All I Have is His

Music. My Bible. My husband. Silence. Observing. Listening. Thoughts and words from you. They all assist my prayer life.

Sometimes I find a song that says exactly what my heart longs to share with Him. These are often seasonal. Once the time has passed and I hear the song again, I think of where I’ve come and the prayers rise up again in the form of praise.

Yet there are other songs that last the test of time. Every time they begin I have to stop and spend time with Him. I pray them over and over for years.

And some songs don’t resonate within me at all. They don’t draw me into worship or lead me into any form of communion.

I have to admit, this was one of them. Until a month ago when I stumbled upon the lyrics printed out. Since then, I haven’t been able to stop praying this very song.

The lyrics depict what my heart is praying perfectly. I have nothing to add…just more to give.

For all I have is His.

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“All I Have” ~ Tenth Avenue North

Forgive me Lord for thinking
You would ever need me
Could you ever need me?
Cause you spoke me into this existence
So why do I resist this?
What is it I can’t let go?

Cause all I have is Yours, Oh Lord
Yes, all I have is Yours

You are Lord of all creation
Author of salvation
Where else can I go?
Cause even this breath that I am taking
You have given to me
There’s nothing I can call my own

And all I have is what You give me
What You give is more than I need
So open my hands to give back freely
The same way You’ve given to me

Oh Lord, help me to see
That all I have is Yours
Yes, all I have is Yours

How about you, friend? What song has aided you in prayer lately? Do you have a song you love simply for the lyrics alone? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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23 thoughts on “All I Have is His

    • Mary, every time I hear this song I think of you now! I remember you sharing this awhile back. What a perfect song to have on your heart! 🙂

      For those that want to listen in:

  1. Nikki, the song I love right now is In Your Arms by Meredith Andrews. It reminds me to rest in Him. I daily need to turn to Him, trust Him with my life, and rest in His arms. Only there can I find peace and joy!

    • Cheryl, I had never heard this song –what a gift you have given me today! Thank you! It’s beautiful…(and I see she’s in my area in Sept! hmmm..) 🙂

      For those that want to listen in:

  2. One of my favorites is a few years old and didn’t get much airplay. I’m still not sure how I found it, but I listen to it when I stretch after a run or a walk:
    Among the Thirsty is the band, “I’d Need A Savior” is the song.

    I love Tenth Ave North, and these lyrics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them, Nikki!

    • Oh my. I have no words, Susan. I have never heard this song and I so needed it today. Thank you for this!

      And thank you for praying for me today, too. And letting me know how I can pray for you. I have them down in my journal! Holding you up today, friend…

      For those that want to listen in:

  3. Hi Nikki,
    I have three songs that are part of my time of worship: Waiting here For You by Christy Nockels, You’ll Come by Hillsong and Here I Am Lord.
    May God bless your day.

    • Oh, Janet, I love all of these songs! What a beautiful playlist for me today, thank you! Praying for you today, friend. Send me a note if there is anything specific you want me to pray for you.

      For those that want to listen in, I’ll give you a head start. Here’s the first one:

  4. Beautiful song! I had never heard that one before. I like so many songs, but one that I have on my Ipod that always seems to give me hope when I need it is “Trust in Jesus” by Third Day. Hope you are well!

    • Lisa, my friend! I’ve missed you. My real life has taken me away lately! I’ll be stopping by this week to catch up.

      And Third Day knows my soul’s language. They always speak to me. This is a great one! Thanks for sharing with me.

      For those that want to listen in:

  5. Oh my heart has been so blessed this morning by all these beautiful songs. I especially enjoyed Meridith Andrews,In your arms.” The words spoke to my heart and I also loved.”Waiting here for you.” The pictures and words have me singing Alleluia and praising. Thank you to you Nikki and to all the ones who commented and blessed me with their favorite songs as well.

    • I’ve been listening to them all morning, too! What a gift! Made my whole day…

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me today, Joy. And thank you for stirring my heart with your own post this morning as well. Hugs to you!

    • Oh yes. Beloved came easy for me. this one didn’t grab hold of my heart until I had seen the lyrics before me for some reason! (and just seeing your name in comments made me realize I sure have been on a Tenth Ave North kick lately!) 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me, friend.

      For those that want to listen to beloved (it’s worth your time):

  6. Okay, we are on this parallel path…I love that song, and when I read your comment @ the Francis Chan illustration on my blog, it is what I’ve been thinking about…God-bumps, here…this morning, I sang this song, “Surrender” by Marc James…the first line is:
    I’m giving You all my heart, and all that is within…and the refrain is “And I surrender all to you, all to You.” Love and hugs, dear Nikki 🙂

    • God knew I’d need your encouragement to make it through this journey, Dolly. I’m certain of it! Thanks for sharing with me.

      I’d never heard that song, but I’m listening to it today — love it!! Thank you!! What a gift…

      For those that want to listen in:

  7. i’m a little behind the times here, but just wanted to say that this is an awesome playlist that everyone has contributed to making!! can i add two more?? 🙂 the first is a song i didn’t like until i sat down and read the lyrics through…mostly because i’m not a fan of repitition. musically, it bothers me. i know, silly right? so at any rate, the first is, “how He loves”…i KNOW…how could i NOT like this song, right? 😀 the second is a more recent find from the “music from the story” soundtrack. mac powell (from third day) sings a song that is from the view point of Jesus. it’s called, “when Love sees you”. gives me “love butterflies” in my soul. 🙂 love love love it!!!

    • Oh you are the best! Thank you so much for sharing!! confession? How He Loves took me awhile, too, but it’s not on my all time fav list…

      and that soundtrack is so incredible. the whole thing! The one that gives you love butterflies is so poignant. I love it, too! I get “love goosebumps” every time he sings “I’ll show you what Love sees when love looks at you.”..ugh.

      For those that want to listen in (please do):

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