CHANGE ~ Five Minute Friday

Can I share something with you?

Sometimes, I just want to write
Without worrying if it’s right or not.

Would you believe I’ve found a place that offers me that kind of grace?
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

So I will join others and write unabashedly
for five minutes time.
Without editing or backtracking
On one word alone:


Some days I’m certain I could burst. I brush my vision beyond the long lashes and gaze upon those baby blues still so full of life’s sparkle. And I want to plead with him….with Him…Make them promise. Please. Don’t ever change.

Some days I’d like to avoid it altogether. Gazing into the truth teller of change. And I wonder if I really got those lines from worry like they say? Or is life just pressing down that hard on me?

Some days I want to quit. Beg Him to put out the refiner’s fire. Ask Him if these growing pains can be enough.

Friends, change hurts…

I look again at my 4 year-old blue eyed wonder, still so full of light. Gleaming with the kind of faith children are known for. And I see it. I see what He’s begun in me. How He’s putting me back together again.

Some days I wonder…maybe He’s not flipping me upside down but is turning me right-side up. Maybe He’s not changing me at all. Could it be He’s bringing me back to what I once was? The original plan He’s always had for me?

Some days I wonder…and every day I want gaze at the Teller of Truth and hear how He’s going to change me. Bring me back to the faith I’m capable of. Draw me closer to Him. Use me for His glory….Lead me Home.


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How about you? What does change look like to you? How do you claim that childlike faith once again? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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69 thoughts on “CHANGE ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Change is a crazy paradox… we want it, it happens, and sometimes, God does the opposite. And you’re right… he brings us back.
    Thank you for sharing, friend. So glad to have connected with you.

    • I’m so glad we connected, too, Sarah Ann! Enjoyed getting to know you a bit via the twitter party ; ) And a crazy paradox…that’s the perfect way to describe change. Thanks for sharing with me!

  2. Missed the twitter party, but I am so amazed at what depths you can pull out at midnight…maybe He is bringing us all back to what we once had in the Garden of Eden…His original plan…change does hurt, but oh what beauty will come, and is coming already out of your life…hugs, Nikki, and have a great weekend w/ your sweeties 🙂

    • And yet, you gave the five minute write a try at night regardless! Glad you did and there will be other twitter parties to try to make it to! no worries. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with me, friend. Yes…I think you’re onto something with the Garden of Eden…His original plan. I’m going to ponder that one. thank you!

  3. Did you steal this out of my mind lately? “Maybe He’s not changing me at all. Could it be He’s bringing me back to what I once was?” Girl things are always changing – thank goodness God doesn’t or I’d go crazy trying to figure this whole crazy thing out. Love you.

  4. Nikki, such bare emotional words! “Beg Him to put out the refiner’s fire. Ask Him if these growing pains can be enough.” These words tell an amazing story of what you’re feeling as life changes around you and through you. Dear child of His, He is doing great things through you! I love Hiim for sharing you with me and so many others.

    Blessings on your day,

    • I’ve told you dozens of times…you read my heart so well. And can see beyond my mess to His glory. What a blessing you are! Thanks for sharing with me, friend, and encouraging me to keep striving. Hugs to you!

  5. Amen! Sometimes I wonder what all the change is about and other times it feels that all is stagnant and same and nothing will ever be different. Oh to have eyes to see what the refiners fire is doing and to be able to endure it well.

  6. “Bring me back to the faith I’m capable of.”

    My heart beats this so often. I am CONSTANTLY learning what this looks like.

    Happy 5 Minute Friday!

  7. Amazing, Nikki! And so beautiful. Change is hard. And painful…sometimes ugly, but His change is always good!

    I woke up at midnight, but knew if I got out of bed I would be awake for way too long. So I went back to sleep….I thought about you guys though!


  8. Teller of Truth. I love that name for Him. Sometimes I think it would be some much easier to deal with the change if I could see the finished product. Then maybe I would be motivated to deal better with the hard parts. I suppose that’s where faith and trust come in. 🙂

  9. love this…I was just telling someone that very thing…is God just bringing us back…transforming so we can be all He always intended us to be…His love is a transforming power…the more I know and embrace His unconditional love…the more I can embrace those changes…blessings as we grow into those He created us to be…

  10. Oh {sigh}… This post is a fresh reminder why I LOVE visiting and am so thankful He allowed us to cross paths.

    You wrote what I’ve been feeling lately -> “Some days I want to quit. Beg Him to put out the refiner’s fire. Ask Him if these growing pains can be enough…Change hurts.” Yes, a loud resounding YES!! However, even in the midst of the hurt, I wouldn’t change who I am and who He has changed me into. So thankful after the hurt, there’s comfort, freedom and peace.

    • Oh yes, Stefanie. I’m with you. I wouldn’t change who I am because of what He’s changed me into. Striving to stay focused on His face instead of the fire…for there’s where the comfort, freedom and peace are found.

      So blessed by you!!

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  12. Nikki, I have been wallowing in the “want to quit” for weeks! So much that is pulling me in so many directions. But, I hear that little whisper…keep going dear one…. Thanks for letting me know I’m not wallowing alone! 🙂

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  14. Here’s what came to my mind while reading this… we have the indwelling Christ in us..and he changes us…turning us inside what’s inside shows on the outside. 😉

  15. “I see what He’s begun in me. How He’s putting me back together again.

    Some days I wonder…maybe He’s not flipping me upside down but is turning me right-side up. Maybe He’s not changing me at all. Could it be He’s bringing me back to what I once was? The original plan He’s always had for me?”

    THIS!!!! This is totally ME right now. You are not alone. I am not alone.

    Praise God.

  16. Oh how I love this: “Some days I wonder…maybe He’s not flipping me upside down but is turning me right-side up.” And how I feel it. Right smack dab in the middle of my sometimes-hurting-over-it heart. I secretly think right-side up may not be the direction I’d like the best. And then I remember there’s a reason He’s God and not me. Thank you so much for this post and this outpouring of your heart. It’s simply beautiful! Smiles –

    • Oh, I’m with you. Right-side up is rarely my first choice. But, like you said…He’s God and I’m learning on this journey His plan is always the best one…I’m striving to follow His lead! Thanks for stopping by, Amy. Thrilled to get to know you through this wonderful 5MF community!

    • I’m learning to enjoy the cycle, Annie. Of being a child, and not being taught by one. Striving to turn my heart into one again. . .

      So thrilled to meet you through this 5 minute friday community! Thanks for stopping by!!

      All for Him with hugs to you,

    • Thank you so much, Joy. (yes, I’m this far behind in commenting! so sorry!)
      It does make change worthwhile, doesn’t it. What an honor that He would even use me…while giving me the privilege of raising one of His own…

      Hugs to you! Trust you had a great weekend. I know I have a post of yours to read. I’ll be by tonight!

  17. Beautiful, beautiful words, here, to be brought back to him, like thr prodigal children we are, transformed by learning to abide, to obey… how faithfully He brings us back to the faith we are capable of because of His grace and goodness. Love this, my friend. XOXO

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  20. Nikki, this is so poetical, deep, and full! A beautiful meditation. And I bear witness…”change hurts,” but it’s oh so good! Like you said, it is all for drawing us closer to Him and for His glory! Such a lovely post!

    • Thank you my new friend! I’m still not sure why we fight change so when we know if it’s His plan, it’s always worth it. striving to make it easier on myself by saying “yes, Lord!” the first time 🙂 Hugs to you!

  21. When I read “he’s bringing me back to what I once was”, I am reminded that God calls us to come to Him as a child, full of faith and wide-eyed wonder, without any cares, fully trusting. Oh to be like that again! Love you my friend.

    • oh yes…come to Him as a child. That completes this post so well, Barbie. Thank you for sharing! I’m striving….

      Love you, girl! I’m so far behind but will be by your place later! (I’ve been reading in my email, but it’s hard to comment on a kindle!)

  22. Isn’t it great to just sit at the keyboard and write…without giving thought to corrections and grammar! I also linked up with Gypsy Mama on Friday :0). Changes…some are fun and some not so much. But it’s great that God is IN them all :0). Child like faith? I struggle like most do. I am more often like pre-Christs ressurection Peter…flying off the handle and lopping off someones ear. Sigh…a work in progress for sure :0)! Loved your post…hoope you do FMF again :0).It’s sort of new for me as well.

    • God is in them all…these changes. Oh, what a lovely reminder! Love your Peter description. You and I are kindred I can tell! I’ll be by your place later to get to know more ; ) Thanks for stopping by!!

      (Don’t you just love the 5MF community?!?)

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