A Lesson in Trust

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My head spins, temples pound as I hear that three-letter word for the umpteenth time:


Before becoming a parent, I vowed to always respond honestly. I was never going to say “Because I said so.” No, I was going to take the time to reply wholeheartedly before they started looking for why’s answer elsewhere.

Keep in mind, this was before I was truly introduced to the age of four and fully grasped what children were capable of.

And I gave this day my very best shot. I went round and round, answering the same question multiple ways. My words few, my answers as honest as I thought he was capable of understanding.

Friends, I don’t want to make him grow up too fast. Some questions deserve to be left unanswered until his faith can catch up with the solution.

I finally exacerbated every reason I felt comfortable giving and still he wanted more. Out of sheer desperation I said,

“Can you just trust me on this one? I’d love to explain more and some day I hope I can; but right now, I need you to trust me. Okay?”

His limbs freeze as he studies my face. I hold my breath and pray for another answer I can give. Then I hear “Okay, mom!” And he skips out of the room, diving deep into legos….


Friends, I’m sharing the rest of this post over at 5 Minutes of Faith. Will you stop by? I’ll share with you how God used my child to speak to me once again. And be raw about how the inner child within me isn’t as complying. {{SIGH}}

To read more, simply click on the button below!

And I would love to know you’ve visited…

How about you, friend? Does trust come easy for you? How have you learned to let things go and trust God to take care of you? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


20 thoughts on “A Lesson in Trust

  1. Hi Nikki. Hopping over to the other blog. I loved the words, “because I’m the Mom and I say so.” My fav line when my kids were little

  2. Wow, what beautiful blue eyes and trusting in you. Awesome responsibility! But the Lord is giving you the words to answer and will also give you the patience. But it is oh so hard sometimes. Do you suppose that is what God is teaching us as well. “Just trust me,” I hear Him say it often. Blessings to you today.and an abundance of patience.

  3. Oh Nikki, I can relate to everything you wrote here! I’ve often told my daughter “you’re just going to have to trust me this time.” And on some of the rougher days it sounds more like…”because I’m the mom and you’re the child, and that’s the way it is.” Sounds harsh, I realize, but sometimes…well, that’s just the way it is. lol

    • Oh, I’m starting to get this, too! I can only imagine how much more it will turn into as he gets older. So thankful for grace! and new mercies every morning! 😉 Thanks for joining me on the journey, Laura!

  4. I take my hat off to you for your patience. I, unfortunately, told my kids because I said far too often. In my defense, most of the time I did that was due to the “why” being a rebellion to my decisions. Even with our shortcomings, if we tell and show our children we love them every day; and we let them see our obedience to God, they will turn out okay!

    • Thank you so much, Mike. I’ve always thought I had a plethora of patience, but my goodness…I’m learning I need Him more and more every day. What a hidden blessing to find in this parenting gig! And you are so right. Example is key. I just need to focus on Him and trust He’ll do the rest. To God be the glory. Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me today!

  5. Love the idea of “faith catching up,” Nikki. That’s exactly how it feels for me — overwhelm and fright, then a pause until I can get my focus back where it needs to be.

    Great to see you posting at 5 Minutes for Faith. I hadn’t seen that site, but will add it to my list!

  6. ah yes….the “why” phase. it certainly is a trying period. you’re doing an amazing job with your sweet little man. we, too, are in the “why” phase….with both girls! 😀 M really wants to know why and S just wants to be like big sister so she has caught on to the madness. 🙂 i speak often of trust and remind them that i don’t have all the answers and that that is okay! we don’t need to have all the answers, we just need to trust Him in His Sovereignty….and likewise they don’t need to understand everything, just trust that mom and dad know what’s best for them and will provide everything they need. i’m so thankful for His amazing example of parenting!! all i can do as a parent it try to follow His example. and then as a child of His i can be reminded of how He wants me to respond…just as i desire my children to respond; with faith and trust that He knows what’s best for me and will provide everything i need. it never ceases to amaze me just how much having children has revealed to me about my own relationship with my Father! how could i have learned all these lessons without them? 😀

    • Oh I couldn’t agree more. what a gift this parenting gig is–with its hidden blessing of growing closer to Him as we help nurture His own! Thank you so much for sharing with me today, cuz. Love you! i’m gonna email ya.

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