Join ~ Five Minute Friday {Guest Post}

I was a lurker. For nearly two years, I read Lisa-Jo’s blog regularly, never commenting. Five Minute Fridays were always my favorite posts for I was continually amazed at how anyone could be brave enough to write raw let alone succeed at pouring their hearts out so vividly. And to see all of those bloggers would were willing to try…wow.

Last November, I found myself blogging. And I remember distinctly telling God I would do this for Him with one stipulation: I wasn’t going to do 5 Min Fridays.

That lasted 2 weeks.

Want to know what He’s shown me?

You’ll have to stop by Lisa-Jo’s to find out.
The place where it all happened…
Simply click on the button below!

How about you? What communities have you experienced? What do they mean to you? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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37 thoughts on “Join ~ Five Minute Friday {Guest Post}

  1. I LOVE this post and I feel the same. I never read the post until after I write because I don’t want to end up writing off someone else’s blog idea but I totally wrote about the same thing! I love this community so much and your words are a gift every week. Thanks so much!

    • I was so thrilled to meet you via Five Minute Fridays, Alia. You bless my socks off all the time!

      And girl, your five minute write. I’ve never heard it said any better. So blessed by you!!

  2. Congratulations on being highlighted over at Lisa Jo’s today. When I saw the name Nikki, I was sooo excited to see that it is you. And I cannot believe you were a lurker for two years. So glad you decided to join in the fun, so I could meet you.

    • It’s so embarrassing to admit it now, Shelly. And to think, I didn’t just lurk Lisa-Jo! ack!

      So blessed by you, friend. Thank you for all of your encouragement! Even if I had just met you, going out of my comfort zone was worth it!

  3. Too funny that today is my first entry into this community and YOU are the guest post! I wrote about community as well, and I am so grateful that God has put us in one together!! So glad you stopped lurking!

  4. Nikki, I have seen you all over the blogging world, and I have even read your blog at times…but I’m such a lurker!! I’ve only recently started commenting other than on ink-ups. I don’t know what my problem was!! I was afraid…which is so illogical:) Anyway, thanks for sharing…this was so perfect for me! And, I just did my liebster award too! It’d be fun to get to know you more!

    • You make me blush, Jacqui! Love how you think I’m all over the blogging world and I simply see myself hiding in the corners ; ) You and I are kindred I can tell just by a few posts I’ve read of yours.

      THANK YOU for taking the time to share with me! It makes this whole thing worthwhile. Looking forward to getting to know your heart!


  5. There had to be only one Nikki, saw it was you and was thrilled!!! So proud and excited, feel like a proud momma.Love your words, honest and real just like the Nikki I am coming to know and love. So hard to picture you back in your lurking days….nearly impossible. So glad you left your lurking days behind and JOINED in.

    • You always make me smile, Elizabeth. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I’m a recovering lurker, it’s true. Sometimes I still find myself doing it, thinking “oh, they don’t need to hear from li’l ol’ me” but thanks to God’s grace and firm nudges, I go back and fix them now! ; )

  6. Wait, Nikki, is that you that Lisa Jo is hugging in the picture on her site with the white t shirt. I am so used to seeing your precious face in a box??!! Doesn’t look like your button. just wondering. I know you have arms and legs and all…..:)

    • It’s not me. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Lisa-Jo InRL. and if I had, I’m certain I wouldn’t have been able to compose myself for a good picture like that! heheee 😉

  7. Thank you, Nikki.

    Are you Ms. Nicole who paid me a very valued visit at my humble page?

    I am so blessed by your post because I really was a lurker too, before this first time link up I did at 5 Minute Friday. I love to read and while it hits me in the soul, sometimes I am too timid to leave a word or join.

    I was praying before I even looked up this Friday’s word prompt. It was a surprise to me that the word would be Join… because it means I have to join to make my story known and linked up in community. I will mark this day in my journal because God gave me courage to join.

    Thank you for making me at home in this community.

    BTW, I am in the orient Philippines and we are ahead by 12 hours in the US, take a few hours minus or plus. So I have to be in early Saturday to get the word prompt.

    • Oh man, I was signed into my wrong Google account, wasn’t I! Look at you figuring all that out! Yes, I was said Nicole… ; )
      God is so good…He knew just what you needed this week! He never ceases to amaze me…

      Ya know, we get together on Twitter before the word gets posted to pray for each other and encourage each other in our writing prompts. I’m not sure how early Saturday we’re talking for you, though! If Lisa-Jo posts at midnight Eastern Time…we’ll have to figure it out cuz I’d love for you to join us!

  8. I read Lisa Jo’s post but didn’t realize it was you! Yay! I am so glad you stopped lurking and you forgot to mention that you not only have you encouraged others with you blog, you encourage others with your comments. Thank you.

    • I was hoping others would read between the lines of comments being a love language to all of us and would take it upon themselves to comment more….too subtle? I hope not because I would love to see your place flooded with love! I didn’t write a post this week per say, but I had to stop by your place to see what you wrote, friend. I’m enjoying our Friday tradition! Thanks for stopping by here, too! You get it so well!!

  9. Hi Nikki- You are the blog first on Friday Five. I participated once before and then lost the follow but I’m back now. I laughed reading your blog when you told God what you were not going to do. My history has found that what I fave said never to seems to show up again and again until I say yes. Life is funny like that. The internet can help make lurking into a profession. i just posted my Friday Five and had the pleasure of remembering an old sweet dream.

    • So glad to know you found Lisa-Jo again and joined in this week! What a perfect word for you!! So true…lurking could be a profession behind this screen! But God made us relational, didn’t He. I don’t want to take advantage of the chances He offers me to reach out any longer! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me today!!

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