A Blogger’s Prayer

I’ve read a few in my 9 months of blogging. I’m sure you have, too. Some have stuck with me and I’ve prayed them more than once. Duane’s prayer resonated deep. I’ve prayed it countless times as it has been my heart’s cry lately.

Then my friend Mary Beth suggested I write a mission statement for my blog. Define my purpose in this space. She’s right. I do need to do that.

When I brought the idea to the Mastermind behind this space, He told me to slow down. And began to show me where I need to begin.

Friends, I need to find my own voice. My own heart’s cry to Him. I need my prayer to be more personal.

So, this is where I’m at right now. When I sit down at the keys, and seek His face, these are the words on my lips. And I wanted to share them with you. Let it be so.

Will you pray with/for me?

Father, thank You for meeting me in this space.
For letting me linger long in Your embrace.
Thank You for giving me words to shed here.
For using this outlet to draw me closer to You.

Jehovah, You astound me. Let it always be so.

You have given me the gift of writing.
And although I’ve fought it, I now humbly accept it.
Thank You, Yahweh, for allowing me to worship You this way.
And here, I give it back to You.

For Your glory. Let it be so.

So with trembling fingers I press publish,
Offering my heart to others in hopes they see You.
Although I know the words written are for You and me,
I pray You can use them for more.

Not for me, but for You. Let it stay so.

May my words speak Your name. Not mine.
May my writing be so that the author is forgotten,
But what is remembered is You.
Your glory. Your grace. Your love. Your works.

For it’s all about You. Let it remain so.

I am but a vessel.
Your handiwork.
Nothing more than a piece of clay.
Nothing less than a masterpiece.

Only You know the plan for my life. Let that be enough.

And when people stop by, may they see who made me.
May Your style resonate so that my face is forgotten.
For all they see is You.

I cannot think of a greater legacy
Than that which leaves Your fingerprints
On everything I’ve left behind.

Holy Spirit, let it be so.

Lord, make me unknown.
Known only to You.
And while You’re at it,
Can You make me okay with that, too?

To You, Abba, be all glory and honor forever. Jesus, let it be so.

I’m certain this prayer will  evolve as I continue to draw nearer to Him. So I’ve decided, like Duane, to add this prayer to the tab headers on my blog for easy access. My plan is to update it when necessary. I would be honored if you would stop by from time to time and pray alongside me. For His glory.

How about you, friend? What have you been praying lately? What is your heart’s cry? I’d love to hear. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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61 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Prayer

  1. So I’ve never thought of my blogging as worship. I know somewhere in the recesses of my brain I knew that’s what it was, after all I want to point people to Him and glorify Him in it–but I’ve never thought to use that term to label it. It’s perfect.

    I love the tag at the end–can you make me okay with that, too? I’m totally there with you–DAILY. I actually just wrote that in my post for tomorrow.

    • I wouldn’t know the theology behind it, Mary Beth. That’s something I’d have to ask you! : ) But a part of me feels like anything we do with the talents God has given us is an act of Worship. I like to think it as such anyway. Looking forward to reading your post tomorrow!

      • I completely agree with you! All our life is worship when we focus it toward honoring and glorifying Him. I was thinking of your prayer as I had my own prayer time this morning and asking God’s blessing on the words shared at my blog.

          • So glad you jumped in, Stefanie! A part of me feels the moment blogging stops becoming a place of worship for me, I need to stop. I’m having a hard time seeing what the point would be otherwise. But I like your idea of praise and the bigger beauty? There are so many ways to worship…gets me all excited to think of all the ways we could flood the blogosphere for His glory! 😉

  2. Nikki, your prayer is a blessing, so beautiful, so eloquent. It echoes so much of the prayer of my heart. Thank you for sharing this and for letting it remain on your blog as a tab header. That will be lovely to pray with you, alongside of you and for you. This is so tender. You bless, friend. And you inspire in your serving. WIshing you His grace in your writing and in your living…..Elizabeth

  3. Beautiful prayer, Nikki. One I should and will be praying for you and for myself each day. All for His glory. And I love how you ask for you to be okay with it too. THAT is my issue. It’s so easy to get sucked into the “what did they think of it?!” mindset. I need to stop worrying about what others think or why they do or don’t comment. I need to write for Him. For me. And for those He leads to the blog.

  4. I have a similar prayer, though shorter and not so eloquently spoken. But I often pray that my blog is for His glory and not my own. Nikki, may He be glorified by your words and may He bless you for your faithfulness!

  5. “I cannot think of a greater legacy
    Than that which leaves Your fingerprints
    On everything I’ve left behind.”

    Nikki, I absolutely love this! Not my finger prints, but His. That His fingerprints be so etched on my life they are what is left behind and are what the world sees when they see me. 🙂

  6. Nikki, I have always hoped (is that considered prayer?) that what I write would be solely to His honor and glory and that I would step aside. Stepping aside is hard work, as you may know, but try I have. I pray each time I write that I will somehow reach out and touch someone, but I’ve never written or said it as eloquently as you have here. I will come and pray alongside you and happily suggest your invitation to do so! May He bless us each one for writing His story and only reference self in its impact on our lives.

    • I consider it prayer, Sherrey! Some day I’m going to write my thoughts on praying without ceasing…note to self.
      Your heart resonates His glory, friend. So honored to have you praying along side me!

  7. Great prayer, and reminder for us to invite his presence to our “online space” just as much as we would into our homes and work places. I think our prayers lately involve waiting on the state to respond to our homestudy, towards approval for adoption. Needing to remember this process is part of modeling our trust in Him…even now. 🙂

    • I am certain that is the hardest wait of all…and yet you have His perspective. Will pray for you as you go through this refinement and rejoice with you when you are rewarded with a love dreams are made out of!

  8. Beautiful, Nikki. May the words of our mouths (and blogs!) and the meditations of our hearts be fully acceptable and pleasing to Him. Thank you for sharing your beautiful prayer.
    Hugs from VA 🙂

  9. God is faithful to answer the deepest cries of our heart…I find blogging a beautiful winepress…squeezing impurities out…so we can be make new wine for Him…and maybe others can drink and be nourished by Him. blessings to you my friend~

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

    I, too, recently sat down and developed a mission for my blog space. Prior to doing so, it was rather vague. Now, I believe it is right on course with what He’s called me to do. So grateful…

    I love this portion of the poem:

    “I cannot think of a greater legacy
    Than that which leaves Your fingerprints
    On everything I’ve left behind.”

    Amen and amen…

    • Did you do a post about your developed mission, Stefanie? I don’t remember seeing it but am sure I’d be riveted by it.
      Speaking of, silly wordpress. I updated your URL here so my readers could be encouraged by your tremendous blog!

      So thrilled you stopped by — thank you! (and when I prayed this prayer this morning, that portion was my favorite part, too! yesterday it was “Can you make me okay with that, too?” and the day before that it was “nothing more than a piece of clay. nothing less than a masterpiece.” it truly has been my heart’s cry lately!)

      nothing like a true ramble in a comment reply. Hugs to you, friend!

    • The way I see it, God has blessed us with multiple talents. All of which can be used to worship Him uniquely. Just like David. When I play piano, I place the piano on holy ground. I want my writing to have the same practice.

      So thrilled you stopped by, Shannon! Thank you!

  11. It’s worship for me too Nikki. And this prayer is glorious. I met with my coach to implement my mission and elevator speech and a prayer is another way of defining the call. It’s good to know why we do what we do so we can communicate to those we bump into out there in the world and remember on days when we suffer with doubt.

    • Exactly right, Shelly. I’m sure you can understand for me, I have to write it to really grasp it. and I can see how this exercise in discipline will benefit my relationship with Him and act as a form of worship.

      thanks for sharing with me today, friend!

  12. Beautiful prayer, Nikki – and so well expressed. And a good idea to put it up on the top of your blog, where it can easily be visited over and over again. I will be there to read (and pray) it again … thanks!

    • This post warmed my heart so much, Mary Leigh. I get your posts in email and have no idea how I missed this one or if my heart wasn’t ready for it yet. Regardless, I needed it today. Thank you so much!

  13. I absolutely loved this line! “May your style resonate so that my face is forgotten!” I am praying with you! Loved this, it was just beautiful. My hearts cry , what the Lord has weighed heavily on my heart is to encourage women to stand strong in their identity in Christ and then to motivate them to live the adventure He has planned for each of us by serving Him. (I loe how God has a tailor made plan for each of us! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Heather! I’m so drawn to your heart’s cry and know I’m going to enjoy the journey of getting to know you more! Thrilled you stopped by. Thank you for praying alongside me!

    • Me, too, Sherri. I can see how they help keep your focus on Him. Never know how challenging the process would be, though! anxious to get through it and see where He’s leading me. Hope to see yours, too! Thanks for stopping by and praying with me!

  14. My greatest desire is that God would use my writing to encourage others. My prayer is that He would strip me bare, so that there is nothing of me in my space, just Him, reflected through me. I love your prayer. I love your heart. I love your passion to be used by Him an instrument for His glory. You bring Him so much joy!

  15. I was reading Zechariah this morning and it talked about passing through the surging sea of trouble and God subduing it, so I’m praying He’ll subdue the sea of trouble in the life of one of my friends, who’s having a difficult time at the moment.

    I really like this blogger’s prayer and your heart to glorify God.

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