One in a Million

I’m one in a million.

One drop in a sea of possibilities.
One grain along the beach of uncertainty.
One light flickering amongst the strip of distraction.

I’m one in a million.

Uniquely designed.
Handcrafted for a specific purpose.
An integral part of the Kingdom of God.

I’m one in a million. Which is why

He hears my whispers through the noise of life’s drama.
He sees my tears through the driving rain.
He knows my every heartache.

For to Him, I’m one in a million.

Worth the price of the worst possible scenario.

So why do I doubt?
Why do I hold back from Him?
Why do I fear the details?

I’m one in a million.

Father, I come to You on my knees. Arms outstretched. Hands empty. Here I am. I’m ready to let go and let You. I don’t need to know all the details. I don’t need all my whys answered. For I know Your promises. You see me. You know me. You made me. You love me. You paid for me. That’s more than enough. Thank You. Thank You for making me one in a million…

These are the thoughts that run through my mind while hearing one of my favorite Tenth Avenue North songs:

Hold My Heart by Tenth Avenue North

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How long must I pray, must I pray to You?
How long must I wait, must I wait for You?
How long ’til I see Your face, see You shining through?

I’m on my knees, begging You to notice me.
I’m on my knees, Father will you turn to me?

One tear in the driving rain,
One voice in a sea of pain
Could the maker of the stars
Hear the sound of my breakin’ heart?

One light, that’s all I am
Right now I can barely stand
If You’re everything You say You are
Won’t You come close and hold my heart

I’ve been so afraid, afraid to close my eyes
So much can slip away before I say goodbye.
But if there’s no other way, I’m done asking why.
Cuz I’m on my knees, begging You to turn to me
I’m on my knees, Father will you run to me?

So many questions without answers,
Your promises remain
I can’t sleep but I’ll take my chances
to hear You call my name

One tear in the driving rain,

One voice in a sea of pain
Could the maker of the stars
Hear the sound of my breakin’ heart?
One light, that’s all I am
Right now I can barely stand
If You’re everything You say You are
Won’t You come close and hold my heart.

Hold my heart, could you hold my heart?
Hold my heart.

How about you, friend? Which one in a million are you? I’d love to hear. Because that defines what I want to talk about this week: prayer.

For I believe how you see yourself, along with how you think God sees you, determines how you pray. 

Will you stick around as we talk about prayer a bit? I’d like to share with you:

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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18 thoughts on “One in a Million

  1. You ARE one in a million. And I love that song and your words and I wish I knew why I doubt and struggle to believe this truth deep in my core… Some days I accept it more than others…. Thank you for reminding me of this. I NEED to embrace the truth about how He sees me. I can say that learning about who He is, has helped me make tracks on this journey. Learning about the true character of God helps me to believe the truth about how He sees me. LOVE you, thank you for these beautiful words.

  2. One light hoping to make a difference in a sea of need by His grace and knowing He is holding my heart. Beautiful song, words and post. You are one in a million and your posts always bless my heart. Thanks.

  3. Nikki, this is amazing. And you are a gift. You and all that God created you to be. Thanks for always pointing us so clearly toward Him and His love. Well done, I am certain He is saying to you, good and faithful one. Look forward to a discussion on prayer. One of my favorite subjects.

    • Prayer should be our favorite subject, shouldn’t it, Elizabeth! So thankful to be on this journey with you, friend. Thank you. To God be the glory (and your prayers are appreciated as I try to tackle this topic for His glory!)

  4. I think you’ve got your own song going up there! Here is my biggest struggle right now: I KNOW God is able to do anything I ask and that He desires to bless me more abundantly than I can imagine. Somehow though, I still don’t believe that He will CHOOSE to do so. Does that make sense? I did a series on prayer way back when I first started the blog (way back meaning May! HA!). If you haven’t, check it out:

    Love your heart!
    Mary Beth

    • Ha! I wish I could write music lyrics! Still, it doesn’t stop me from trying from time to time ; ) thank you so much for giving me the link to your series that I clearly missed (and I started blogging last November–I thought I was the newbie!) : ) I’m half way through it and you did such a wonderful job with it! Pleasure to read. thank you. And now, I want to read that book!!

  5. Down here in S. Florida, we love 10th Ave North (named after a street in WPB). They’re songs are deep and speak the language of my soul. And your thoughts on prayer, so true!

    • Oh I had completely forgotten their origin, Christina! How fun! And I’m with you. Their lyrics speak for themselves. And their songs are worth my time of worship. every time.

  6. A good reminder. I think I often find myself praying as one of millions. Sure, I have the “head knowledge” that God knows me as an individual…and on occasion I’m able to walk with him, environment and time allowing. But it’s good to remember even in my regular moments of prayer.

    • I need the constant reminder…and I’ve always thought I struggled with being honest with Him. Praying what I thought I should pray instead of what was pressed into my heart. But the reality of it all is it wasn’t an honesty issue with me at all. But a personal acceptance issue. That He would want to pursue me out of the millions…me. I still struggle with it all and find it hard to wrap words around it. Oh how He loves me. And to think–we can each say the same thing.

      So grateful for you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and encouraging me to keep striving. Thank you.

  7. Wonderful song – another one that’s new to me! I have to admit, for me the phrase one in a million makes me happy – knowing that He sees me, in the midst of a million people and care for me is SUCH a comfort!! I love resting in His grace and comfort!

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