to get my ducks in a row.

Can I share with you what I’ve learned from this experience so far?

  • He was right when He told me to want Him more and less will want me. It’s proving to be the solution to all my troubles.
  • Leaning on Him through this has made it so easy. Why, He even took care of the expense of it all (another post perhaps?)
  • I can do all things through Christ who truly does strengthen me.
  • Homeschooling is so not what I thought it was. Wow.
  • I thought homeschooling would cause me to be more controlling–which is something I struggle with (again, another post). But I was wrong. It’s completely out of my control as I need to lay it in His hands every single day.

Father, when I look at my son, I see You. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to be a presence in his life as he discovers what plan You have for him.  Prepare the way for my child, Lord. Reveal Yourself to him in fascinating ways. Captivate his heart. Whisper love in his ear when he feels alone. Guide him on the right path when he is faced with choices.  Keep the spark of curiosity alive in him as he expands his perceptions. Oh Father, stay in his sights…
Use me in whatever way you can, Abba. Keep my heart pliable so I can conform to whatever You need me to do for my son. To You be all glory and honor in my family, Lord. All that we have is because of You, Jesus…
Jesus, thank You for changing my master plan and making it bigger and better than I ever dreamed…
I’m ready. I’m willing. This day’s for You.

How about you, friend? How has God changed your master plan lately? What has He asked you to do that you wouldn’t have dared dream years ago? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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49 thoughts on “My Homeschooling Journey {Another Let Go and Let God Post}

  1. Awesome! I hadn’t really ever thought about homeschooling, I always just figured I’d send my kids to public school like everyone else and never really thought about it…I mean, that’s what you do, right?

    But, God put it more and more on my heart. So exciting that you have such an advanced learner 🙂 My youngest is looking to be like that as well. My oldest is more on the slow side. I’m so excited about our first year of homeschooling (hopefully I’ll still be excited at the end of it! lol)

    • Oh what God can do through you, Crystal! I say that to others all the time, but believing He’ll equip me for this is hard to grasp! So thrilled to be on this journey with you. we can do this…He’s got our backs 😉 Thanks for stopping in today, new friend!

      all for Him with hugs to you,

  2. My prayers and admiration go out to you Nikki as you home-school your son. Not an easy task but so rewarding. My daughter home-schools 4 of her children and I’m amazed that she is able to do it. But what a difference it makes! Blessings to you.

    • Joy, I’m amazed your daughter is able to do that, too! It’s so humbling to think I can be that difference for my boy…trying not to let it overwhelm me. Thanks for your encouragement as always, friend!

  3. I was not going to homeschool my children. I thought the people who did it were crazy. Ahem. Oh my, the humbling that my heart has had.

    I’m with you – I was ready to coast through another year of preschool…and yet Sophie is so ready. More than ready. I’m ashamed to say that God had to send a LOT of signals my way before I realized that fact.

    joining you in the journey, my friend!

    • Girl, you wear the homeschooling hat so well! That amazes me that you weren’t going to 😉 It’s encouraging to know we’re in the same boat. And it truly is a blessing God is willing to get through to our skulls, wouldn’t you say?!? He is so good…all the time.

      Can’t even tell you how grateful I am to be on this journey with you!

  4. I know this isn’t meant to be funny, but it made me laugh. I decided to homeschool my children while I was in high school. We’ve been at it for seven years now. I was NOT going to send my children to school. Guess what. We’re praying about sending our children to school now. Ha. It’s all about what they need, isn’t it? We just don’t always know ahead of time what that will be. Praying for you, friend!

    • I laugh every time I think about it, Tereasa. And now I see why you would, too! Don’t you love how God manages to turn our dreams upside down and make them completely His. The best part? They end up greater than I ever dared dream! And I know He has big plans for your family, friend. I’m committed to praying you through…

      • Thank you, sweet friend. I know he has good plans for us. I just wish he’d hurry up and reveal them! 😉 (He’s growing my patient fruit right now.)

  5. I was not going to homeschool my children either. Not because I didn’t feel it was best, but because financially I just knew I could not stay home. We certainly didn’t plan very well. But as we sort of fell into homeschooling my senior in high school over the last year, God has given me a greater desire to homeschool my younger two. I will be homeschooling my 7th grader, while working full time. I need lots of prayer!

    • If anyone can do it, I know it’s you, Barbie! That being said, oh my will I ever be praying for you! I’m exhausted after my first day and it WAS my job! 🙂 So encouraged to see how tender your heart is to His calling. You never cease to blow me away… Love to you!

    • Hi Barbie, just sneaking in on this comment since I like you so much. 😉 I am excited to hear about your decision and know you will rock. I’m glad you are going for it. Your faith is amazing!

  6. Nikki, I’m so glad He’s speaking to you and that you are hearing Him:) So inspiring!

    The Lord has taken me on a journey that is enabling me to step out in holy confidence to be the person He created me to be. A year ago I wouldn’t believe I could be where I am now. PTL!

    • Let me first just say I am LOVING where God is leading you lately, Mandy! So inspired and blessed by you. So excited for your series and hope my readers will click on over to read what I’m talking about!

      Thanks for sharing with me, friend, and encouraging me as I go down new roads…

      (and side note–yay! put in your email just fine and ta-da! your avatar showed up! yippeee!) thanks for helping me work around my silly commenting system 😉

  7. I always said I would never homeschool. And our story is similar to yours except we sent him to kindergarten. It was a really hard year. He is thriving in homeschool and I’m so glad God pushed me to it:)

    • I wanna hear more about that kindergarten year sometime, Christina…and YOU, friend, are a true Godsend. There’s no other way to describe it. What an encouragement you are to me! Thanks for continuing to check in with me on my new journey. What a blessing you are! And you know full well I’ll be knocking on your door when I need anything 😉

  8. What an encouraging post! Thank you for writing it. I wanted to homeschool our children before I was even pregnant with them because it was academically the best thing to do. I didn’t figure that the reason would become the fact that I didn’t want to miss that time with them, that I would MISS them if I sent them off to school. What would I do all day without four children underfoot? Cry?

    • Love your heart! Clearly my mind was on the social spectrum or some nonsense…or maybe extra curricular. regardless, I’m so thankful God showed me the path to take for us. I now can’t imagine it any other way!

      and yes. I’m certain tears would be shed… 😉

  9. Wow, your son sounds very advanced…reading chapter books…Kudos to you for listening to God,and doing what is best for your son as He leads you…praying with you and for M. Love to you 🙂

    • It’s true, Dolly. I’m always amazed at how much time in a day he wants to read. So thankful our library so far is able to keep up with him! He’s into the 3 chapter books (3rd grade level) right now…and the funny thing is–I have no idea how. People ask me all the time how I taught him to read and I honestly have no clue. Which is why I fought homeschooling for so long. Who am I to lead the way when I have no idea how we even got to where we are right now? Oh but I’m learning. that’s the sweet spot. The place He wants me to be. Completely dependent upon Him….I’m striving 😉
      Thank you so much for your prayers, Dolly! I need them. And a reminder now and again that I need to let go and let God would be helpful, too! 🙂
      Hugs to you, dear one.

  10. I love how you pray for your son. I realize my girls are much older but I always learn so much from you when you share the things that God shows you about your role as a mom. Thank you for being so open about your journey. Know that I am behind you…gleaning from you:)

    • If I could squeeze your neck, I would, Diana! What a treasure you are. I’m not sure how God uses my ramblings to speak to your heart, but I’m honored to be a part. {{Squeeze}}. Thank you!

  11. Nikki, you send up the sweetest prayers ever! And I think your son is one lucky boy to have you for his mother and now his homeschooling teacher mama. God always has a plan we’re not aware of and all too often we try hard to ignore that plan. But He always wins, doesn’t He? Lately, He’s been pushing me in several directions and I’m still not sure what any of it means, but I’m excited by some new challenges . . . working with the local media and medical facilities to get the word out about the type of dementia my bil suffers as October is the month that organization has declared its awareness month — we volunteered — what were we thinking? . . . and the MOPS group is starting up and I’ve offered to fill in a part of a position I know nothing about — WHY? . . . and He wants me to work on my book more and spend less time on social media — all the while the writing world says build your social media platform if you want to be an author! See what I mean? He’ll help me decide which one is to be my main focus for now, but like you, I’m struggling against anything else in my life that I hadn’t planned. But that’s not the way this works, is it? Love you for all that you are, friend!

    • Oh, I pray He keeps winning for the both of us, Sherrey. May we bend and conform to His plan. That’s my greatest desire.
      And I love how God is working through you! I’m learning it will always seem backwards to us at first and when we finally arrive and look back, we’ll realize He in fact turned us right-side up. Trusting you’ll confirm this when all is said and done with your project! Hugs to you!!

  12. Hi Nikki, I LOVE this! I’m sorry I’ve been silent so long–I’ve been re-aligning life and recuperating–much new change. I wanted to say *thank you*, really, for your sweet prayer and reaching out. You really are a shining sister–Christ so real in you as you encourage and pour out. Thank you for all the times you have left such kind words. Love and blessings, especially in this new adventure as you give God your whole-hearted yes!

    • Nacole, what a treat to see your avatar! Life needs to be lived before we can even think to express it out in whatever form worships Him most. And you, friend, are serving Him…worshipping Him with life. No apologies necessary! Still praying for you as you come to mind. And am humbled and honored to be called to this life of teaching–as you have been as well! What a blessing.

  13. I waffle on the homeschool issue. Praying the Lord makes it clear when the time comes. How exciting though for y’all! Your young man is so blessed to have a mom willing to be flexible to meet his needs!

    • I’m certain the Lord will make it clear for you, Mary Beth! If God can get through to my thick skull, I have no doubt He’ll let you know 😉 And please don’t conform to anyone else’s ideals in this area. Even your own….
      All that being said — thanks for reading and encouraging me and allowing me to link up!!

  14. Sounds like you are an amazing mother of an amazing boy, Nikki!

    And you are so right…every child is different, and we must remain flexible…ever listening both to our chidlren and to the Holy Spirit.

    Good for you!

  15. I know I’ve already left a comment, but we’re neighbors at Lauren’s Heart & Home link-up, so I wanted to tell you again —

    You are doing a GREAT thing, Nikki. Invest in your son and don’t look back – he’s the most important “talent” the Lord’s entrusted you with!

    Hugs to you, and a “you can DO this” pat on the back!

  16. Nikki, So nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by. What an awesome entry and I have had to learn over and over throughout my life that God does have a Master Plan and His plan is ALWAYS better than my plan. Blessings to you as you “go forth.”

    • I catch myself wondering lately, Lea, why we even fight Him on His plan because I haven’t had one instance yet where it wasn’t better than I ever dared dream! Still my human heart fights for control…::SIGH:: Striving to let go and give it to Him. thanks for stopping by!!

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  18. Stop ‘striving’ – start ‘being’!
    Our striving is indicatinng our strong longing for something… our sensed deficiency being the motor of our actions.
    ‘Being’ rests in the knowledge of already possessing everything He has for me today… putting to rest the inner void striving is accompanied with always.
    It’s not about what you think about yourself – It’s all about what He thinks of you!
    … and he looks at you with ‘special’ glasses only… blood-dyed glasses!
    What He sees? You’re perfect! (Eph. 5:25-27)
    So relax! Fall apart in His backyard… and enjoy ‘being’ in His presence!
    Something very inspirational:

    Blessings and love


  19. Oh yes, homeschooling. 🙂 When I said yes to staying home four years ago I never thought it would include homeschooling. I pictured waving at my children in the yellow bus and diving back into bed and having my Bible studies and tea parties while they were away {does anyone really do that with school aged children?} Then God spoke and the Holy Spirit prompted the conviction I could not ignore and when I asked my husband, he said he had already been praying the past three months and looked at curriculum! So…began our journey of homeschooling three years ago. I say ‘our’ journey because I see God is homeschooling me LoL. He is the One that disciples us. It is wonderful to surrender–I’m so excited for you!

  20. Home education was a dream of mine for a long time. However, when it came time to do it, it seemed to be a wrestle to know if it was the right thing for my child and then children. But it is a blessing in our lives. I am so thankful to have this privilege to walk along with my children, teaching and training them and learning and being challenged in many ways along with them
    {Although some days, I may perceive that I need to wake up from the nightmare of the chaos in our home :)}
    Visiting from Dream Again link-up.

  21. Oh, I love your story! I can’t wait for you to share it in our homeschooling community! I am so glad you link-ed up! We should plan a few posts themed around our “homeschool story.” We all have them 🙂 Maybe make it a blog hop! We shall see 🙂 I am excited and so very glad you linked-up! Amazing mama, amazing God! Love you!

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