Enough ~ Five Minute Friday

Friend, sometimes I just need to write
Without worrying if it’s right or not.

Would you believe there’s an app for that?
Well there’s a place for that anyway.
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

So I will join others and write unabashedly
for five minutes time.
On one word alone:


Too much. Not enough. Just right. Need more. Cut back. Have to lose. That’s good.

My mind whirls at the thought of trying to show my child the invisible measuring cup of life. These checks and balances we hold ourselves to in order to determine our worth. Our successes. Our failures. And I can’t help but wonder:

Who determines enough?

For isn’t that what we all strive for? Isn’t that word what determines our adequacy?

So how do I show him we have it all wrong? How do I explain to my 4 year-old impressionable boy that with Christ, we all measure up? With grace, we’re all more than enough?

For our weakness merely exemplifies His strength.
Our failures give way to revealing His mercy.

You see, my child, in this upside down Kingdom of Grace, we take the bottom out of that measuring cup. We hold it out. And we wait expectantly. We watch Him pour. Every day. We let it overflow.

And we see. That No matter. However. Despite all. In spite of. Wherever. It’s all good.

You’ll always measure up. You’ll always be enough.
Because you’re His. And He Is.

He’s more than enough.


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How about you? How do you determine your worth? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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41 thoughts on “Enough ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Love.
    Simply Love.
    Thank you so much for such beautiful words.
    I love the picture of the bottomless measuring cup.

  2. Nikki, I just want to breathe this in a few times. I’ve been in a tailspin this week and just NEEDED these words. Apparently, I am very much like a four year old in this regard… when will I own this truth? Your writing is so beautiful….a reflection of your amazing heart for Him…. XO

    • So true, Laura. And here’s what gets me: Teaching them we don’t have to be enough because Christ is…but that doesn’t mean we can sit idly by. I’m loving this parenting business and how it makes me see Him better!

  3. fun…we are neighbors…I love this…you and I wrote of similar things…Amen…take the bottom out and let God pour…always from His endless storehouse of love and blessings~ have a great weekend~

  4. With Christ, “we all measure up.” It’s the only way we can because “with grace we’re all more than enough. So beautifully put but so hard to live. Thanks Nikki. As always your posts bless my heart!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Dawn! It still amazes me that even though there is no bottom to His measuring cup of grace and mercy, it still overflows. every day. If there’s one thing I want my child to grasp at his age so he’ll have the chance to believe it when he needs it most, it’s this…Oh how He loves us! This cup we visualize and take part in proves it…

  5. “For our weakness merely exemplifies His strength.
    Our failures give way to revealing His mercy.”

    This, got me today in your words… His truth. I resist weakness and dwell to much on my failures… learning to let go 😉

    • OH I’m a master nit-picker I tell you, Kelli! So ashamed to admit that. cuz I wouldn’t survive if He did the same to me…I’m with you. Striving to let go. We can do this!

  6. Hey Nikki, you did it again!

    “For our weakness merely exemplifies His strength. Our failures give way to revealing His mercy.” I really don’t know that I have the words to describe how I felt reading these two sentences so i’ll just try to tell you what I’m thinking. I was recently reminded that my life should be a consistent reflection of Christ. The notion that I can reflect Him even in my failures is down right humbling. Thank you for this.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Wouldn’t it be fabulous to throw that invisible measuring cup away?!? I’m striving…for my boy’s sake. For his glory. Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me, Jana! May you savor His grace this weekend, friend!

  7. Yes! Yes! In Him we are enough…thanks for the great reminder…this was a great prompt~ and you summed it up very well.
    Stopped over from Lisa Jo’s
    Keep up the God work.

    • So thrilled you stopped by, Lori — thank you! It was a great prompt. Such wonderful posts! Love how you ended your comment. Please do the same–keep up the God work : ) Hugs to you!

  8. Oh, Nikki, I love the imagery with the empty measuring cup and your 4-year old. Waiting while the cup fills to overflowing . . . and then all those qualifiers you threw out there! It made my heart stop and skip a beat, and then there it was — what I knew was coming. The Good News that He’s enough! Bless you, dear one!

    • We sure are getting to know each other well, aren’t we, Sherrey. You even knew what was coming! So humbled you see my heart so clearly. Thank you! I take great comfort in that. Hugs to you, friend!

  9. ‘the invisible measuring cup of life’ – LOVE this phrase. It so describes that frustration of trying to keep e erything in balance. I am feeling flustered today – I needed to hear that. Thank you.

    (coming to you belatedly from Lisa-Jo )

    • Oh Tanya– so thrilled you stopped by so I knew to stop by your place, too. So sorry you feel flustered today.
      Father, what a blessing Tanya has been to me. Her light shines your grace in overwhelming ways. Holy Spirit, whisper love into her ear today. Abba, wrap Your loving arms around her in a way only You can. remind her of how irreplaceable she is, Lord. Give her glimpses of what You have planned for her and may Your grace cushion the steps she’ll need to take to get there. To You be all glory and honor….

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